Monday, March 29, 2010

Rep. Costello explains

(by R.P.Edwards)

“Sincerity” has merit
In a nothing kind of way
A bow for launching arrows
That oftimes go astray
An aiming by the feeling heart
That leaves bystanders…dead
So, couple your sincerity
With a wise, and thinking…head

It was during Reagan’s first term.  I was attending a school in California and my young family was in need of some transportation; so I, being so worldly wise, headed to a downtown car lot to wheel and deal and, upon arriving, I saw it…a cute ‘74 red Dodge Colt with--get this!--a “tape deck.”  Whoa.  Remember; this was before 4-wheelin’ CD’s and MP3s.  Sure, every car had a radio, but a tape deck?  That was luxury.  In fact, that little feature sold me, and frankly, blinded me to other areas that needed serious scrutiny.  It was a terrible decision.

It’s been a little over a week since the disappointing healthcare vote.  My Representative, Jerry Costello--a pro-life Democrat--changed his stand at the last moment which helped push it over the top and, shortly thereafter, he sent his constituents (some, anyway) a letter of explanation which included his statement from the House floor.  I’ve provided a link containing the whole message, but following are some excerpts:

Madame Speaker, we meet today for what will truly be a historic debate and vote on national health care reform.  Like the passage of Social Security in 1935 and Medicare in 1965, it is sure to be one of a handful of votes that will stand the test of time as of great national significance…

This has been the hardest decision regarding a vote I have had to make during my service in the House of Representatives.  During that time, I have strived to serve the people I represent with diligence and integrity, while remaining true to my core individual beliefs….

I stated that I would not vote for the Senate-passed bill in its current form.  With the presidential executive order approving the Hyde abortion language and the fact that H.R. 4872 eliminates the "Cornhusker Kickback" and other state-specific promises, combined with assurances from the Senate that H.R. 4872 will pass that body, I feel I can now support the Senate bill as amended…

The fact is that this may be our last best chance to address a health care system that is unsustainable…

With all due respect, my Congressman’s swing vote reminds me of my unfortunate car purchase, over twenty-five years ago. Without question, there are provisions in the bill…that are laudable.  Provisions that could have, I believe, been addressed separately, and precisely.  However, there was a hard sell, a full press--if you will--by some pretty savvy salespeople.  And, these “true believers” created an atmosphere of urgency that shouted, “Now…or never!” And even went so far as to equate this unwieldy behemoth with past “bipartisan” legislation that truly might be classified as “milestones.”  However, with each passing day, the dirty little details of  “this” bill are slowly coming to light.  And, just like my little “lemon” from years ago; the unseen (though certainly perceivable if investigated) faults…may prove fatal.  You see, my little transport needed major heart surgery.  This unexpected expense diverted much needed funds, which eventually led to repossession (another story) and, along the way, a ticket issued for driving a “smoky” car (remember…California)  Anyway, I believe the bill is a stinker.  I only hope that when it finally becomes undeniably evident, that my Representative takes the floor again.  This time to say, “I’m sorry I voted for it.”  That “would” be a milestone.  And a certain step towards reelection.

Here’s a link to the whole speech: Rep. Costello floor speech

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