Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool?

April Fools
(by R.P.Edwards)

Plastic wrap and toilet seats
Sticky tape to grab your feet
These, and other tricky tools
All appear…on April Fools
Twisted facts, or outright lies
Spoken, bring a mournful sigh
Justified, though light…or cruel
By simply saying… “April Fool!”
Yes, jokers, jivers, have your way
This, once a year
Your pranks to play
But know, tomorrow
Different rules
We’ll have no place…
For April Fools

A rather long section of plastic wrap, stretched out on the carpet in front of the bathroom door.  Hunched over it, my second son, scissors in hand.  A minute later, between he and I (a two man job) we had taped the nearly-invisible barrier across the doorway that led to “the girls room.” 

April Fools; I probably would have forgotten, save my son’s antics.  April Fools; it’s a time for lighthearted pranks and misleading mutterings.  A day that usually passes without notice, unless you have a “believer” in the house.  We have one and, years ago, we had to actually ban him from setting booby traps in our bedroom while we slept.  By-the-way, along with the “plastic wall” bit, he also did the classic “cover the pot.”  And--in true professional fashion--he fleshed out the slogan for Ronco’s Rotissrie… “Set it…and forget it.”  Real gags…are better with age.

Speaking of which: Here’s a true account I found amusing (although I haven’t attempted it, nor do I officially endorse it.)  Years ago, an older acquaintance (respectable, but not beyond a little mischief) became annoyed at one of those car owners who are so protective of their shiny ride, that they take up “two” parking spaces in order that we commoners don’t ding their “thing.”  Anyway, this older gent scribbled a note, placed it beneath a windshield wiper, and then proceeded to occupy a distant observation post.  Before long the owner, after reading the message, could be seen circling said ride like a hapless hound chasing its tail.  What was on the paper?  “Sorry about the scratch.”

As for my son’s doings:  It turns out the siblings (aided by their mother) were onto him.  All tricks…failed.  So, obviously, the solution is:  pick another day.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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