Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Bomb changes everything

The Bomb changes Everything
(by R.P.Edwards)

The bomb changes everything
It cuts through all the bull
All the lofty rhetoric
Of which we’re more than full
All the measured mutterings
Whose sum is less than air
All the pompous purposes
That leave our armory…bare
Yes, the bomb changes everything
A change that proves this truth
That weakness emboldens evil’s cause
And robs “us” …of our youth

“Vaporized,” the one word answer to the question concerning the condition of the front line unit that had charged across the eastern Iranian border after finally getting word to advance…from the pentagon.  The follow up was just as chilling, “We never thought they had so many, or that they would be so unconventional in their use.  Half the ground forces; half the fleet…vaporized.  We were expecting missiles,” the general continued, “but the small, suicide driven carriers, well…they weren’t expected.”

The report is that Iran is closer than ever to getting the bomb.  Closer than ever to fulfilling their goals of annihilating Israel, and doing some serious damage to “The Great Satan.”  And so, the solution is…more talk.  Sanctions? Maybe.  Meaningful sanctions?  Doubtful.  Military action?  Highly unlikely.  In fact, we’re probably putting together our “contingency” plans for dealing with a “nuclear Iran” right now.

However, there is one who will not wait.  There is one who has always had the crosshairs on their hearts and heads.  There is one who has, in the past, already taken the full measure of a madman’s hate.  And this one…“these”… will not tolerate another.  And when “they” act (for it appears we won‘t)…we’ll be forced to do the right thing.  But at what cost?

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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