Saturday, June 28, 2014

Corrupt Media Watchdogs

(by R.P.Edwards)

Lying in the corner
Chewing on a steak
Given by the robbers
This dog is on the take!
His job: to guard the mansion
Defend with bark and bite!
But now he lies contented
As intruders
The night

I suppose it's common knowledge: the--what used to be called--"Main stream media," has a liberal bias. No surprise there. Abortion, Gay rights, unleashed immigration, Pro-Union, Big government, etc....predictable prose and posturing. However, I recently heard the phrase, "corrupt media," used by a notable commentator and...I have to agree.  You see, it's one thing to lean that way, but it's quite another (especially if you're supposed to be an organ of revelation and truth-telling) to actively be...inactive.

Case in point: the IRS scandal. The targeting (alright, "alleged") of conservative groups in order to hinder their opposition to the person and policies of...President Obama. From what has been gleaned (not by the Majors, of course)...something obviously stinks. And, since EVERY tax-payer has a vested interest in the workings of the "audit-wielder," the media should be all over this thing: probing, prodding, pushing for answers. But are they? No. They turn their eyes; they walk on the other side (Good Samaritan story reference), they, en masse, betray our trust. They, by their purposeful silence (on this and MANY other distasteful doings) evidence not just simple journalistic preference (if it bleeds it leads) but, in their egregious omissions and inactivity they display a distasteful complicitness. I.e...corruption.

So, let me make a proposition; a suggestion."Ok, (I'm talking to the moguls), you helped your guy get reelected. Fine. But, don't you want his administration; the champion of your "causes," to be clean and free from corruption? Don't you want your "ideals" untethered from dirty dealings? Then, do your job! Root out the truth! Demand answers and, if they (as in, people) deserve the boot, or the be it. Better to have the wrong righted and your reputation restored than to let the history books and your fellow Americans refer to you as the Corrupt media."