Thursday, March 4, 2010 death

Stop the Bleeding
(by R.P.Edwards)

Stop the bleeding!
Close the vein!
Life is going
Down the drain
No distractions!
No delay!
Healing starts
No other way
So, focus, Focus!
Tie and mend!
Not a wasted second spend!
For all…is nothing
Save this part
To stop the bleeding
To save…the heart

Dr. Ornan, or, as his associates called him, Dr. Femur (after the largest bone in the human body) was, without question, the finest orthopedic surgeon in the bi-state region, and it was very fortunate (so he thought to himself) that this mangled man before him (thrown from a ten car pile up due to morning fog) had his expertise available without the hassle of being on the three month waiting list that most of his new patients endured.  “There,” he said audibly after setting and splinting a badly broken  radius “and” humerus of the twenty-something’s right arm, “that will help in the transport.”  Just then an older (and familiar) EMT gently, but firmly, pulled the physician away from the unconscious victim and began vigorously applying a press to a gaping laceration near the left hip.  “Nice work, doc,” said the ambulance driver dryly, without looking up.  “But you have to stop the bleeding, first.”  Then, looking over and up to the now standing surgeon (as other first responders rushed to assist), he repeated, “You’ve got to stop the bleeding…first!”

As the President pressures the congress to ram through the bloated healthcare legislation (with the assurance that ‘fixes’ would come thereafter) I think of the many “contracts” I’ve signed in my life…that I later regretted.  Do I believe we need to fix healthcare?  Of course!  But right now our economy is bleeding out.  Let’s get a handle on that; on staying “alive,” and then we can take a measured, thorough approach to fixing the other problems. 

Just for the heck of it I looked up the stats on the demise of our first president, George Washington.  In the process of “treating” his final ailment the physicians of the day drained over half a gallon of his blood from his body; the thought being that it would in some way “cure” him.  It didn’t.  I hope our current “bloodletting” doesn’t have the same result.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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