Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jerry Costello, and Temptation

When not to
(by R.P.Edwards)

It has its place
In choosing where to go
For movies and a dinner’s dine
For music…fast…or slow
But some things
Mustn’t waver be
Whate’er the shifting sand
So steel your heart
Before you start
And standing…

Most assuredly…it is a donut in disguise. 

I remember long, long ago, listening to a comedic bit by Bill Cosby (probably on an album) concerning care for one of his kids.  The quandary before him was; what to feed the tyke for breakfast?  And the answer…cake.  His line of logic being; the tasty dessert is made of eggs, flour, milk, and sugar.  How then is it in any way inferior to a donut, a waffle, or some breakfast cereal slathered in sucrose?  The conclusion…no different.  However, the feminine mind doesn’t work that way.  So, “Better not tell mom.”

On the way home, finishing yet another midnight shift, I suddenly had a desire for a chocolate covered donut; the kind that a local grocer produces to woo the weak, such as I.  However, after a minutes contemplation, and realizing that the price of two or three of these lovelies was equivalent to the chocolate cake that was prepared, rested and ready in our kitchen, I went home and had a slice of cake…instead.

Also, this morning, before the whole “temptation thing” I noticed a local headline.  It seems my Congressman, Jerry Costello (D), is against the present--gotta have it!--healthcare option. Although he voted for the House version last time, it seems the Senate version is odious on many levels.  One of which…its treatment of the unborn.  Jerry, although a staunch Democrat, consistently votes pro-life, and pro-traditional marriage.  And, for his uncompromising stand…he continues to have my support.  I only hope the many “donuts” they throw his way…won’t sway him.  Stand tough, Mr. Costello.  The nation needs you to bring some sanity…to our diet.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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