Friday, January 10, 2014

Southern Snow

Southern Snow
(by R.P.Edwards)

Not used to snow
To this degree
Above the ankles
Near the knee
Though Northern folk
Must laugh at We
Not used to snow
To this degree

It's still out there; the white dumping from the heavens and, since I live in a climate "zone" that is not used to this frozen extreme (more than 3 inches ! Goodness! AND...SUBZERO Temperatures!) it has caused quite a stir around these parts., less than a week later, rain is expected--to go along with the "what we're used to" thermometer readings. The remnants of the "blizzard" will be gone in no time.

A slight observation: since my "day job" is not swayed by such things (blizzards, arctic temps) I went to work and did that "thing" I usually do. And, for a couple days we had to deal with temperatures that were minus 7 or more. Not fun. But...I recall the relief I experienced when the mercury eventually rose to ten degrees ABOVE zero. Ten degrees...a week earlier I would have considered that frigid, but, having lived through something much less (I know, YOU northern folk scoff at our thin-skin) when the double digit was met as if a Hawaiin breeze had wafted in from Waikiki. Says something about our ability to adapt. Of course, we KNEW what it was like to be warm (having been there before), but what if we had never known? The segue: I'm concerned for the current crop of Americans who have never known a greater and more prosperous United States. I'm concerned they'll think it has always been this way and will expect nothing more. I hope the messaging of the older messengers can convince the young that Warmer temps are possible. For this "climate zone;" this cooling place in which we all universally live, is not affected by a huge arctic air mass descending from Canada; no, our temperature depends on the believing and achieving of the many.

Of Zero
(by R.P.Edwards)

Zero is a lovely place
If 'tis the balance due
Or as an answer to the test
Of two, subtracting two
But temperature?
I like it not!
Nor temperatures below
So "zero"
If you're listening
I just want go!