Monday, July 23, 2012

She waits

She waits
(by R.P.Edwards)

The Kitty waits
Upon the stair
The favorite child
No longer there
His sure affection
Loving care
And so she waits
Upon the stair

If I was in a sighing mood, I could sigh this morning.  Added to my general disdain for the dayshift (yes, I'm glad I have a job; I'm just not a fan of the alarm clock), we had the killings in Colorado; my mother-in-law informed me of the passing of her brother, and now...the cat. No, the little fur-ball has not moved on; she just looks on...longingly.  You see, her favorite human has moved out (an eventuality for most offspring [in this culture anyway]) but the cat hasn't made the connection yet. And so, as has been her routine, for years and years...she waits. Looking at "his" door.

As best I can figure she's a Russian Blue (at least in part). The pictures posted are "not" she, but if not knowing...I would say they are.  And, I truly feel for the little bug-eater (and face biter) and I am reminded by "Miss Kitty," and by all the events of late, that this at best...transient.  And oh, how foolish are we to ascribe immortality and permanence to anything not connected to He...who does not change.

And so, as there is a pause in politics to reflect on the Colorado tragedy--a horrible, senseless loss of life--let us also reflect on "our" relationships that are only a breath away...from passing. And, dear reader, may I gently suggest that before the inevitable comes, that we consider He, who offers a more permanent...peace.

Cat Nipped!
(By R.P.Edwards)

When I awoke
Upon my face
A curious mark
A curious place
I must conclude
That in the night
The disgruntled cat bite!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July Morning

July Morning

(by R.P.Edwards)
Morning stillness
No pressing care
Before the bombs
That burst in air
Before parades
And marching bands
Before the speeches
Great...and grand
Before the fires
Feasting fare
Before the sportsmen
Leave their lair 
In morning's stillness
I recall
That freedom's price
Was simply...all

Worked the midnight shift last night and, though I wasn't thinking of posting today, as I rode my two-wheeler down the quite streets of "anytown" USA, I took note of how still it was.  Aside from the little traffic due to the holiday, even the air seemed hushed, almost reverent.  And I thought to myself, "This peaceful pause came with a price. A very expensive coin, indeed."  And then, in a segue to current events, I thought of how our "freedoms"--those God-given tangibles--are being slowly (and sometimes not-so) whittled and belittled by the seed of man, and I wondered if "this" generation; "this" band of flag-wavers--after going through the motions (as do we all) of partying patriots--I wondered if "we the people" would be willing to stand once more and say to the tyrants we have allowed, "Not one step further!" And then, having stopped the advance, to push our spawn back into its hiding place.

So, am I speaking of Revolution? No...and yes.  No...not with bomb and blast, but ballots cast.  For, although our "today remembered" founders pledged their lives and sacred honor to sever the King's oppressive tether, we, the beneficiaries of their sacrifice, need merely join our wills on election day. And, if we do; if we dare stand and demand...and then, through victory, command; then we can again let freedom's lungs fill unfettered and wings fully unfurl and, with our dreams firmly attached, we can then let this great eagle take us to new unimaginable heights. And, having done so, and with the aid of Divine Providence, perhaps then many more fourths...will come forth.  Yes, many more Independence Days where the reverent morning stillness speaks again; ever again...of patriot's blood.
A song of remembrance: The Stone