Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Deem and Pass...out

 (by R.P.Edwards)

Where you goin’?
Where you been?
Tell me, Charlie
Clue me in
How much you make?
How much you owe?
Tell me, Chuck
I need to know
Where you live?
How long? Alone?
Let me in
To snoop your home
Under carpets
Under chairs
Let me count your underwear
Is that your car?
A righteous ride
What’s in the trunk?
What did you hide?
And while we’re at it
What’d you eat?
How much fiber, fat, and sweet?
So give me samples
Blood, to start
Now, run a mile
I’ll check your heart
And make some time
For deeper probes
Remove your rights
Now here’s your robe
And how’s your mind?
You thinkin’ right?
What you watchin’ day and night?
What you readin‘?
How you pray?
Listen, Chaz
I’ll have my way
So…no complainin’
No boo hoo
Remember, chuckles
I’m here…for you
Besides…you voted
For my ways
So…stop your gripin’
It’s time…to pay

Fried Bologna.  A simple request by my nine year old son.  True, in my New England upbringing (long, long ago) I had never heard of bologna being treated in such an uncivilized fashion but, since the slab of mishmash meat is nothing more than a flattened hot dog…

Deem and Pass; the phrase of the day.  In short: it’s an end run around the up or down vote we simpletons expect from our elected representatives; especially on something as monumental as this healthcare bill.  After all, it will effect all of us and our progeny from here on out.  And, unlike the unstimulating stimulus bill, this monster does not come with a poison pill.  It will live on…and on…and on.  And, even if an enraged electorate kick to the curb many who add their “amen” to this unholy homily; the new brood of legislators will not have enough oomph to override a certain veto.  Yes, it’s a case of incredible, unconscionable, reprehensible, outrageous, appalling, over the top…arrogance.  And to think; we voted them “all” in.

By-the-way, the opening poem was inspired by the “you are required by law” census form I filled out today.  And if you don’t do it…someone will come acallin’.  "One more question, sir.  How do you eat your bologna?"

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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