Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”
The wise will always do
But those who seek to vex her
Are rightly labeled…fools
For blessing brings a blessing
And cursing, breaks “your” bone
So, pray for the peace of Jerusalem
And love her…as your own

In a strange--though not totally unexpected--turn of events, the Administration, following the strong recommendation of the European Union, began ridding the National Mall of the many space-occupying memorials in order to install a solar farm, ringed by festive, towering wind turbines.  “Instead of these bulky, and for the most part--useless--mementos, we’ll now help reduce green-house gas emissions and thus slow the scourge of global warming,” said a government spokesman as he gave a tour of the area once occupied by the Washington Monument.  “However,” he continued (pausing at the base of the nearest air-catcher), “for those still interested in such things, as you can see here (pointing to a small rectangular plaque attached to an access panel) this baby is called the “Washington Monument windmill.”  When asked if the huge reflecting pool (located directly east of where the  Lincoln Memorial ‘used‘ to stand) would be filled in for yet more space, he replied, “No,” and then pausing to stoop down to bring up a handful of green slime from the water, he continued, “we’ve decided this basin is a ready made habitat for the growth of edible algae.  Which can also be used,” he went on, standing and wiping his hand with a white silk hankie (except for a dab on his index finger, which he popped into his mouth [much to the delight of the press corps]); “Which can also be used…for biofuel.”

You know, there’s something irksome about neighbors telling you what to do with your own property.  I once had a elderly lady strongly recommend that I remove all the trees in our back yard.  Why? Because she, personally, didn’t like trees.  “Thanks.  I’ll be sure to think about that.”  Naturally, I didn’t care if her plot was the Sahara in the summer.  It’s your land; do what you want.  But as for this fellow; a little shade is appreciated.

Well, for the life of me, why are we--as in The United States--trying to dictate to Israel what they can and cannot do…in Jerusalem (of all places)! “Stop building settlements,” we say.  Inferring that it would somehow hinder peace negotiations.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu politely responds, “Jerusalem is our capital.  It’s not a settlement.”  But what he should have said is, “Stick it!” Or, as General McAuliffe (Commander of the U.S. forces holding Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge) replied to the German officer who demanded that the encircled and outnumbered Americans surrender:  “Nuts!”

Okay, let me shift gears a bit.  As a Christian who reads his Bible I know you don’t (if you’re smart) mess with Israel.  You see, there really is a God, and that whole “blessing and cursing” thing he said to Abraham…still applies.  If we’re smart, we’ll support, protect, nurture, encourage, and in all other ways…bless her.  But, “smart,” these days…is yet another word that is being redefined by our oh-so-wise “teachers.”

That’s what I think.  How about you.  Click comments below…and say.

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