Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hollywood? Who cares?

No Script
(by R.P.Edwards)

From Hollywood
Have to have their say
Spouting out their point of view
Should we attention…pay?
For looking at their lit up lives
They’re oft a royal mess
So should we give a flying fig
For what they think…is best?

Alright, “hedonists” may, in some cases, be a bit…harsh.  But…it rhymed with “Hollywood” and, when I think of tinsel town I have a tendency to  “profile.”

It’s the phenomenon of media…and who controls it.  For better or worse we are captivated by celebrity; engrossed by glitz; enamored with the inane.  The pretty…persuade us.  The lovely…allure.  The talented…tempt.  At least that’s the case when makeup, or clothing, or perfume, or cars, or adult beverages need a little oomph in order to be sold.  We “know” them, and their opinion…counts. 

However, with the deepening national distress and distrust and…disgust, well, many are brushing aside the “opinions” of the opulent.  Oh, a couple years ago the “movie” was moving and we all joyously sang with the closing credits (alright, I was singing the blues).   But now, when legislation is on the table, or in the wings, that will effect our security, our financial future, our health, our national soul…should what the actors have to say…have any weight?

Conclusion:  Celebrities have as much right as anybody to air their views.  But, as the days of this drought drag on we are wisely giving less credence to their crooning.  Yes, the collective “we” are actually beginning to demand more from the known than a melodic sentence and a pretty face.  For, after all, giving more value to the words of the “stars” is as crazy as giving more value…to what I say.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Department of Injustice

Not so Blind
(by R.P.Edwards)

Miracles of miracles!
A blind girl, given sight
Able now, to see it all
From dark
To pasty white
Alas, this lass is Themis
Lady Justice, known to most
And now that she
Can see so well
Caucasian folk…are toast

“The question, my future barristers,  is three fold (the ancient professor, aptly surnamed Equitas, stood by the opened levered window and gently stroked the outermost petals of his beloved pink chrysanthemum --curiously named, Lilly--and, looking out and down to the law school’s common, continued)  1. Corruption; what is it?  2. (still stroking) When discovered in authority, what should be done? and 3. What is the ultimate correction?”  Turning to the handful of upperclassmen who had decided to take this “non-required” course, after bending to retrieve one wilted shedling from the floor he slowly stood and nodded to the lone hand, waving in the back.  “Yes, mister…mister…Novus.”

“Professor,” began the a-bit-of-a-prodigy seventeen year old.  “Corruption, in this context, would be exhibiting a bias, either for or against.  Such as (the lad knew the teacher liked concrete examples) a policeman choosing to ticket or pursue certain violators, and excusing others.  Or, it could be as simple as taking a bribe to turn a blind eye.  Secondly (the professor, with eyes closed was slowly nodding; a sure sign of contemplative approval), to remedy corruption in a lower level there has to be correction rendered by a higher authority; as in those directly over the offender and, if these too are tainted, then, the city leaders might need to get involved, or perhaps the county (the professor continued to nod, which served as encouragement to the orator)and, if higher authority is also corrupt,  then….then even higher authority must step in to correct. Perhaps a state agency might becoming involved and, I suppose (the professor, still nodding, opened his eyes and shuffled back to “Lilly”), I suppose,  if even the state agency had soiled hands and hearts, then, then…federal authority would have to step in.  The Department of Justice, I believe, could correct the problem.”

“What if, Mr. Novus (the teacher used a sleeve to wipe a smudge from the window and looked wistfully upon the distant bronze likeness of Themis, the scale toting goddess of justice), what if the Department of Justice is itself…corrupt?”

“Well…well, hopefully the whole department would not be, sir.  And, I suppose…I suppose our elected officials and the administration could step in and expunge the violators.”

“And, what if the elected officials…are also corrupt? (the professor began to gently primp the petals anew.)”

“Well, then, once the populace becomes aware of the corruption, as in exposure by an unbiased media (some sarcastic snickering comes from the other upperclassmen at this remark) then, in the next election we could ‘throw the bums out,’ if you will.”

Dr. Equitas slowly turned and shuffled to the middle, front.  “Well said, Mr. Novus.  But what if…what if the corruption is such that the voting process itself…is beyond redemption?”

The lad looked briefly into the face of his distant mentor and then, gazing down at his number 2 pencil-- which was covered with dental dents--he, a few seconds later, looked up and weakly offered… “Revolution?” 

“Exactly, Mr Novus, (a slight pause as the implication was allowed to incubate)…Revolution is the ultimate solution.  That is, aside from a spiritual awakening.  But, since such a suggestion is heresy in this haven of secularism.  Revolution…it is.”

On Friday, last, a Christopher Coates, former Civil Rights Voting Chief of the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ; say it with me, “Department…of…Justice” claimed whistle blower status as he finally acquiesced to a subpoena by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (his employer having long said, “don’t go”) and, in his opening remarks, described said Division as having a “long term hostility to race neutral enforcement of the Voting Rights Act.”  He also used phrases like, “Hostile atmosphere,” “deep seated opposition,” “systemic problems.”  In a nutshell, the respected attorney alleged (giving examples) that, when there were apparent violations of the Voting Rights Act (I.e. New Black Panther case and others, including voter fraud) that the division leadership would not pursue--now get this--justice, if the victim or victims were “not” a minority.  In other words, for whatever reason, there is no justice for Caucasians in the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ.  Say it with me, “Department…of…Justice.”

Now, I must admit, I’ve been out of the loop the last few days (the midnight shift, overtime, etc) but I truly thought this story would explode over the weekend.  Think about it, a part of the Department of Justice-- folks who get their paycheck from us, the taxpayers--they, if allegations are true, are biased, corrupt, even criminal.  And, although the “problem” has apparently been around for a while; the Obama administration, rather than correct or curtail, has apparently added the fire (again, alleged.)

Well, let’s just assume the allegations are true.  Let’s assume that the public trust has been abused.  That those we depend on to protect us…are really those who devour us.  Well, the solution…is a purging.  Our elected officials need to get off their “reelect me” derrieres…and investigate…and fire some people if need be.

Yes, more than ever, we need a sea change in Washington.  For, when our voting rights are corrupted; when this sacred liberty--for which hundreds of thousands of patriots have died, and continue to die!--when this is stolen by a few corrupt bureaucrats and ignored by a biased media, then, more than ever the people of this Republic need to remind the Washintonians…that they…work…for us!!

Here’s a c-span link to Mr. Christopher’s testimony (don’t know how long it will last).

Opening Remarks


Friday, September 24, 2010

My Promised...Pledge

Pledges and Promises
(by R.P.Edwards)

If pledges were wood
And promises…stone
We’d have a fine house
That we could call…home
So safe and secure
From tempest and cold
A warm, loving haven
To gently grow old
But pledges, alas
We’ve learned are but dust
And promises, many
We never can trust
So say, at the start
That you simply will…try
For ‘tis better…to fail
Then succeed…at the lie

One day ago was a day of perception…past, and a pledge…forward.

First, perception.  President Obama, before the U.N. General Assembly said,  “Let me begin with what we have done…I have no greater focus as president than rescuing our economy from potential catastrophe,”  Hmm. Now, to the simple, such as I, this seems a bit rose-colored in backward gaze for, as we all know, other policies have had a prominent place at the national table (Healthcare reform, Cap n Trade, ending of the Mexico city policy, a push to end “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and a go ahead with embryonic stem cell research).  Indeed, none of these have, or will bring a substantial economic boost (well, perhaps to some, but certainly not to the huddled masses).  He continued: “…the global economy has been pulled back from the brink of a depression and is growing once more…but we cannot and will not rest until these seeds of progress grow into a broader prosperity; not only for all Americans but for peoples around the world.”  Hearing that, methinks Glenn Beck’s “The progressives want a one world government!” refrain is... right on.

Also, yesterday, there were other words articulated that expressed a completely opposite perception of how the economy, and the nation, are doing.  These, however, were not spoken by suit and tie in the grandiose U.N. assembly.  No, they were uttered by a rolled up sleeves contingent in the workaday venue of a Virginia hardware Store.  And, these GOPers were speaking exclusively to…Americans.

Some excerpts from the Pledge:

An arrogant and out-of-touch government of self-appointed elites makes decisions, issues mandates, and enacts laws without accepting or requesting the input of the many…

Rising joblessness, crushing debt, and a polarizing political environment are fraying the bonds among our people and blurring our sense of national purpose…

The need for urgent action to repair our economy and reclaim our government for the people cannot be overstated…

We make this pledge bearing true faith and allegiance to the people we represent, and we invite fellow citizens and patriots to join us in forming a new governing agenda for America.

So, my opinion? Well, naturally, I side with the America first, conservative crowd.  But, pledges and promises are airy things; easily spoken; not so easily…done.  Remember, the current majority was elected because of …promises; promises that have, for the most part, failed to materialize. And now…we are offered a pledge; a pledge to reverse and return.  And, since the reality must begin with a word.  I say…let the “pledgers” have their shot.

Here’s a link to “A Pledge to America,” if you are so inclined.
The Pledge


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Will the real witch please stand up!

Look who’s Talking
(by R.P.Edwards)

And nabobs
Putting on airs
Whining from windows
But really…who cares?
They’ve shown themselves shallow
With words…without weight
Aspersions, diversions
Purveyors of hate

Christine O’Donnell, currently in the hunt for Delaware’s Senate seat, has some rather embarrassing (I guess) footage from a 1999 appearance on Bill Maher’s, Politically Incorrect, that has recently surfaced.  Apparently the Republican contender admitted to some dabbling in witchcraft when she was a teenager.  And…I’m supposed to think less of her for this?

And my question is: Is that it?  And the follow up:  Is that the best you can do?  You see…I get it.  I understand that people on the left (and some on the right) are quite upset by these upstart tea party types who are infringing on “their” turf.  So, naturally, they want to smear her, demean her, lessen her.  And, when a juicy clip like this comes to light…well, that’s front page stuff!

But here’s the problem.  While Ms O’Donnell may have some dopey teenage actions to explain away (“Dopey Teenager” is enough of an explanation for me), the left have forgotten their own dirty dealings with the devil.  For it is these; these polished, cultured, educated sophisticates; it is these who have no problem supporting the murder of children in the womb.  You see, back in the "old days" any witch worth her satanic salt would slink into the corner and sacrifice the tiny innocents to their dark lord.  But today it's out in the open!  Infanticide is a right! And, when someone dare come along who has, as part of their resume, an opposition to the grisly practice, well, they're just extreme!  O dear, that was a bit distasteful, wasn’t it?  I mean, me pointing out such gross, shameless hypocrisy. Well…perhaps it’s time for some of that.  Perhaps it's time for some crude, coarse, unvarnished truth.  And, if enough people pay attention; if enough people begin to realize the bilge we've been buying all these years, then maybe, just maybe we can repair this American raft before it sinks...due to rot.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Two Doors

Caution! Christian Content (I mean, more than usual)
 Judgment, sure
(by R.P.Edwards)

Sure as death
Judgment comes
Small and great
We all…succumb
Ushered, naked, to the seat
Creator, God, His will to mete
Gone! Excuses, fleshly tools
Gone! Denying words…of fools
Gone! The worthless, bribing gifts
None can span…the holy rift
And, with scepter, towards the pit
ALL are guilty!
All, unfit!
So to our doom, we justly go
The damned
Deserving…pain and woe
But wait!
A plan!
Compassion’s breath!
A way to garner, life, from death!
Though judgment due, is judgment done
A substitute!
The only…Son
And so Creator dons our skin
And on the cross
He bears “our” sin
Our just deserts
Through opened veins
For Him… “our” death
For us…His name
Then lifeless in the tomb he lies
But three days hence
He does arise!
A pardon bought, for all who seek
A gift received, by low…and meek
And though the reaper, hunts us still
The children, he, can never kill
But those who shun
Till dying breath
A judgment, sure
Then second…death

Jury duty.  Yeah, sure, my civil obligation.  A tiny sacrifice of my time and mind to participate in and contribute to our wonderful, constitutional system…of justice.  Honestly, I believe all that but for now, when my family still feels the effects of the great “layoff,” well, even though the company compensates me for the away time, it’s not the same coin as “doing the job.” 

Yes, I had been “summoned.” It was an official letter that had the power attached to divert my thinking…and my feet.  “Failure to obey this summons may be punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.”  That’s what it said.  I believed it.  And I went; for half a day anyway.  Then I was booted.

Here‘s the gist:  I arrived a bit early.  The “invitation” said nine; I was perched by 8:30.  In through the glass door I go, only to be stopped at the “sifter.” You see, there was a narrowing and, in front, an all-encompassing metal detector and, to the left, an x-ray for carry-ons and, behind and about, three serious looking armed guards; the kind you don’t smile at lest they remove it with a “persuader.” “All metal must go,” they say.  Jewelry, watches, phones, coins, belt, heck! even my foil wrapped gum was suspect (no joke!).  I timidly walk through and (whew!) I’m clean.  Free to mill about until the jury thing starts.

Well, before I took my official seat I parked myself near the “Gate,” and observed.  Funny, no matter what their station in life, no matter their dress, no matter their age or infirmity; they all went through the “judgment” and, if there was the slightest violation…no entrance.  Not, at least, until the offensive “thing” was accounted for.  “Like judgment day,” thought I. “No sin will enter, and the scanner of souls bows to no man.” 

Then I noticed the “other” door.  Adjacent to the first, it was a simple hinged thing that let people in, and let people out.  But, unlike the other, no guards, no machine, no inspection, no…judgment.  And, the reason was clear enough.  This door was for those who worked here.  For those who had already passed the test; passed the screening; been deemed worthy.  And again I saw the parallel.  “Like those absolved from their sin through the sacrifice of Jesus.  He took, so we could book (old slang.  Meaning, “to go”).”

Finally I went for the pre-jury selection warm-up.  “Thanks for coming…You’re important…take this oath…watch this video…” It was about a half hour of prepping by some nice folk who understood who they were dealing with.  And, even here, there was a spiritual connection.  Two words stood out.  We were collectively instructed to judge according to the law without (now get this!) sympathy…or prejudice.  And I thought to myself if, in this imperfect human court, lawbreakers must be judged without sympathy, or prejudice, how much more will the Supreme Judge of the World (Declaration of Independence reference) how much more will He do the same?  And, since the scripture declares “all have sinned,” well, the verdict has to be…guilty.  That’s where that other door comes in.

Okay, so you might be wondering why I got booted.  Well, it turns out the trial I was being screened for had to do with a large corporation being sued by a loved one of a “no longer with us” spouse.  The allegation was that “safety” elements were not maintained, contributing to his death.  And, when I heard of the corporation, saw their high-dollar lawyers and had the safety thing mixed in, well, I kind of went into automatic.  You see, I’ve been around corporations for decades, and I‘ve heard their universal spiel before.  O yes, there’s a loud proclamation of how safety is number one! And, of course that‘s true; that is until profit or, incredibly, pride gets in the way.  And, since I‘ve also seen how some powerful corporate types have no problem (conscience, rather)  when it comes to cruelly grinding a man to dust (as an aside, one of my “brothers,” after being so treated, went home and sought relief…through suicide), well, I let the judge know that my frame of mind might not be best for this case.  He apparently agreed. “Recused…for cause” were his words; and off I went.

And so, dear reader.  On this Lord’s day.  Before we jump into another week’s doings; a simple reminder.  A reminder that each of us; whether we be a seven figured CEO, or a common working stiff such as I; each of us has a stalker.  And this fellows name…is death.  Rest assured…you cannot escape him.  And, close at his heels…comes sure judgment.  And, like the unforgiving apparatus at the courthouse, the smallest infraction prevents entrance.  And, since “all” are guilty; all must be punished.  However, there is another door.  And this one gives clear, unfettered access.  But, in order to enter this way, you must decide to humbly grasp the nail-scarred hand that beckons from there.  For he; he whose love compelled him to die in your stead; he alone can bring you in.  And, dear reader, this opportunity is only availed upon the living.  For, when death finally closes your eyes--and he soon will-- it will be…too late.

Stay safe.


Friday, September 17, 2010


Extreme, Me!
(by R.P.Edwards)

I love babies
And how they learn
I love coal
In a careful…burn
I love love
In the married way
One man, one woman
Who never…stray
I love our country
A sovereign “one”
I love our borders
But I’m not done!
I love this Republic
The founder’s view
That makes me “extreme”
Now…how about you?

Let’s hear it for extremists! Yes, those hardy hell raisers who dance on the edge; frolic on the fringe; flirt with…fanaticism.  Of course, I’m not speaking of bomb throwers (literal) or goose steppers.  No, I’m talkin’ about those radicals that had their voice heard in the recent republican primaries.  Yes (dare I say it) …conservatives (gasp). And the even more vile variety, Christian conservatives! (gasp, gasp!)

Here’s what Tribune writer, Kathleen Hennessey, had to say about these (ew!) zealots.

“All the candidates have called for a repeal of President Barack Obama's health care bill. Some have advocated deep changes to Social Security, eliminating the Department of Education, cutting environmental regulation and withdrawing from the United Nations. Democrats believe they have helped cement an image of GOP extremism out of step with voters.” 

Out of step.  Don’t you love that?  Let’s go down the list.  Let me see; If you want the bloated, inefficient, budget busting healthcare monstrosity known as Obamacare stopped, or at least, pruned; you’re an extremist. If you want Social Security actually “fixed” so it doesn’t go bankrupt…you’re an extremist.  If you want to stop paying into the America hating, socialism loving United Nations…you’re an extremist.  If you actually want more of a hand in your kids education, trying to deflect some of the leftward bilge from monopolistic Department of E…you’re an extremist.  If you want the U.S. to actually "use" our God given natural resources instead of being held hostage to anti-American're an extremist.  And, although not mentioned in Ms Hennessey’s paragraph above, if you favor traditional marriage and believe children have a right to be born; well…you’re an extremist.

Now, let’s hear what South Carolina Senator, Jim DeMint has to say on the subject:

“I don’t want the majority back if we don’t believe anything…If we want the numbers; if we want the majority, then we’re going to have to stand on some principles that the American people believe in…it’s uniting America around a common platform of constitutional, limited government.  Free people. Free markets.  Judeo Christian values. Simple concepts that I don’t consider political; I just consider them the core principles that made our country great”

Now, granted, if you’re used to wallowing in the mire, a bar of soap…is extreme.  If you’re used to sipping sewage… Zero water is yucky and, if you’re used to eating spoiled, foul fare…then meat and potatoes…is repulsive.

You see, extremism is in the eyes of the beholder.  And, though some slanted mediaites and leftward leaning politicians are repulsed by the “righting of the ship,” I dare say, when the choices are made clear to the general public, they’ll place the “extremist” label…where it really belongs.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Choice of "We the People"

The Chosen
(by R.P.Edwards)

Mushy, moldy, moderates
Lying on the mat
Put there by constituents
Tired of…the fat
Bewildered at the counting
Confused by all the din
They thought they were the people’s choice
But no
“They” chose…to win

I don’t know why it gives me a degree of satisfaction; this whole anti-establishment thing.  I’m speaking of some of the “upsets” that happened in primaries of late where the GOP’s choices…were unchosen by the people.  Maybe it’s because I’ve become aware that even among Lincoln’s heirs…there is an elite; an upper crust, an “expectant” royalty and, though perhaps not as pervasive as in the donkey’s den, it is still there and, when it is, shall we say, unsettled, well…I kind of like it.

Last night there were some primaries where the “favorites” …went unfavored.  Joe DioGuardi (former congressman, dad of former American Idol judge, Kara), well, the big guys of the elephant party did not want him to have an opportunity to occupy the vacant Hillary Clinton senate spot, but the voters thought otherwise.  Today he said, “Last night validated ‘We the People.’ I’m a product of the people, not the party.  And today people are fed up; no matter what party they’re in…this is going to be a political revolution in November…today the people trump everything.  They’re upset, they’re mad, they’re gonna change things, and I’m gonna lead them to that change.”

Christine O’Donnell, the tea party favorite in the Republican Party primary for Joe Biden’s Senate seat; well, the “wise ones” wanted the more moderate, Mike Castle.  The people chose differently. Here’s a few words from her victory speech.  “It’s more of a cause than a campaign; and the cause is restoring America…Don’t ever underestimate the power of “We the People!”…this partnership doesn’t end on election day; it begins on election day…we have to unite for the greater good of what is right in America.”

Let me finish with Carl Paladino, a real estate developer who won the Republican primary determining who would have an opportunity to move into the Governor’s mansion.  He, too, beat the “chosen one.”  Here’s a few memorable words:  “And I’ll reform Albany.  I’ll clean up the cesspool of corruption so our government serves the people once and for all…government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Imagine that; We the People…choosing.   God Bless America.


Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fiscal Phantom

 Fiscal Phantom
(by R.P.Edwards)

Fiscal Conservatism
Merely a plank
If solely constructed
Afloat…becomes “sank”
The movement is deeper
Than a budget…in check
For the compass awry
And the vessel…must wreck

Fiscal Conservative.  Another label.  Another narrowing of definition.  Another herding into a less populated pen.  Granted, it’s a big one.  For, under this outsized umbrella…are many.  Many, who, although not traditionally associated with “the right;” these diverse droves join the ever growing number who see the necessity of getting our financial house…in order.  And thus, if for no other reason than the desired “blackness” of the bottom line, they, especially in these days, gravitate towards the Republican Party. 

Now, perhaps a reminder is in order.  For the familiar and uninitiated alike, this writer, such as he is, has his feet planted firmly on both sides of the political isle.  Indeed, associated and sympathetic to the idea of Union and collective power, this scribbler nevertheless leans consistently to the starboard side.  Why?  Because, for whatever reason, it is the Party of Lincoln that is more likely to protect the innocent unborn.  It is the GOP that is more likely to defend traditional values, and it is the Republican Party that is more likely to stand along side our ally, Israel, and say, “If you mess with him; you mess with me!” And, by the way, of the two parties the elephant is more likely to restrict and reduce government, and they just might figure out how to rein in an out of control budget.

So, what was the impetus for this piece?  Simply this: of late I’ve been “schooled” on the obvious excesses of the people in power.  And, most of these “lessons” have to do with, in one way or another…money.  And, along with the teaching, there is a call for Republicans to come back home.  And it’s here I suspend, for, it was not the dollar that gave strength to the abolitionists hands.  It was not the budget that prompted the donning of the blue, and the giving of the red.  And it was not the wallet that paid the awful price of a nation united…and free.  And, if Republicans cannot remember this; if they allow themselves to be seduced and reduced by the Fiscal Phantom, well, they may indeed ascend to the captaincy and even chart the “new” direction of promise, but, as the officers man the rail and fill their lungs with the invigorating salt air, there very next breath might be interrupted by the unseen berg…the chilling relentless blade that viciously pierces our national heart…and sends us to the icy bottom.


Friday, September 10, 2010

To see the President

To see the President
(by R.P.Edwards)

O, to see the President!
It once was hard to do
‘Specially for your average Joe
The chances, far…and few
An astronaut
A princess
Or a player on some team
Yes, these might shake the big man’s hand
But for me, twas just…a dream
But now I’ve learned the secret!
I’ve seen it on the news
A way to meet him
One on one
To share a beer…or two
Just raise a royal ruckus
‘bout religion, or ‘bout race
And say that “he’s” the only cure
A meeting
Face…to face

It’s Friday morning and the huge natural gas explosion in California has taken the “Koran” burning story off the front page.  Yesterday, as I prepared to do that “work thing,” one possible “solution” was a one on one with the Prez.  Yes, pastor Terry talking it over with the Commander in Chief, Mr. Obama.  Of course, now, twenty-four hours later, all that has changed.

A few thoughts.  First: The media.  Wanting to actually hear the guy, I listened to an ABC piece that’s currently up.  Then I went to good ‘ol youtube for more.  I clicked on a Nightline piece and then clicked it off well before it’s end.  Why? Because, as controversial as Pastor Terry is, the oozing sanctimonious sentences coming from the commentator…were turning my stomach.

Yes, it’s becoming an ever expanding burr under my saddle; the redefining of the culture by the “godless elite.” I cringe when they use phrases like “American ideals,” or “core values,” as if what they currently espouse in any way resembles the Judeo-Christian womb from which we sprang.  And, true to form, they deride and belittle the Florida “Troublemakers,” pointing out the smallness of the congregation (soon to grow, I’ll wager) and they readily waft words like “fringe” and “cult”--even though they wouldn’t know “orthodoxy” if it hit them in the face.

To conclude:  American Missionaries are murdered in the name of Allah…and we only mumble our discontent.  But, let a Christian Preacher threaten to burn a Koran…and the world does somersaults.
Concerning the controversial preacher and church, I’d like to do a little more research, but their website is down and, sadly, the media filter has shown itself to be untrustworthy.   However, at the end of the day, we may discover that they are not extreme; we may discover that we…are just…wimps.

Like the cartoon above?  It’s done by the award winning editorial cartoonist of the Belleville News Democrat Newspaper, Glenn McCoy.  Here’s a link where you can see more.  Glenn McCoy


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Offend me, please

Offend Me, Please
(by R.P.Edwards)

Yes sir
Please offend me
If it saves my clueless hide
Though it ruffles all my feathers
And you bruise my foolish pride
And I scream in my discomfort
And I curse, and raise my hand
At the end
When I’m still breathing
Perhaps then…I’ll understand

Some say it was the sign that struck the match.  Yep, some say it was the simple three foot by three foot white washed and red-lettered sign tacked to the street-side of the little Baptist church--that caused the fire.  Hard to believe, in this enlightened age, that some folks would get so riled that they would let five little words--painted by an upstart preacher--to cause them to nail the doors shut, douse with coal-oil, and strike the match.  According to eye witnesses it took a full half hour before the screaming stopped, and now, as I walk the ashes, I find it kind of ironic…that the sign somehow survived.  Let me see if I can still read it.  Yep.  Still readable. “Slavery is of the Devil.” Yankee fool.  What did he expect to happen?

The above story is a fabrication, but the one-time anti-abolitionist sentiment, hatred, violence…is not.  Imagine, a church going out of its way to expose that which is evil.  Imagine, a church taking seriously its mandate to be salt and light and to be a proclaimer of the sometimes offensive…truth.

Now, enter the little Florida church that dares to display a sign which reads, “Islam is of the Devil.” Surely you’ve seen or heard of it?  The “Dove World Outreach Center,” a little non-denominational protestant church in Gainesville, Florida, has made international news by saying out loud what Bible-believing Christians believe in their hearts and heads.  I must admit, even though I’m one of “those” believers my first politically correct reaction was… “offense.” You see, I couldn’t wrap my “win them to Jesus” mind around this “slap in the face” message.

So…I went to their site.  And, although half expecting one of those crazy off-shoot religions (you know, like the ‘believers’ that protest at funerals?) instead I found a congregation that is simply not afraid to confront the culture.  They’re not afraid to protest porn shops, or abortion clinics, or “be careful or I’ll cut your head off” Islam.   And, although I may not agree with their methods (I’m still pondering) rather than giving a “yea” or “nay,” here’s a link for y’all to do your own research.

In conclusion:  True story. In my home-town we have an abortion clinic.  Over the years more Americans have died there than in World War I, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan…combined.  And, although any serious minded Christian knows that killing babies in the womb is murder; for the most part--save a few faithful intercessors--the local churches remain silent.  Well, a few years back one congregation decided to put out a sign that condemned the practice; even going so far as to keep a running tally.  One sign was stolen.  It’s replacement; vandalized (more than once).   And, although the “affront” is gone now, I can’t help wondering; what if “all” the local churches, instead of whispering in the shadows; what if all the local representatives of Christ had rallied to the cry of the unborn.  I dare say the abortion clinic would be gone.  But for now…it remains…and the children…die.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just "too" Busy

(by R.P.Edwards)

What would we do without maintenance
Keeps us busy…until we decay
A something to fill all our time with
And something…to say
But how sad we neglect what is needful
The tending to care…and to love
With a word…and caress…and a being
And a reaching
To God
Up above

It’s counterintuitive: to do less…in order to do more. 

Maintenance.  Our lives are full of it.  Aside from the job there are myriad other things that cry for our attention: hair, nails, teeth, skin, clothes, house, yard, cars (O, the cars).  And then…we die.  Busy, busy, busy.  And then…we up…and die. 

Jesus got it right (imagine that); when the very busy Martha bemoaned her sister, Mary’s, “dawdling” at the feet of the Master, “the Lord answered and said to her, Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things; but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her."

“Only one thing is necessary”  Hmmm.  And…there’s a “choosing.”  To choose…the good part; the necessary part.  To choose to fellowship, communicate with, listen to, spend time with…the Lord.

And yet…we are so busy.  Filling up our hours and days and years in the kitchen, the garage, the yard, the basement; all the while Jesus is patiently waiting; waiting…in the den.

And what brought on this thoughtful entry?  Perhaps the passing of a couple days leisure.  A couple unwritten days that ended without much (alas) maintenance…or…fellowship being done. 

Another scripture comes to mind: “Physician, heal thyself.”

Scriptures (Luke 4:23, and 10:41,42  KJV and NAS) retrieved using  The Bible Gateway 


Friday, September 3, 2010

Newton or Hawking?

Thus says the Fool
(by R.P.Edwards)

Something from nothing
O, to believe
Nerons and genomes
No magician
Or sleeve
Just blind chance mutation
Direct indirection
No difference or sum
O wonder!
O beauty!
Of no one’s design
O perfect imperfect
Yet, perfect in kind
Yes, I see it!
I see it!
As I’ve known from the start
I’ve proved there’s no God
Says the fool…from his heart

In the news, Stephen Hawking (a really smart British physicist), has teamed up with a like-minded American brainiac, Leonard Mlodinow, and produced a book titled, “The Grand Design.”  According to the article I read, Mr. Hawking has modified his view of God….thus:

"Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist…It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.” 

Honestly, it’s a terrible thing to take people out of context, but just the thought of reading coming tome wearies me. So, for the moment, I’ll presume that the writer of said piece (Michael Holden) has it right. 

So…wanting to comment on the subject, where do I go?  Well, since Mr. Hawking had, for decades, occupied the distinguished chair (Cambridge Universities Lucasian Professor of Mathematics) once occupied by Sir Isaac Newton, I thought I might contrast Isaac’s “yes God” view with Stephen’s “not necessary” declaration.  Nah.

Then I thought I might try and wrestle with the evolutionary mechanisms that somehow caused a reptiles scale to turn into an eagles feather; or how and why asexual reproduction…turned sexual.  And, for a time, I did some research.  But this too, wearied me.

And…since this site is supposed to be only a moments diversion, may I simply conclude by suggesting to my “naturalism or bust” friends that they, like I (a resolute believer in God); that we both walk in the ethereal realm of…faith?  Indeed, one of the most famous scriptures in Christendom defines it:  “Faith is the substance of things hoped for.  The evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)  So, when you (my Darwinist pal) see the backwards flying hummingbird, won’t you admit by the smallest degree, that you don’t fully understand why that happened and how an unknown or planned for “advantage“…became a destination?  And, more concretely, when your small daughter smiles at you and squeezes your leg and your heart melts just a bit; don’t you, just a tiny step, wade into the ocean of “belief?” For why, when emotions can be so disadvantageous--as far as survival goes-- why, as you pick her up and press your moistened cheek against hers…are we so full of them?

To wrap up:  Macroevolution?  I just can’t see it.  However, I will grant you this; that, when an incredibly complex human mind is free to dream, and explore, and propose, and ponder; well…almost anything’s theoretically possible.  And, acquiescing here, I wonder; yes, I wonder what the was the evolutionary impetus…to produce such a mind?


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Naughty Glenn

Naughty Glenn
(by R.P.Edwards)

Consider all the applecarts
Laying on the ground
Toppled by the naughty boy
The troublemaker
And see the righteous vendors
Aghast at what he’s done
But notice all the rotten fruit
Exposed…in purging…sun

And I have to lean back, put my hands behind my head, gaze towards the upward sloping ceiling (converted attic) and just say… “wow.”  And what prompts my measured exclamation? The phenomenon known as, Glenn Beck.

You know, like the many, I’m a multifaceted mutt.  No, not lineage, or bloodline--though I certainly am that-- but in my beliefs, views, tendencies, priorities, etc.  Sure, I’m a working stiff, but far above my card-holding status I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a patriot, just a plain ‘ol concerned American citizen.  And, since I and the many are deeply troubled by the downward slide of our precious U.S. of A, we pray, vote, talk, and in smallish ways…do.

Now, enter Glenn Beck.  Years ago I remember giving ear to his on-air shtick (hardly an avid listener), finding it somewhat amusing, but usually not staying long enough to digest the whole hog.  Then…something happened.  Apparently Glenn hit personal bottom and, reaching up…he found God.  And now, incredibly, this often comical communicator is being used by the Almighty (yes, I believe that) to help encourage a hurting nation…to return to the basics. To return to the foundational and humbling place that acknowledges the Supreme Being, with the understanding that not only do our “rights” come from He, but that our--in all ways--prosperity, cannot be divorced from his hand.

Yeah, yeah, I know this unusual messenger does not pass our “expectation” muster.  A former drunk.  A clownish beginning.  Not Ivy League groomed (or any college sheepskin for that matter).  Not a pastor, or preacher, or a certified somebody in religious realms, he even has the audacity of being a…Mormon! (yes, I'm aware of some notable doctrine issues)

But, with all these apparent detractions, his words ring true.  Indeed, this fellow has been driven to discover our “best” past and, drawing inspiration from this and the tutelage of the like-minded, he exhorts all of us to do the same.  And, though many try to smear him, defame him, malign, criticize, and belittle him; their attacks seem as nothing more than the desperate rails and rants of a counterfeit royalty…now disrobed.

And so Glenn…keep on.  Keep talking.  Keep exhorting.  Keeping attending.  Keep crying.  Keep praying. Keep loving America.  And maybe, with the aid and unction of “Natures God, the Creator, the Supreme Judge of the world, divine Providence” we’ll have that Great Awakening…that we so desperately need.

 Here’s a passage that reminds me of Mr. Beck.

26 Brothers, consider your calling: not many are wise from a human perspective, not many powerful, not many of noble birth. 27 Instead, God has chosen the world's foolish things to shame the wise, and God has chosen the world's weak things to shame the strong. 28 God has chosen the world's insignificant and despised things; the things viewed as nothing—so He might bring to nothing the things that are viewed as something, 29 so that no one can boast in His presence. (1 Corinthians 1:26-29, Holman Christian Standard Bible)

Here’s a link to a previous “I like Glenn” blog.  "Beck Me!"

The Bible passage was gleaned from the "Bible Gateway."  A fine site if you want to search different versions of the Scripture.  Bible Gateway