Monday, September 24, 2012

Election Insanity

Election insanity
(by R.P.Edwards)

Expecting change
Without changing
Insanity...some say
Then why would reelecting "him"
A brighter 
Just sayin'...

Ahh...Einstein's oft quoted definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Well, honestly, doesn't this little nugget of obviousness carry over into politics?  Really, think about it; the Barak Obama we've been privileged to observe the last four years; the government expander, debt multiplier, for USA apologizer, abortion cheerleader, media and Hollywood schmoozer (and, ok, a fine family man); do we really think that reelecting "him" will take us a new direction? Insane.  

What say you and I stop putting on the straightjacket and exit the asylum; at least lean towards the door.

Here's another Einstein quote...of note.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... 
It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

 And a link to more of Albert's nuggets:  BrainyQuote


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Don't swallow the fly!

Fruit fly suicide
(by R.P.Edwards)

French Vanilla
Wafting sweet
The fruit fly dives
A tasty treat!
Into the drink
Its end to meet
And wonder I

At the time most of my fellow humans were sleeping--perhaps dreaming of the urban myth that we hominids swallow eight spiders a year while dozing with mouth agape--I was doing that "job thing" and maintaining the minimum measure of alertness by ingesting steady quantities of java ala French Vanilla creamer. Oh, it wasn't a pour, quaff, repeat kind of thing (which you might expect when the sun is shining). No, it was more like, pour, sip, wait, reheat, top-off, quaff, repeat, kind of thing. Plenty of time for the fruit fly (I assume that 's what it was) to dive-bomb into my tepid brew. And, thankfully, though the area was devoid of constant illumination, there was just enough (plus a wayward glance) for me to observe the wiggling intruder in the bottom of my cup. And I wondered to myself, "How many of these things have I swallowed?"

In the news; aside from the horrible events in Libya, there's the trumpeted note (by some media) that Mr Romney has released some more income tax information. Really? This is that important to you? That maybe a smart business guy discovered a few ways to keep some of his dough out of the wasteful paws of Government? How about we ask the deceased ambassador what he thinks? Let's ask the multiplied millions of unemployed what they think. And while we're at it, let's ask the nearly 60 million aborted Americans what they think of the revelation (added, because Mr Obama is very pro-abortion).  

It's a little over a month till the election and it appears the tilting press corp is taking its predictable path. I only hope many in the electorate, like me earlier, see the bug in the mug and DON'T swallow.  It's not too late to avoid the unsavory addition. And having throw it out.

Here's a video you may not have seen. Hope you're not eating.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama remorse

Buyer's Remorse
(by R.P.Edwards)

Ice cubes to Eskimos 
Just call me Nonook!
I had no intention
But I jumped at the hook
I don't fault the saleman
A master, of course!
But later I cancelled
Buyer's Remorse

I told the young man, "You need to understand; I don't even like this paper!" I said this as I was giving my card for the swipe and reaching for the pen to authorize the debit.

He was all of nineteen but something about his presentation was affable, endearing, disarming; and, since it was a deal after all, I took the bait.  However, upon reflection I finally realized that I, in that impulsive moment, had made all sorts of positive assumptions about this talented fellow without knowing him in the least. Yes, I dearly hope he is all that I at first imagined; however, there was no time for the telling. No time for the tested...truth.

And so, a week later I finally started to watch the video of our President as he began his remarks at the Democratic National Convention and, after the briefest of times...I just couldn't do it.  Yes, I recognize him as my president; admire him for his family ties; but I just couldn't listen to the talented talk that means, in the end...nothing.  I just couldn't listen because the actions of the last four years mean the present presentation is, most likely, beautiful balderdash.

And so, I stopped the viewing, reached for the phone, and cancelled my subscription. Buyer's Remorse had risen to the level...or reason.  The ultimate sales-pitch...connected with the lesser...and I wised  up. And now, as the glow of the Convention lessens, I can only hope that the many interested, like me, refocus to see that the victory we all desire is not found in the old playbook, but in another direction.

The song, once again, to boost and embolden...believers.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Energy voters unite!

It's the ENERGY, stupid!
(by R.P.Edwards)

All things being equal
All things...just the same
What might just get me leanin'
Is the gas pump
And...the pain
For one's in love with nature
The other? "It's a tool!"
And me?
I'm just so tired
Paying fortunes
For my fuel

Well, the democratic convention is in full swing. The party faithful are crooning and swooning.  The all time favorite, Bill Clinton, has been trotted out for that old good time feelin'. And...I don't really give a rip. Why? Because talk and words are cheap (this blog included.)  It truly does come down to actions.

Now, granted, I've only heard a snippet or two. One was by a "choicer" who equated "woman's healthcare" with the ability to end a baby's life (see poem below). The other had a class warfare flavor (Oh, those evil rich folk!). Other than that I haven't tuned in (do plan to record the President's speech).  And, as for the eloquent Mr Clinton, I remember when my eldest boy (then 11) cried when Mr C won his first presidential election. Why? Because the lad understood that an anti-baby, anti-life, person would be in the White House. And, after all the A-plus performances by Bill, Mr Obama, and any other polished orator they put in front of the teleprompter; after all is said and done; the Democratic party is the party of infanticide. And, just as "slavery" was a litmus test for many in 1860, even so there are those (me included) whose starting line (as to acceptability) includes the rudimentary ability to discern good...and evil.  Ok, enough of that.

Now, as to the poem above. Every now and then I see a commercial aimed towards the "energy voter." And, dear reader, if I was none concerned about abortion, healthcare, national defense, Israel, and on and on; this one area might cause me to choose one candidate over the other.  Why? Because I'm tired of filling up my mini-van with the equivalent of half a shopping cart of groceries. And, since we all know that beneath our native soil (dry and wet) there is more than enough potential energy to distance us from our Arabian masters; and that of the two candidates only one seems willing to head in that direction; my choice would have to be...Mitt.  And, understanding this, if I was the Romney campaign I'd buy up all the add space in every gas station, coast to coast.  I'd have a nice mug-shot of Mr R., and say something like, "Tired of paying too much at the pump? I'll fix that."

Whose Health Care?
(by R.P.Edwards)

Women's health care
What a crock!
They mean a butchered babe
And though they paint the sepulcher 
It's still a stinking grave


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Now, I'm a Romney fan

Changing Minds
(by R.P.Edwards)

What does it take
To change a mind?
Wind and wave
Or merely...time?
To open up
To banished things
When walls and ways
Escape on wings
And in comes good
Or evil's way
And lives are blessed
Or thrown away
Yes, what does it take
To change a mind?
It's wind and wave
But mostly...time

What America needs is jobs; lots of jobs.

President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet.
My promise is to help you and your family.

As President I'll protect the sanctity of life;
I'll honor the institution of marriage
And I'll guarantee America's first liberty; the freedom of religion.
(excerpts from Mitt Romney's Acceptance speech 
at the Republican National Convention 2012)

Well, it took me a few days to hear the whole thing. No, I wasn't bored, just drained from my self-inflicted work schedule ("self-inflicted" as in: if you don't like your schedule...get another job). Anyway, with remote in hand, reclining against the pile of pillows (hmm, maybe this is part of the problem?), I finally watched it all. And, my conclusion...I really like this guy (Mitt Romney). What I found most endearing was his reference to family, community, faith...the places where true joy is found. It seemed, overall, that the words were as a soothing tonic, deliberately devoid of too much acid or arsenic; more like a healing balm on the skinned knee of the child who found out that the promised thrill of rollerskating down Dead Man's Hill instead resulted in the loss of skin, blood, and pride. "There, there; I can see why it would seem like fun, but now that you've learned the truth, I'll take you somewhere that's safe...and fun."

The Poem: As the final words of the offering were spent and the balloons and confetti began to fall, I contemplated the journey...of change. You see, I've liked Mr Romney for a while. I happened upon him years before his run in 2008 (via the tube) and liked what I heard. However, I must admit, his "religion" was a barrier I wasn't prepared to let down. You see, my "classical" Christianity has little place for variances of any significant magnitude. Yes, I liked what he said, but I was wary of his inner...compass.

Now, enter President Barak Obama...and time.  He, a professing Christian, has shown by his actions (abortion, marriage, Israel) that "his" religion is something quite mutated from that which I hold very dear.  And so...I have decided to remove the label of "Pastor" from the Chief Executive and embrace, with open arms, a man who believes in God...and by his actions...proves it.  And I will simply do what most of us do concerning the many we associate with on a daily basis: I will look at the job performance, and not worry so much about whether prayers are said in the kneeling position or not.

At the end; as family members showed themselves and balloons bounced and confetti still flew; Archbishop Dolan delivered the benediction. I liked it very much. Below is a youtube link.