Saturday, April 28, 2018

Tender Tyranny

Tender Tyranny
(by R.P.Edwards)

Tender Tyrants 
Modern swill
Bending binders
Curse and kill
Hating heroes
Loving shame
An ancient evil
A different name

I found it somewhat inspirational, certainly historic; the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, addressing a joint session of Congress. Of course the name, Lafayette (beloved French aristocrat who added his devotion to our Revolution) was mentioned. But another name, one I had never heard before, had greater weight...Jack Ewald.

Robert "Jack" Ewald, in the gallery (I suppose; the camera didn't turn that way) is a veteran of the Second World War and, in particular, one of the D-Day liberators. Yes, one of those fresh faced American G.I's who stepped on French soil, willing to have his blood shed in the cause AGAINST tyranny, and FOR freedom. It was only right for the mention. More than right.

However, with the look back came a reminder of simply how far we have drifted from the days of the "Good War." Yes, whether it be the government funded abortuary down the street or the government sanctioned death of the UK infant, Alfie Evans, or the continuous and constant twisting and defiling of the mores and morals that once defined and determined us; evil, tyranny, is among us still and, madam, is growing.

My heart felt thanks to Jack Ewald for his service. Following is a song written as a tribute to that generation. Oh, how we need another.



Saturday, April 21, 2018

Illinois: A Slave State

Illinois: A slave state
(by R.P.Edwards)

Once a FREE state
Now no more
As Abraham decays
For Bruce has said
Abe Lincoln's dead
And Children 

Back from our local abortion clinic. The parking lot was full (not unusual). What WAS unusual was that it had accommodated the many well BEFORE the regular opening time. Why? I suppose the pro-aborts may have learned of a coming group that would fill the sidewalks with God representatives. Sooo, they changed the starting time.

Evil is often clever.

Now, the update: as mentioned in a previous post, our Governor Rauner, with purpose and resolve, signed the bill that forced ME and my fellow Illinois citizens to help pay for abortions. Since the deed became law four months ago the local abortuary has gone from being open 3 days a 5! And, when a couple of out of state participants (who weren't very far along [late terms ARE done here]) were asked why they didn't get the abortion locally; they in essence responded: "Because in Illinois it doesn't cost me anything."

Yes, Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, has gone from being a FREE state--championing the dignity of each human life--to a SLAVE state. However, rather than skin color being the prerequisite (although African Americans are disproportionately slaughtered here) in this case the unborn are the chattel, the possession...the slave. 

I haven't been to Lincoln's tomb in a while (located in Springfield). I wonder if there's a rumbling in the vault?


Saturday, April 14, 2018

London RIP?

The Cycle
(by R.P.Edwards)

Ebb and flow
The nations go
Towards God
And then away
And with the sin
The pains begin
Till broken hearts
Must pray

Righteousness exalts a nation,
But sin is a reproach to any people.
(Proverbs 14:34 KJV)

For those in the know it was a "wow" kind of thing; the learning that the powers that be in London Town have passed an ordinance preventing pro-life intercessors close-access to those whose minds are set on ridding their lives of the inconvenience of another "made in God's image" human, i.e. abortion. These sidewalk Christian folk have the simple goals of helping the mother and keeping the baby alive. "Wow" comes in because the authorities have, without knowing it (obviously), put their collective fingers in the eye of the Almighty. 

Apostasy is nothing new. The human heart (less Christ) is by nature fallen, degenerate, twisted, prone to sin. AND, since there are evil forces about, the idea that godless (not a put-down; its what they are) leaders would naturally LEAD those they represent into gross error, well, it's not surprising. But, I suppose the reason it caught this mid-American's attention is the location...London. 

You see, I, like many, have ties to the land of Dickens. Grandfather on my Dad's side emigrated from the UK early in the last century. But more than that I have an affection and affinity for my Christian ancestors as well. Yes, names like Wesley (both brothers), Whitefield, Newton, Wilberforce, Booth and Wigglesworth all have a special place in this writer's heart and it truly saddens me to see the land that birthed these giants has chosen to abandon their God. But, knowing that individuals (and by extension, nations) cannot inherit salvation, I'm hoping that revival fires will, once again, burn hot in the British Isles and, of course, the U.S. (let's throw in Canada while we're at it).

Concerning the photo: A scene at the local abortion clinic the morning of this entry. Pictured, a well-versed and compassionate intercessor offering help.