Monday, December 21, 2015

Pomp and Circumstance circumspection

(by R.P.Edwards)

For work and way
A needful notice
Of you this day
But remember, madam
Remember, gent
Your talents, gifts
From God
Are lent
Your toil was long
And hard
And dear
Your perseverance
Brought you here
And we salute you
Madam, gent
But your strength and breath
From God were lent
So celebrate!
On this, your day!
As cap and gown
Are stored away
Then turn your steps
Yes, turn and do
Bring forth the harvest
Sown in you 
But remember often
 As decades go
And OTHERS reap
From what YOU know
Remember, finally
Your precious life
From God
Was lent


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge 
(Proverbs 1:7)

Attended a graduation ceremony recently. An undergraduate degree was awarded to a loved one and it was celebratory and yet somber at the same time. Celebratory; for great effort and tireless pursuit were needed to lift this weight along with the others already placed securely upon the shoulders. Somber; because of my mourning over the rudderless state of the vessel that welcomes the innocents and schools them, for years, in the bastard art (pardon me) of navigating with a broken compass.

Yes, it's a God thing again. Absolutely fundamental. The recognition of the greater SOMEONE. Of Nature's God, the Creator, the Supreme Judge of the World, Divine Providence (Jefferson's words). A Higher Learning that bows the knee and does not aspire to godhood. That's what it USED to be, and still is in lessening numbers (I speak from imperfect knowledge). And so, these PC Petri Dishes continue to introduce and grow infectious cultures that are then injected into society and, since elites bond with elites, places of power--in particular--and we all--by extension--are sickened. And oh, how we reek of rebellion and recklessness and rot.

However, trying to be less of a faultfinder (I know, too late), I did feel a swelling with the playing of the traditional graduation march, Pomp and Circumstance and, although God was not officially recognized in the celebration, I could tell from some of the words spoken that His influence was apparent. AND, since this is the Midwest, the ROTC had an honored place as well.

Conclusion: I DO have hope for academia. But it will begin with a spiritual revival. I shall pray towards that end.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jihad; abortion is not an option

Hope Clinic, Illinois

Cordial Killing
(by R.P.Edwards)

Cordial killing
Nice and neat 
Until the Lord
Our judgment metes

When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them
(Koran 8:12)

17 Never pay back evil for evil to anyone. Respect what is right in the sight of all men. 18 If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.
(Romans 12:17,18)

And so you see the difference. For "we" believers, who like some divine "backing" for our religious actions, the two writings above show the stark contrast between Biblical Christianity and Koranical (is that a word?) Islam. I'll side with the one that doesn't advocate killing.

However--and this is more along the lines of the lead-in poem--I was recently pondering our peculiarities when it comes to death and its administration. The setting: our local abortion clinic (shown above). Unusually warm for this time of year, business was good. Yes, a lot of folk coming to remove the in-utero inconveniences before Christmas and New Years. Some saints on the sidewalk were singing, praying, pleading, preaching. Believers on the other side were escorting the "clients" to the executioner's layer. For the most part, all was low key, predictable, repetitious.

So I mused a bit about the obvious: If the "radicalized" (devout, rather) Islamists wanted simply to kill Americans, then becoming an abortionist would be the way to go. Good pay. Respect in certain quarters. And only a few harmless barbs from "them" to deal with.  But, as their "book" instructs, "terror" is the thing. Terror motivates. And, as I observed, there was no terror on the lot this day. Murder, yes. Terror, no.

Conclusion? I never advocate terrorist-like activity, but, until Americans start to actually understand the evil that is abortion (like our ancestors who finally saw the light on the slavery issue) and let their passions rise a bit, I don't see much change happening. Cordial killing will continue unabated, week after week after bloody week. But, don't expect it to make the evening news any time soon. That slot is reserved for those pesky, unconventional, terror-desiring Jihadists.



Friday, December 4, 2015

The Real Fix

 Evil fruit
(by R.P.Edwards)

Evil comes
And we're surprised
We plant it all the day
So when it grows
And bears its fruit
There's nothing 
We can say

Righteous exalts a nation, 
but sin is a disgrace to any people
(Proverbs 14:34)

The story behind the above headline: Republicans offering "prayers" of support and sympathy is not even close to being a "fix" when it comes to preventing massacres, such as just happened in California.  So, what IS the solution? More gun control.

What a crock. You see, I look at this with the eyes of a "believer" of a different stripe. Rather than the "murder is good" inclinations of the followers of the prophet; I follow the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. And, the volume that tells of Him (revered in times past before the "new" religion of secularism took hold) warns of consequences when a nation turns its back. Of course, God was not the author of the tragedy, but since we have so little time for Him, the bad stuff that is the opposite of Him...can be expected to show up more often.

So, were the "prayer" requests and offerings by republican political celebs in line? Of course! Events like this that remind us of our inadequacies and frailties SHOULD push us to our knees; to the place of reaching for the true helper and healer.

But, when it comes to those whose hands drip with the blood of the unborn and whose moral endorsements are anti-god, when they offer clueless criticism of the deity and those who would seek Him, a scripture comes to mind:

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
And clever in their own sight!
(Isaiah 5:20,21)


Monday, November 30, 2015

John Brown and Robert Lewis Dear

Of Madmen
(by R.P.Edwards)

On the edge
A gentle gust
They fall
But truth be told
With stronger winds
Then madmen
We All

"These men are all talk. What we need is action—action!"
(John Brown, abolitionist)

In the news: a short time ago an apparently reclusive sort with an ax to grind did some killing at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado. It is reported he mentioned baby body parts.

Of course, the reader is aware that said organization has been not just aborting pre-born children (vile in itself), but also increasing their profit margin by carefully harvesting the organs from said "made in God's image" bodies. Perhaps this final straw was all it took to push Mr Dear (that's his name, Robert Lewis Dear) over the edge. Of course, at this early date we're not exactly sure of his full motivation. Mental imbalance is suspected, however, rather than religious zeal. We'll see.

Well, since I've written on this subject of abortion, in one fashion or another, many times before, let me just add that as more people make the connection that the delightful 3D image of sister Sue's 6 month old pre-born baby is no different than those waiting to be harvested in the PP waiting room; some won't take it very well. You see, abortion, like slavery before it, is unacceptable to civilized/Christian folk and some, unfortunately, will take the path of John Brown (which I am not advocating). As you remember, he was against slavery to the point of violence. Of course, back then a large segment of the population thought "owning" another human was a matter of "choice." They were wrong then, and they are wrong now.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Children beheaded in America

So easy
(by R.P.Edwards)

At will
As burdens
So easy
To kill

Beheaded. Yes, a loaded word; conveying images of middle-eastern fanatics doing the bidding of their god against infidels. 

We've seen it on the news and ad naseum on the cable channels. Evil ISIS, living out their twisted faith.

And, among the victims...little children. That really gets us. Sure, bad enough the adults get offed; but kids?

Well, this very morning I went down to the HUGE abortion facility in Granite City, IL and there, dear reader, beheadings were the order of the day. The difference here, OUR secular religion finds no offense.

It was unusually busy today and I suppose the holiday season is the reason. Pregnancies can be so inconvenient.The abortionist himself (usually in no rush) even he showed up early to attend to the overflow. AND, on the sidewalk, there were a few believers trying to dissuade; including one young lady who had been through the abortion process and warned of the consequences.

I'll not ramble on. But consider: in this one abortion clinic alone more Americans have died a violent death than expired in World War I, Korea, Vietnam and the recent mid-east happenings...COMBINED! In this one clinic.  And yet we're appalled at the barbarity of a few Muslims.  I think we need our "appaller" fixed.

Anyway, if my headline got you here; sorry...but not really. For, you see, it's time for us to rethink who we are as a people. Are we going to go the way of ISIS and continue in our selective barbarity? Or are we going to be truly civilized; recognizing the worth of EVERY individual, even those who are inconvenient. 


Friday, November 20, 2015

Of Evil

Of Evil
(by R.P.Edwards)

Evil in others
Recognize We
But perhaps we should start
"Is there me?"

It was one of those ultrasound pictures. You know, the silhouette of a pre-born youngster. Adorable. I know the mother; and she and the father are thrilled at the baby's existence and the soon reveal (as in birth). And, although we are many months from the separation, the child already has a name to go along with it's unique DNA and, in anticipation, preparations are ongoing to provide another protective womb, outside of the body.

And yet, some consider this obvious "human" (and those like her) as devoid of rights--slaves, if you will--and therefore legitimate targets for beheading.

Yeah, gruesome. Sorry.  But it brings me to the crux of this little scribble, namely, that EVIL is subjective and, without a solid basis for belief...anything goes.

You see, in the news of late are the doings of ISIS; the Muslim folk who want, really bad, for the whole world to be under the theocracy of their choosing. They consider killing non-believers as OK with their god. So, they kill. To them, since their holy book backs the barbarity (and it does, Qur'an [8:12]) they see themselves as legit. We westerners think otherwise. But why?

I think the answer is that although we have embraced (and have sometimes been FORCED to embrace) a secular belief system; there is still a remnant of the Judeo/Christian stuff in our culture that prefers "love thy neighbor" to "cut their head off."

So, we consider the antics of evil. However, let us understand that if there is indeed a divine standard with which to measure right and wrong; and if that standard is the same as was prevalent at our nation's founding (yes, I know they punted on the slavery issue [rectified later]), then, what say we strive to be in the "good zone" completely rather than partially? For, dear reader, in some ways even we tolerate, and even endorse...evil. And, if there is indeed a heavenly helper that Washington and Lincoln and our culture at large knew about; perhaps we should follow their lead and bend the knee, and then rise and do the works of repentance. For you see, one of the greatest errors of our time is that the collective "we" somehow think the greatness of the United States had an enabling and establishment by something other than Divine Providence. This is perhaps the greatest evil of all.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Harry Chapin and Mike Huckabee

Year by year
Our freedoms, dear
Are slowly stripped away
And then we hear
The voice from Hope
"It doesn't have to be this way!"

From the Song, "From Hope to Higher Ground" by R.P.Edwards

Songs are funny things. Something about the melody and the muse and this "message" can somehow find its way deep; deep into the heart and/or mind. Case in point: Harry Chapin's Cat's in the Cradle. This short, simple melody has a way of stopping the goal-driven male dead in his tracks; hopefully to pause and remember one of the true treasures in this life...his child.

Anyway, a simple song was birthed last week. It's certainly not on par with Mr Chapin's work, but I hope it serves as a little inspiration for the faithful who are trying to benefit this troubled country by the election of a worthy presidential candidate, former Governor, Mike Huckabee. 

The gist: The campaign began with the link between Hope, Arkansas (Mike's birthplace) with a destination of a better America. Thus "From Hope to Higher Ground."  Incorporated in the song are many of Mr Huckabee's positions: Strong military, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, less government entanglement, etc. They're there; but the words are few.

I wouldn't doubt there are many other worthy songs out there with the same theme and message. I hope this one adds, even just a little, to the mix.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Future Leaders (Part 2)

Future Leaders!
(by R.P.Edwards)

Youthful exuberance
Grasping the facts
More than just learners
Learning to act
Wholly committed 
They speak and then do
Hail future leaders!
We've been waiting...for you! 

Yeah, I know, this is quite a turnaround from the last post which, if you recall (or not) had to do with the misplaced discontent of collegiate youngsters. 

I must admit, I was rather miffed at their behavior; nearly rioting over perceptions and hurt feelings (boo boos). And, my sentiment for THESE hasn't really changed (I'm probably dredging up some regrets from my own "punk" stage), but, as I stood in front of the local abortion clinic this morning the thought occurred to me, "What if the tide of barely-adults actually had a tangible "cause" to sink their teeth into?"

Well, I'm sure some (most, perhaps) of their "professors" might take issue with my trivializing of their "issue" of PC feeling management. But, it begs for ridicule. This infinitely expanded definition of racism has little semblance to causes past: Vietnam War, Apartheid, Civil Rights (the real kind). But...but! what if they heard from their pony-tailed profs the facts about infanticide: i.e. abortion? How refreshing it would be to see our local slaughterhouse surrounded by exuberant youthful masses, enraged at the taking of innocent life. I dare say it wouldn't take much for the doors to permanently close.

But...that's a dream. No doubt the modern inspirers only add to the delusion. And, by doing so, they reap the wages of their apostasy; as do we all.



Thursday, November 12, 2015

Future Leaders?

Future Leaders?
(by R.P.Edwards)

Oh, our future leaders
Coddled in the class
Offering their wisdom
Fascist-like and brash
Wounded in their feelings
While parents pay the bill
I wonder when the grownups 
Will finally have their fill

In the news: students are upset at Missouri State University (Mizzou) over a perceived inadequacy of those in charge over racial issues of some sort (I guess). AND, at prestigious Yale, other young adults are really ticked that the overlords aren't as protective as they should be of "feeling hurting" activities. They, and the missourites, march, and scream, and shout down the opposition. Punks.

I'm not a big fan of Higher Education (see a  previous blog, Down on Brown ). Oh sure, I've got a degree from one of the lesser tiered institutions (whoopie!) but if my education there was any indication (and apparently it is/was) these "secular" sites add precious little to the stuff that "leaders" should be made of.

Consider these malcontents: Spoiled and roiled by the leftist swill that predominate in the professorships, they now turn on their masters and, having chewed them to pieces, they think their little armies of discontent can march into society and have their wet-nosed way. Delusional.

Oh, my, apparently a "hot button" has been pushed. Anyway, I think little of this children's crusade and, no doubt my ire towards these contains the baggage acquired by watching my precious America molded into the twisted mores of academia. 

On a lighter, but certainly a serious note; another "Huckabee endorsing" video has been produced. Enjoy...


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Slow down, already!

Slow down, already!
(by R.P.Edwards)

Tired of snippets and sound bites
Tired of headlines and blurbs
Sit down and loosen your tie, sir
Let's share some coffee...and words 

Not really familiar with Steve Crowder (sorry). But, via twitter I was linked to a recent interview in which this funny fellow exchanged words with my candidate of choice...Mike Huckabee.

You know, debates are fine; but the participants are usually all "studied up" and adrenaline juiced. It's a fencing match of sorts; either between candidates or (as is evidenced of late) with the moderators and, tallying the amount of "touches"...WE HAVE A WINNER! But, there's something to be said for the "let your hair down and loosen your tie" exchange that is offered here. Gives you a personal sense of the guy (or gal). Also, it helps if the "interviewee" has been long in the saddle; secure in their beliefs, and comfortable with their footing. And that, dear reader, is Mike Huckabee. Following is the clip. Not too long; but a cup of coffee's worth....


Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Job Interview

The Job Interview
(by R.P.Edwards)

And grace
Smooth of speech
And shining face
Our eyes were drawn
Emotions too
Then a background check
And, "Nope, not you."

"So, what do you think, ladies and gentlemen?"

The setting: the plush penthouse boardroom of a billion dollar corporation; on the brink of insolvency

"I like him," offered Jacqueline, the silver-haired matron of the group. A carry-over from the buyout two-decades past, she was known for tempering all her decisions with motherly compassion and also known for crocheting mittens during winter board meetings; this pair had white and red stripes.

"Polished, professional, convincing; I think he's just what we need." Reginald, closest to the chair stood during this brief oration and leaned, palms down, on the mahogany table and gazed briefly into the eyes of each as he made his point.

"Seems like the real deal, alright," offered Frederickson, who always seemed to use the phrase at least once, no matter what the topic.

There was a brief interruption as the large, gold-hinged door in the back swung open as Charley, the disheveled "information guy" scurried up to the front and handed the moderator a manila envelope and then, without comment or a slowing step he circled around and back out the still unsettled portal.

A minute later the conductor looked up from the "file" and declared. "No experience, ladies and gentlemen. Good intentions perhaps. Eloquent soliloquy skills, but no appreciable record. (slight pause) I say NO."

"Not again," offered Frederickson. 

"Definitely not," said Reginald, leaning on elbows and hanging his head slightly.

"Hell no," said Jacqueline without taking her eyes off the project. "Our last CEO almost killed this company. We need someone with a track-record."


Saw the recent debate. I like many of the candidates. ALL in one way or another. BUT, for the next POTUS (President of the United States) it seems to me that a former governor is a must! I like Cruz. I like Rubio. I like Fiorina. I like Trump. I like Carson. But they're ALL candidates for OJT and, we simply don't have time. And, of the talented governors represented; I remain a Huckabee fan.

Having said that, some of the others could still be of service. Cruz: Attorney General. Perhaps a future Supreme Court pick. Carson: Surgeon General. Maybe (reaching back to the lower tier) Lindsey Graham for Secretary of Defense. One of the other governors could fill the VP slot. Others could take on advisory rolls.

Serious business, this. I dearly hope the primary participants (talking about voters) snap out of it. 


A new Huckabee video is offered. A suggestion for GOP primary voters from the Fake Trio. Enjoy.



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Some distance, please (SDP)

Some distance, please (SDP)
(by R.P.Edwards)

I'll back away
Before it strikes
The lightening from the blue
For mocking God
Is more than odd
Could mean the end
Of you

And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, 
which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not
to give Him glory.
(Revelation 16:9)

The Bill, which honorable Governor, Jerry Brown, recently signed is AB 775, the Reproductive FACT act.

The gist: if you are a 'licensed covered facility," and offer "services" to pregnant women, then you MUST (under penalty of law) also make known (this is the FACT part) that other services are available elsewhere, including abortion. 

The meaning: NOW even crisis pregnancy centers, whose main goal is to steer pregnant women towards birth and life, rather than abortion and death; even THESE must provide the "by-the-way" information that abortion is an option, and here's where to go.  

My initial reaction: "Whoa, you're asking for it. Here you are (California), having endured a horrible drought, and you go out of your way to tell GOD, the one who can change the weather (hello!) to basically stick it."

Of course, I know there are many in The Golden State who are far removed from the "in the year of our Lord" signers of the Constitution. And, giving no credence to the national motto or the deity oft mentioned and implored by Americans past, there is no "fear" associated with doing things that might bring His curse, rather than His blessing.

I get it. 

I dearly hope, however, that there will be a "learning phase" somewhere along the downward spiral that is California. 

AND, since this "whoa!" reaction comes with greater frequency these days, I think the acronym SDP should also take on the meaning "Some distance, please," to save space.

Yes, He can
(by R.P.Edwards)

God can change the weather
For those who bow and pray
But, saying we don't need Him
Well, enjoy your dusty day



Sunday, October 18, 2015

The 5,500

The 5,500
(by R.P.Edwards)

The 5,500
Fodder for fiends
Though less would seem best
To those with the dream
But evil is hungry
And cunning
And grows
And weakness perceived
Will embolden our foes

You could see it coming; if "seeing" did not involve the prism of ideology, that is. 

Anyway, in hindsight (again, for those whose sight was/is leftwardly skewed), the "force" should have been at least double what it was before the remnants were hastily withdrawn to avoid total annihilation. 

The factors had been many; massive numbers, traitors in the ranks (not "ours," but theirs, the "theirs" we were supposedly helping) some advanced weapons supplied by menacing foreign entities, and a unifying religious-born motivation that equated murder...with martyrdom. And, oh yes, a striking when the calendar said it's "not" the time for war.

Yes, numbers have a voice. And the few left on the wall (as well trained and capable as they were) spoke...weakness.

The president, to his credit, has announced that there will be, eventually (more for now and the near future) a contingent of 5,500 American military folk left in Afghanistan to help the fledgling government. For those who are pleased (and there are many) their nearly universal desire is that the force...would be bigger. True, it's larger than the President's earlier intentions (and that's good!) but too little, is too little. Time will surely tell, and I dearly hope my opening "fantasy" is just that.


Monday, October 12, 2015

Cubs vs Cardinals

Cubs vs Cardinals 2015
(by R.P.Edwards)

The bear and the bird
A battle absurd
Except in the realm of play
With bats and with balls
And with those who give all
The finest are on display
For the Cards it's old hat
The playoffs, all that
But the Cubbies are hungry and lean
So let the aces throw heat
As the champions meet
And the kids wear their jerseys...and dream

I grew up a Yankee fan. 

Born and raised in New England my allegiance was SUPPOSED to be to Bean Town's BoSox but, perhaps since we were closer to the Big Apple or, more likely, because I saw the ancient movies concerning the legends (Gehrig and Ruth) and we got a clearer signal from New York and I was therefore privy to the musings of long-time broadcaster and baseball Hall of Famer, Phil Rizzuto, well, anyway...I was a Yankee fan.

Four decades later I find myself in a similar situation. Living in lower Illinois (some say "southern" but I'm sure others from a certain CITY up north may think otherwise), Ahem, anyway, as a citizen of the Land of Lincoln I'm supposed to root for the Chicago Cubs but, like many in this region our natural inclination is to peer through the Arch to look favorably on the St Louis Cardinals. And, the Red Birds have not disappointed. Time after time they make the playoffs and, on occasion, they bring home the Flag-festooned World Series trophy.

However...HOWEVER, for this time only I'm going to wish the Windy City's Cubbies a tentative "I hope you make it" as they face the Cardinals on their way to hopefully end the "over a hundred year" World Series drought. Why? Well, sympathy of course, but its more for the local Cub fans that are in my circle. Oh, they are ever passionate and faithful! Year, after year, after disappointing year. And now, with a team that actually has the potential...they are ecstatic but, I perceive, also a little fearful of being hurt yet again.

So, Cardinals and Cubbies! play your hearts out! And, for the reasons mentioned above, I hope THIS time the boys in blue prevail. However, I'd like it to come down to the last inning of the last game in a tied series where winner takes all. And then, with the last out and with the exuberant realization that the dream is still alive let us all, friend and foe alike, stand to our feet and exclaim, using one of the catchphrases of BOTH Phil Rizzuto AND former long-time Cubs broadcaster, Harry Caray, ""HOLY COW!!!" 


Friday, October 2, 2015

The Glare of Truth

The Glare
(by R.P.Edwards)

Forty-five seconds
A silent glare
At shameful nations
Who just don't care
They speak of peace
While inviting war
Just like their fathers
Did before

Forty-five seconds of silence. A long time for we who are so used to occupying every waking moment with some kind of outside stimuli; especially from our damnable devices. It was tough. But needed.

The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, was in the process of explaining how the Iranian deal (which many celebrate) is nothing more than a replay of the cowardly ignorance that led to the horrendous Nazi doings of 70 years past. A false peace. A baseless hope.'s worse than that. At least the Hitlerites pretended to cooperate. The Iranian leadership, on the other hand, continues to openly state as one of their goals...the annihilation of Israel. And the rest of the world (including WE, their supposed ally) do next to nothing. 

Honestly, this is disturbing beyond words. To see the coming events and to know that America could, AND SHOULD, lead the world in the dismantling of the threat that is Iran. But, our leadership seems oblivious and, shockingly, an EQUALLY oblivious populace may elect another of the same type, just a short time from now.

Let me conclude by saying, as before, I'm not worried about Israel. Ultimately the God of Abraham will see to their preservation. He is not obligated, however, to save the eagle. 

Following is the snippet from the Prime Minister's speech: 


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dr Ben Carson and Fried Bologna

Fried Bologna
(by R.P.Edwards)

Fried bologna
In the pan
Forget your bacon!
Forget your spam!
Forget your sausage!
Patties! links!
Ignore their comments
And what they thinks!
It's comfort food!
A round delight!
The craving hit you
in the night
So grab the package!
Pull the slice!
It's fried bologna!
Really nice

And so, Presidential candidate, Dr Ben Carson, said, in essence, that he didn't want a devout Muslim in the White House. Why? Because their allegiance to the Koran, the Hadith and Sharia law would supersede their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. 

Not really that controversial (although some try and make it so). Look around. "See" for yourself the fruit born of those who closely adhere to the "prophet's" teaching. Observe the societal conditions of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, etc. And we want that here? Obviously not.

But, let's pause a moment for a minor study in perspective. Concerning Dr Carson; it is my understanding that he is a "devout" Christian. As one myself I take that to mean that his "faith" is hardly superficial. He, no doubt, is keenly aware of scripture's admonition to--love your enemies; pray for your persecutors, do good,  respect authority; defend the helpless; recognize the life in the womb and God's definition of marriage--and on and on. You see, the good doctor's "belief" molds HIS behavior, and he might naturally expect others who proclaim another faith to be as serious as he.

On the other hand: there are many (including quite a number in the media) who often view Christianity as a garnish; an add on; a placating name-drop. Thus, many who claim to follow the Savior, prove, by their actions, that they haven't a clue. And some, by their actions, prove that their hand placement on the Bible meant virtually nothing.

And as far as the "fried bologna" goes; my youngest wanted it for breakfast. Simple fare. And, might I add, Dr Carson's unpolished tendency to tell the truth; this too is another kind of comfort food.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Hug

The Hug
(by R.P.Edwards)

A gentle holding
Brief and sweet
When words and eyes
Are incomplete
To show the love
When loved ones meet
When paths are crossed
And paused to greet 

It was unsolicited, but oh so welcome. The beautiful child--an angelic face with long blond hair flowing behind--darted to my arms from a jumble of strangers and then...she was gone.

It was Saturday morning and, as I sometimes do, I went to our local abortion clinic to add my presence to the others already battling from the sidewalk for the lives of the children being carried to the government sanctioned slaughter. There was much going on this day: singing, praying, speaking, and some shouting; all in the hopes of opening a mother's eyes (father's too) to see the preciousness of the life they carried. Nevertheless, most marched in and surrendered their offspring to the cruelest destruction. 

But, midst the huddling on the edges (there were visitors from out of town this day) there was a young lady who, just a few years prior, was a passenger in the womb of a woman whose initial thought...was to remove this inconvenience. Long story short: the ministry present that day (and this) not only persuaded the birth-mother to NOT kill the child; but they also adopted the baby as their own. It was this child, years later, that gave this writer a hug. 

Oh, abortion is a monstrous act! Murder on its face, but so shrouded by the tempter's lies as to convince many that small humans...are not human at all. And, like the evil of slavery before it, there is an inevitable reaping that must attend a nation laden with the blood of the innocent millions. But, for now, at least one has survived the abortionist's claws. And, who knows, perhaps with her hopeful maturing this nation may yet come to the place of repentance and delay the justice that is so richly deserved.


Monday, September 7, 2015

It's Personal this time

 It's Personal
(by R.P.Edwards)

It's personal
When our food is less
Because you fill your treasure chest
It's personal
When our health declines
Because your will is "more be mine"
It's personal
When my children cry
Because only YOURS can touch the sky
So when you say
"It's business, sir"
Please look behind
The calloused words
For the hurting blows
You proudly place
They hit MY family
Each child's face
And remind ME, sir
As you wage your war
That's it's business, yes
But it's so much more

Normally I would just watch the Labor Day parade (usually accompanied for the last two decades or so by a candy-hoping child) but this time I was actually in it.

You see, I am, among other things, a Steel Worker. And THIS year there's a genuine battle going on concerning the new "contract." In years past there would be some nominal give and take (mostly give on our part) but THIS year it seems like there is a concerted belief and effort to hurt the Union; bad.

Oh, in one sense I see the logic. The steel industry is suffering due to a variety of variables (currency devaluing, foreign steel, lower gas prices) and that would give the "owners" an advantage at the table. After all, if the company isn't making much money, neither should the employees expect to.

But, there's something different here. It's not just a body blow we're getting (using a boxing analogy); it actually feels like a knife has been smuggled into the ring and has been thrust into our side. Some of the demands are so outrageous, so over the top, so "I can't believe it;" as a result they have pushed us not simply into the ropes--into a defensive posture--but they've pushed us into a survival mode.

Listen, I won't drag this out. I'm a Union supporter, but I haven't surrendered my heart and mind to the USW. I'm actually quite conservative in many ways and there are times when I am genuinely grieved at the ever leftward leanings of the leadership. But, concerning the contract, we are in solidarity. And, it comes down to this: for whatever reason the high-priced strategists are giving for their actions; the result is that I feel my family is being directly...threatened. And that shared belief (by my Union brothers and sisters) means sacrifice--even great sacrifice--is the order of the day. I'm sure the "owners" would do the same if their families were threatened. But of course...that will never happen.

Following is a clip from the movie, "You've got mail," that seems appropriate.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Professor Bob and Future Shock

Future Shock
(by R.P.Edwards)

The future will say
When they learn of the children
Destroyed in our day
With tears and with shame
When they realize their Fathers
Were the villains to blame 

"Savages," whispered winsome Polly Porter, third row from the windows, third desk back from the front. 

Professor Bob, using a rather large stick of yellow chalk (usually found in industry but finding its way into the elders' "ditty bag" because, as he put it, "My fat fingers cannot tolerate the tiny white toothpicks") had been listing on the black-slate chalkboard, in chronological order, times and events of man's man. The gray maned octogenarian paused, turned and, peering over his half-framed horn-rimmed glasses he looked directly at the now-a-bit rosy cheeked freshman and responded, "What's that, Miss Porter? What did you say?"

"Savages, sir" was her fragile reply.



"Louder, dear. You, all of you (giving a sweeping gaze to the entire class) have chosen to attend Veritas University. Veritas is Latin for...for..."

"Truth!" was the exuberant response (orientation by upperclassmen had prepared them for the inevitable question).

"Yes, truth. And, as we shall all be reminded in this class and throughout your tenure here at "True U," truth must be vigorously proclaimed and protected or error, as has been so often the case, will take hold once again and lead to yet another chapter of shameful doings." (The instructor, pausing a moment to gaze at the lazily turning overhead fan, leaned back against the Blackboards' ledge and then, pointing the yellow instrument towards the young lady, he continued) "Miss Porter, you were saying?"

"Savages, sir;" she said with manufactured vigor. "To consider the murder of pre-born children...a right. What...monsters." This last utterance was accompanied by a quivering lip and a watering eye and, seeing this the kindly professor offered a tissue before returning to the board to continue the listing.

--The time: the distant future. The effects of the Iranian-born nuclear war a distant memory. Many American cities had been incinerated in the conflict due to the piling on that took place. Ironically, it was Israel that ultimately saved the fallen eagle and now, also ironically, Higher Education has returned to its honorable roots.--

Thank you for tolerating the above fantasy. It is somewhat birthed by the ongoing revelations of the despicable Planned Parenthood organization. However, and again, their liberty to let their (our) lower-nature do terrible things comes from the Supreme Court; and their wayward reasonings come from the once hallowed halls of higher education, and ultimately from hell itself.

Yes, BARBARIANS and SAVAGES are words that are making their way into the political discourse of this election cycle; and rightly so. However, one more word needs to be added...COWARDS. For that's what we have become to allow evil to take residence for so long when we have the civilized remove it.

P.S.  I thought about putting one of those grisly, truthful pictures of an aborted (murdered) child atop the blog. But I am weary of them. So very weary.