Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Where Away Thimble Islands

Long Island Sound
(by R.P.Edwards)

And shielded
From the ocean's strong face
And pirates
And captains
And mates
And inlets
And memories
And more
Waters well wandered
With treasures in store

On a very clear day, with the squinting eye or with a low powered spyglass you could just barely see the hint of Long Island, nearly floating on the horizon. I, on the Connecticut side of the "Sound" was on a temporary stay at a much smaller island named "Money," part of a quaint grouping called "The Thimble Islands." 

It's been well over a half century from my first preadolescent treading of the red granite of that isle and, sad to say, my appreciation matched my age. Now, decades and a substantial distance away, I look back with fondness at a special place; a carve-out from the modern clutter that clings and clogs.

Anyway, I hear Branford CT (the municipality in the area) is having an anniversary of sorts. Worth a look, I'd say. And, while you're at it, check out "The Thimble Islands." There's a tour or two available. My youthful experience was on a boat named Volsunga, first III, and now IV. 

The song: recently discovered in a basement box. Affectionately crafted some time ago, I hope it gives you a taste...for a memorable place.

Thimble Islands