Saturday, March 31, 2012

April fools

Atheist Day
(by RPEdwards)

Yeah, I get it
They say that they're not sure
But Atheists
They're different
Their faith is strong...and pure
The Agnostic is uncertain
A candidate for school
But the Atheist
He knows it all!
So God declares,
"The fool!"

It was billed as "The Reason Rally." An out of the closet sort of thing concerning Atheists and their ilk.  Yes, "finding their voice," this growing minority is letting us know that they exist...and that they vote.  Take that, Religious Right!

Not much to say, but, as April Fools Day is--at this writing--tomorrow; I would like to commend the ralliers at placing their pronouncement so close to their holiday.  Not to be cruel, but the inherited America we enjoy; the inherited America that supplies the luxury and leisure for was birthed, mainly, by those who believed in someone greater than themselves, a divine someone who created, and endowed, and is the Supreme judge of the world.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Awkward we

The Awkward Stage
(by R.P.Edwards)

The awkward stage
The in-between
From ugly duck
To beauty queen
From crawling bug
To butterfly
Betwixt the two
And so, thus burdened
To the store
To purchase bread
But home...with more
For there I heard
The grocery sage
"We're always in...
the awkward stage."

"How long did it take?" I asked.  The setting: the grocery store. I was on some menial gathering errand. A "we need one more item to complete it" recipe run.  And there before me--as I paused midst the sauces and salad dressings--in simple shorts and shirt, was a gent of similar age (I would say "older," but that so often is not the case these days) with long graying hair that he had simply tamed by pulling back and restraining with an elastic band. Simplicity itself. The low maintenance solution to which I aspire.  And so I asked, "How long did it take to grow your hair that long?"

"Oh, a year or two," said he.

And then I added (since my locks are far from the desired length), "It's only been about six months for me. I'm in that "awkward stage.""

He paused a moment, and, with a little knowing chuckle gently added, "We're always in that "awkward stage.""

I had to laugh at this bit of unexpected insight.  And, as we parted company I realized that philosophers are ever in our midst. Even in the grocery aisle.

Yes, much to my wife's chagrin, I have decided to rebel against the ever present and pressing "have to's" by simply doing...nothing. Maybe its middle-aged madness, or merely a wistful revisit to longer hair of forty years ago; whatever the psyche or psychosis, since my occupation cares little about our individual "package," and since mama has less interest in "molding" the old man...I let it grow.  But, the road to the a long one.  And before that blessed state, when hair doing consists of a pull and a twist...I am in the awkward stage.

Super Tuesday has come and gone. Romney leads, but his anointing is not certain.  We are indeed in an "awkward stage" in this choosing of a champion.  But, it is a necessary trip. An arduous journey that has no short cuts (pun intended).  And, I am believing, when all is said and done, when the next president (not the current one) is sworn in, that I will be watching the joyous event with my locks neatly a ponytail behind.  Or, if I find the style unsavory, perhaps I'll consider the "dome" look. Hmmm....