Friday, December 23, 2016

Can't be soon enough!

Can't be soon enough
(by R.P.Edwards)

Can't be
Can't be
Soon enough
To end the foolish reign
These who taunt
The founders God
Wise in their eyes
The mirrors view
Ignoring steps and stones
They never cease
"Our" sin increase
And sneer
"What will HE do?"

In the news: the United States "abstains" from, rather than choosing to veto, a resolution by middle-eastern folk who simply hate Israel. It's a first.

The subject was settlements; but since I (and many) recognize Israel as far more than an ethnic aberration (i.e. there's a genuine "God" connection) AND, since they are truly a like-minded ally, "we" have, in the past, supported her in her efforts. Maybe not always agreed; but at least when it came to the useless UN, Israel could count on us. Until now.

I won't go on and on, but let me finish by saying, Thank God! that this current administration, which has NO fear of the Almighty, will soon be relegated to the annals of obscurity. It's one thing when individuals choose the early path of the prodigal, but when "leaders" (or leader) purposely guide the nation towards sin; this is unconscionable. 

And, speaking for myself, this kind of moral depravity (taunting God; imagine!) was the main reason to NOT vote for someone in the same mold.

January 20th cannot come soon enough.


PS. When it comes to National Suicide, the following song elaborates: