Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stand Up!

Stand Up!
(by R.P.Edwards)

 Standing up
Is hard to do
When used to resting
In the pew
But when the culture
Comes with sin
It's time to stand

Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;
(Ephesians 5:11)

And so, World Vision, a "Christian" charitable organization, has done an about face from it's two-day policy of willingly hiring "gay" married couples. Why? Because of the outcry of the contributors who think the Biblical standard of traditional, Bible-based marriage (between a he and she) should be followed. AND...if the "Christian" organization decides to rewrite the scripture...then their money flow will go elsewhere.

And so...they turn, or should I say "return?" Sincere? Don't know. And, as the many "champions" of "true" Christianity (they think) decry the leaders who dared to take WV to task (Franklin Graham a main target) I pray that MORE pulpiteers rise to the occasion and preach the seriousness of sin...THEN followed by the remedy of the cross. Some say that this isn't "love." But real grounded in truth.


Monday, March 24, 2014


(by R.P.Edwards)

Bullies feed
Upon the weak
It's ever been
That way
And so it's best
To deal from strength
Before there's hell
To pay

 Flight 370 is missing. Somewhere in the Indian ocean, they say. Meanwhile, a man with empire aspirations starts gobbling up a sovereign nation (Ukraine). The plane...gets more play. The loss of life due to the wayward indeed unfortunate, heartbreaking, tragic. The potential loss of life due to blood-lust beyond words. 

Easily distracted are we. We like the manageable malady; the "have you heard?," facebook fodder. But dealing with a tyrant? That's hard. But, from experience, it will be harder...later. And, as we tend towards selfishness, we may leave this one (like our national debt) to our children. "Sorry kids. Do the best you can."

(by R.P.Edwards)

So distracted
By the plane
Ignore the tyrant
And Ukraine
Until our children
Feel the pain
'cause we're distracted
By the plane


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Huckabee 2016

Our need
(by R.P.Edwards)

I hunger for humble
I thirst for the true
I search for the seasoned
Not trending
Or new
I look for the leader
With scars on display
Not pretty
Or polished
Or phony in way
I listen for learning
From years in the ring
For wisdom unwhittled
By harlots and bling
I seek for the servant
Acquainted with prayer
 Who kneels
And then stands
For the battle

Populist: an advocate of the rights and interests of ordinary people

So says my Encarta Dictionary; part of my aging 2003 Microsoft Word program.

Well, Mike Huckabee (former Governor of Arkansas) is described as thus...and it fits. 

I saw Mike's speech at CPAC (Conservateive Political Action Conference) and he deftly hit my (and many's) hot buttons: God, Life, Military, IRS (as in "get rid of!"), etc. Honestly, I like this guy; always have. I wonder, however, why his name rarely makes the cut when it comes to presidential hopefuls in 2016. True, he hasn't announced, but he is probing...and pondering. And, although I like the "field," if he were in the race...he's my obvious choice.  


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Not the same

Not the Same
(by R.P.Edwards)

They try so hard
To make it be
With fishy facts
So loose and free
With all their might
They press to pin
To make their "urge"
With skin

Ralph was a realist. That's how he put it. "Times change; values change; but if they have money for a cake...I'll make it." 

The 43 year old wiped his flour covered hands on his faded green apron and offered the reporter a slice of breakfast cheesecake as he "yeasted" his reply.  "What I mean is," he continued, leaning on the counter next to the register, "if a gay couple wants a wedding cake...I'll make it. If a skin-head wants a swastika on his blood-red icing...I'll put it there. Gay, straight, left, right, offensive, silly, serious...if I can bake it, and you can pay for it, that's all that matters. Come here," he said, standing and motioning for a look behind the swinging black door to the back. "You see that three tiered beauty in the corner? Yeah, right there. It's going to have two grooms and THREE brides. No, it's not quite legal yet; that arrangement I mean" he said, cocking his head to one side as his shoulders rose to meet it, "but it will be soon. And I, sir, am a realist. And if their money is green; green like this apron...I'll take it. I don't have time for religious exemptions and such."

And so the Arizona Governor vetoed SB1062, a bill that seemed to guarantee a little relief to religious folk who don't like being "sued" by the government because they didn't choose to violate their heart-felt religious convictions.  Apparently the backlash at such audacity was tremendous; the perception being that this was an anti-gay bill and, as a result, the threat of less dollars for Arizona was used to give the governor pause; and pause...she did.

Oh, what a curious time we live in. Abandoning the "morality" of those who got us here (remember; our "freedoms" are inherited, not earned) we fantasize that we are in a new era of civil rights; trying as best we can to equate sexual attraction...with skin color. As I've said before (in a bygone blog somewhere) I've read and heard the testimony of those whose desires turned from homo to hetero (through Christ, of course), but I've never heard of a color change (not that there needed to be one).

Well, I'll not dwell on that point, nor on the alarming rise and relevance of the godless oracles in our septic culture. But, I will offer a bit of advice to the Godly businesses that are in line to be persecuted and prosecuted if they dare live their faith. I recommend that you simply...go on the offensive. Put the scriptures on the wall. Make it abundantly clear "whose" you are and, yes, accept all comers. Make your views known, but, with love, practice your trade; sprinkling your labors with prayer...and share. And...who knows...perhaps a little kindness and compassion and concern...will win a few...for Him.