Saturday, November 26, 2016

Cookies for Breakfast

Cookies for Breakfast
(by R.P.Edwards)

I was leaning towards pancakes
But cookies will do
Both loaded with sugar
But one has less goo
The consensus, indifference
So the griddle's passé
 Yes, it's cookies, so handy
For breakfast

Years ago some of my children (along with a married-in gent) bought me one of those faux fireplaces that look so much nicer that their predecessors. This morning I was warming in front of the phony, yet fabulous, flames as a news show rambled on about the time-filling topics of the day.

First, the reason for the chill: I had recently returned from our local abortion clinic (much to say, but probably already said in the archives) and the nearly December air was quite nippy and, since I was at the clinic for a while, my thermal defenses had worn thin. 

Anyway, on the way home "pancakes" arose from my food-desire place and, since "I'm" the major breakfast maker I offered it to the younguns upon arrival. The consensus? "Nah."  So, since holiday cookies were nearby (and I didn't want to go through the extra effort for merely myself), THEY became breakfast. I figured the sugar content had to be comparable.

As I was saying; the newsies were blathering about various topics and one that caught my thawing ear had to do with the effect of leftward academics upon the pliable minds of our youth. This is a real sore spot with me; these  morally questionable mucky mucks messing with our heritage. But...BUT, since I am learning that "words" can give life, or kill; I choose, rather than curse the abusers, to pray that they (especially the older institutions) return to their roots of Godliness. 

That's about it. However, below is a link to a song I wrote sometime in the last decade. It's a Christmas offering. A bit on the sad side, but I think God is in it. I'll let you decide. 

BTW, after a while I made myself (just myself!) a ham n cheese omelet. So there, kids!


Friday, November 18, 2016

Of Pork Chops and Politics

Trump's Time
(by R.P.Edwards)

Time for doing
Time for deeds
Time for fixing
Time for speed
Time for focus
Time to choose
Time for winning
No time to lose
Time to honor
Time to run
Time for healing
Time's begun
Time to finish
Time to start
Time for steel
And time for heart
Time's upon us
Time demands
Time for wisdom
Time for plans
Time's fulfilling
Time to jump
Time for changing
Time...for Trump

And so Mr. Trump has won. 

On the evening of the victory, at the beginning thereof, I had a bit of anxiety. True, there had been spiritual inklings of his coming triumph (I know the secular among us scoff at such things; their loss), but a grim picture had been painted by the "knowing" class and "No, not again!" was--as I say, "early on"-- an unavoidable thought. By the end of the night, however; relief and thanksgiving. The progressive scourge had been blunted; at least for the moment.

And, since that time I have contemplated dropping a few words. Indeed, I was (and am still) amused at the excesses of the fallen (hear of the "primal scream"?); especially at the PC breeding grounds...the Universities.The unction, however, did not rise to the production point.

But now my mind is on pork chops; whether to cook on the stove, or brave the elements (as the temperature is quickly dropping) and fire up the grill. I lean towards the latter. And, as I stir in that direction I point the reader to the above youtube link. The talented lyricist (and Elvis fan) GHW, from Texas, put some encouraging words to the tune of "Here comes Santa Claus". I tried to do it justice. Enjoy.

BTW, if the Trump administration has a position for this creative duo; we're available.