Saturday, January 7, 2017

Children died today

Evil's Hiding Place
(by R.P.Edwards)

Evil has a hiding place
It's in our lazy head
Believing lies that satan says
And children end up...dead

It was frigid cold (at least for us mid America thin-skinners). Probably 5 degrees or close. Northerners sneer at such above zero temps, but for was cold.

I stood, and paced, and sang a bit for a little over an hour on the sidewalk. Women and men with abortion on their minds were streaming into The Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Illinois. A post-holiday rush. 

Oh, it's a monster. Hundreds of thousands have been slaughtered here, and the church, for the most part, slumbers. Week after week, after bloody week. And the church...slumbers.

Not that "I've" been a ball of fire on the subject. But, since I am keenly aware that the God of the Bible hates this sort of thing...I came. And, the Gospel was shared (by others on this day) and offers were made, and perhaps a few will change their minds and let their babies live.

Abortion is a terrible thing. AND to turn the hearts and minds of the remaining Christians into action (like the view on slavery once changed) the pulpits must burn. AND, perhaps with the end of the Johnson Amendment; perhaps they will.

Following is a song I wrote for a Pro-life songbook in the eighties. It didn't make the cut. I hope it inspires you share. 

P.S. Granite City is a town with great potential; but it cannot prosper while the children...cry.