Saturday, March 31, 2018

Roseanne and me

(by R.P.Edwards)

Critics disarmed
In toxic times
She cries

Yes, I was one of the 18 (and counting!) million who viewed Roseanne Barr's much heralded and anticipated foray into the world of prime time comedy (once again). And why? Because of her character's support (reflecting her own) of Hollywood's archenemy, President Donald Trump. You see, since I too am a fan of #POTUS, I thought it was worth a look. And it was.

I must admit, for the most part I enjoyed the low-brow lunacy that swirled around the blue-collar Conners family as old and new acquaintances were (and are) mixed together with the caustic and charming catalyst that is Rosanne Barr.  Funny stuff.

HOWEVER, since I am not a "vote your wallet" conservative, I'll probably pass next time. And here's why: Although there was playful banter around the edges of some points of contention (2nd Amendment, economy, etc) when it came to the area of abortion there was a clear consensus that the innocent unborn have no voice. AND, to a lesser extent and holding to the left's love affair with gender fluidity, there's a young grandson on the show who loves wearing feminine attire on his "brave" journey to who knows where. I mean really, c'mon.

Anyway, I appreciate the nod to the suffering middle class that thought "Trump" was worth a try in this last election. AND I appreciate the poke in the eye to the lofty elites who hate all things red and consider "fly over" folk as merely fodder for their fantasies. But, since my heart-felt views fall under the heading of  "Religious right," or "social conservative" or "Evangelical," the latest offering doesn't quite appeal to me. Nevertheless, I wish Roseanne and cast much success. 

By the way; I just recently viewed a wonderful, short documentary titled "I  lived on Parker Avenue." A heart-warming true story of abortion...with a happy ending. Grab a warm beverage and a tissue.



Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bruce Rauner and Presumption

Hope Abortion Mill

(by R.P.Edwards)

Presumption is
A dangerous thing
Based on "You"
But others, sir
Are "others," sir
They'll do
What "they" will do

Abigail was a tolerant wife. She knew, coming into this marriage, that "Bruce" was not perfect, but he certainly was more of what she was looking for than the other choices available. And so, they donned their marrying finery, said their vows, kissed, and married bliss ensued. Well, not really bliss, but imperfect Bruce at least made attempts at the union, and Abby appreciated that. However--and this is a BIG however--Bruce, when it came to the children; he simply, purposely, willingly broke his sacred vow to her that he would protect them. And so, with tears and determination, divorce proceedings began.


I spent a small part of my morning--a dreary, cold, "I'd rather be home in bed" morning--standing outside an abortion clinic in southern Illinois. Business has been brisk of late and, part of the reason has to do with Governor Rauner's decision to force every Land of Lincoln taxpayer to help fund abortion; or as God calls it--murder.

Well, this last week we (voters) had a chance to remove said governor from the November ticket and place, instead, someone who understands that human life--ALL human life--has value. Yes, I cast my ballot for, prayed for, put a sign in my yard for, the honorable Jeanne Ives. But, she didn't quite make it.

And now to "presumption." Rather than going into the dreary subject of campaign chicanery, let's just jump to the part where the victorious backers of Gov. Rauner assume that now that the nasty little primary is over the wayward elephant followers will naturally coalesce around "the" candidate. And, perhaps if it was just about bloated budgets, and other money mismanagement, I might. BUT, since it's about a "God issue" (just as slavery was a God issue) I certainly will not.

Oh, I know some cringe and convulse at such simple reasoning. But, lady, sir, there ARE some issues that transcend all others. Slavery was one, infanticide another. AND, since Hell is our chosen destination, the quicker we get there the better. Perhaps then, when the bottom is reached, a looking up will occur.

Of course, being a believer in the Republic, I WILL be voting this coming November. There will be local issues and Representatives and judges to attend to. But when it comes to the office of Governor, Bruce Rauner WILL NOT get my vote. Nor, for that matter, will the democrat.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tariffs: A Steelworker's Thoughts

(by R.P.Edwards)

Common sense
In short supply
Depend on THEM
And then you die
They'll hold the keys
To wealth and bread
And at THEIR whim
WE'LL end up DEAD
But go ahead
And whine and bray
Perhaps your tears
Will win the day
And the future's coming
Of the NEED
Will only make
YOUR children bleed

I suppose I should weigh in on the whole "Steel and Aluminum tariff" thing. Especially since I'm a steelworker (soon to be retired) and the MILL I sweat at has been in the news (yeah, that place the President mentioned, as in "500" more).

Anyway, I suppose I get the "fear" angle; where prices might go up a bit because steel might be a little more costly. BUT, national security really is an issue. I mean, c'mon! Do you (the collective "you") honestly think the arsenal of democracy can be reliably rolled off a freighter when fleets are sunk and all hell breaks loose everywhere else! It's nuts! And, since I have a bit of familiarity with the process, may I gently remind that this kind of production can't be turned on overnight. It takes planning and purpose and knowledgeable personnel.

AND, it's not like steel manufacturers have been greedy Gus's and they willingly priced themselves out of business. No, it's as simple and tragic as this: foreign entities produced and subsidized the product so that it could be DUMPED on our shores for less than the cost of manufacture. How can you compete with that? You can't. Sooo, we're simply asking for a level playing field. Whether it be through tariffs or some other rational and fair remedy. 

BUT, if the naysayers prevail (and they very well might,) let's see, when it comes time to make needful stuff out of a nonexistent supply; let's see if plump portfolios can be a suitable substitute.