Saturday, October 27, 2018

Christians and Secular Universities

Higher Education 
(by R.P.Edwards)

Higher Education
Higher, in what way?
Higher in academics?
Higher tenured pay?
Higher intellectuals?
Noted PhDs?
Higher in tuition?
Higher in their fees?
Higher in their trophies?
From sports and other teams?
Higher in their Rhetoric?
Higher in their dreams?
Methinks the list
Goes on and on
The Higher traits of "these"
How sad they miss
The highest place
Found only on
Their knees

I've wavered back and forth as to if I should act out (write) yet again concerning the much thought of, but mentioned not so much, fact that "Higher Education"--those institutions (some Ivy encrusted) that are supposed to be the "authority" on what should be the obvious morality of the masses--is (are) nothing more than barbarians with a brain. 

Yes, yes, an oversimplification; perhaps an unfair analysis and generalization of a broad host of "schools," some (a small number) of which are probably the exact opposite of my supposition. BUT, without debate, colleges and Universities have changed much over the years and my question to people (parents in particular) of faith is; "Why do you support these Godless campuses?" Yes, with society's University-inspired decay obvious to the born again eye (and "yes," we ARE to be missionaries) the question should perhaps be phrased; "Why, unless positively God-directed, would you send your child to be tutored by those who not only hate the Savior; but who actually delight in causing the tender believer to doubt and stumble?"

AND, along these same lines and for goodness sake!; certainly don't support and subsidize the damnable with your dollars!

The above poem was borrowed from an earlier blog, thus: Down on Brown.


Monday, October 8, 2018

The Caning of Brett Kavanaugh

 The Root
(by R.P.Edwards)

A different outfit
A different face
A different time
A different place
Different players
But the plot the same
"Destroy His children!
Defile His name!"

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness
(Isaiah 5:20)

It was May of 1856 and a Senator from New England, a staunch abolitionist by the name of Charles Sumner, had greatly perturbed the slavery-loving South by delivering a speech that not only denounced the Kansas-Nebraska Act, but it also disparaged its authors. A relative of one of the creators, a Representative from South Carolina by the name of Preston Brooks, took offense and thought satisfaction could be achieved by ambushing, and beating nearly to death in the Senate Chamber, Charles Sumner. The incident came to mind upon seeing the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh by Senators opposed to his placement on the Highest Court.

First; the above poem does NOT refer to the treatment of Judge (Now Supreme Court Justice) Kavanaugh. No, it is a reminder that there IS evil, and that there is an author of it AND, if not careful, human minds, and hands, and mouths can be used in his bidding.

Simply put: it's all about abortion; it's all about the murder of innocent human life; it's all about the lusting ancient desire that ever resists, and chafes, and violently rebels against the divine Being that loves even the least of these. It was slavery then; it is infanticide now.

And yes, although there is, no doubt, sincerity and justification by those who unwittingly do his work; and though they may find solace and support from the cluckings of academia or the utterings of  some ecumenical apostates, or the accolades of the many like-minded, they, dear reader, have, on this most important issue--make no mistake--called evil good, and good evil.

The conclusion: Sometimes, amidst the many concerns that plague us all; the many areas that ever draw our attention and energies--even causing us to temporarily focus our desire towards those who promise something new--sometimes, for the sake of the nation's very existence, there is a single issue that MUST take precedence. Slavery, long years ago, was such an issue. Abortion, now, has taken its place. So, let those of us who know the difference; let us continue to pray for the offenders (for they are NOT our enemy) AND, by all means, let us be sure to NEVER vote them into a place of greater influence. 

Please watch...