Friday, March 19, 2010

Final Push for Healthcare

The Closer 
(by R.P.Edwards)

“Guts and Courage!”
That’s the line
The salesman’s pitch
The smooth opine
“That’s it…Do it!
Damn your fears
Be a man!
Your time is here!”
And so…we swallow
Hearing not
The salesman’s purr
And with time and poison
Words…are few
Except near death
“What did I do?”

It’s a bad feeling.  A gut wrencher.  A kind of, “I almost stepped off a cliff,” kind of feeling except, you did step off; and things aren’t going to get any better until after the hard landing.   That’s how I feel about this healthcare bill.  This massive legislation, being pushed, and pushed, and pushed by the President and his followers, is going to send us careening off the proverbial cliff.  And, to help us swallow this poison he uses lines like, “Guts and Courage.”  Give me a break.

I’ll tell you where the guts and courage come in.  They come in the form of congressional representatives doing what they were elected to do…Represent!  Listen Ma’am! Sir! Do you hear what your constituents are saying?  Do you care what “their” opinion is concerning this all important matter?  Has Washington cut your ties, deadened your ears, removed your spine?  Sure, we want you to fix healthcare; that’s part of the reason you have your cushy job.  But this way?  This back door, corrupt, sleazy, no where near bi-partisan way?!  I think not.

And so, the vote is nearing.  The President’s dream of transforming the nation…is nearing.  But, I hope before we finally kowtow to corruption; before we ultimately abdicate from Americanism; before we so willingly surrender our sovereignty and pawn our patriotism; I hope there are a few…a brave, and noble, and selfless few…who realize that this is the time for Courage, and Guts, and Determination.  Stand, therefore--you who see it--against this monstrosity! Stand against this immoral maelstrom!  Stand against this crush of corruption!  Stand! Stand! Stand! Stand until those who oppose you; those few who would steer our mighty ship of state onto the wreck strewn reef of socialism; until they…cease to stand.  And, if, with all your efforts, with the giving of the last drop of blood; if then the hull is ultimately breached, then know you have done all.  And that’s all we ask of you.  That you give…all.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.  Click “anonymous” for less hoops.

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