Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tis the season...

Holiday tears
(by R.P.Edwards)

Sorrow often comes with "days"
Memorials of
The loss
When hearts were torn
Bereavement born
The constant
So with the mirth
Of Peace on Earth
Be watchful for
The tears
Then pause to care
The burden...share
And hold the hurting

Holidays, especially the festive ones, are "reminders" to many...that a loved one has passed on.  Not so "jolly" for these.  They often withdraw and endure...until the storm has passed.  

Just a gentle reminder to be watchful this season; watchful for the tears that many of our fellow travelers are quietly shedding.  What say you and I add to our "Christmas List" the priceless gift of a listening ear, a warm embrace, a genuine concern.  After all, it was compassion that compelled "Him," to come to our aid; to take on human flesh.  Let us, therefore, allow "Him" to use our arms, our voice, our remind these dear ones that "love" was the reason; and that His love for stronger than death.

Following is a very simple video that was made a couple years back.  It reminds that there are, among us, those who are suffering this Christmas season.  It centers on those whose loved one died in the military.  But, if you will, please expand the message to include "all" who are less...this Christmas.  It's titled, "You're My Christmas Gift." View. Consider. Then be watchful...for tears.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Moral Climate Change

Climate Change?
(by R.P.Edwards)

Climate change?
The answer's "YES!"
By season
And by year
From cold to hot
From not
Then back again
My dear
But some say Man's the reason
The source for weather woe
That gives me pause
For what's the cause
Of Changes

He was simply known as Khulu Umuntu; which is Zulu for "Big Man," and, in environmental circles; for those whose passion and purpose is a clean planet, he is, or should I say "was," the point of the spear.  However, after much personal sacrifice and decades of toil, Ben Flager (his given name), suddenly dropped out of the "clean scene" and devoted himself to a more personal healing: body, mind, spirit.  Indeed, hardly seen for the last fifteen years, the Council of Concerned Scientists considered it a stroke of incredible good fortune that the, now eighty, Khulu Umuntu would agree to share a word at the Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa.

After rousing applause and a standing ovation of many minutes the elderly, fragile, slightly stooped "legend" began his remarks.  

"My fellow World Changers!" (applause) "I am honored that you would ask an old activist, such as myself, to speak a few words on behalf of your very important efforts concerning the climate change." (applause) "Back in my day it was clean water and air. Removing toxins from food and the soil.  These were our objectives." (standing applause)"But you, you! have undertaken a much more important task. You have chosen to address the deteriorating climate and it's causes." (applause with whistles) "You see, over the last twenty years I too have come to realize the importance of the intangibles such as honor, respect, love." (applause) "And I, like you, have seen a change in the climate.  Where once words like honor and respect and fidelity had meaning; now the world's climate is one of arrogance, selfishness and immorality." (crickets) "I remember the time when human life was sacred.  Now we abort the unborn and call it a right." (murmuring)  "I remember when a man and a woman was the natural, God ordained, pairing for marriage.  Now, ha!, anything goes!  So yes, we need to change the climate!  We need to...excuse me a minute." (the moderator's gentle hand on his left shoulder causes the Big Man to pause in order to tilt an ear to receive modifying information.) "Man made climate change? Yes, that what I... What? Global warming? Carbon footprints?  C'mon, this is no time for jokes. You've got to be kidding.  What a colossal waste of my time..."

Yes, dear reader, the above story is a total fabrication.  Oh, there certainly was a conference this past week in Durban, South Africa.  And yes, it had to do with "climate change" folk who want nations (especially the U.S.) to do more.  But, I don't buy the whole climate change, global warming hysteria.  However, the real "climate change" alluded to by the fictional character, Khulu Umuntu; the one having to do with our universal slide into the moral cesspool; now that is the real issue that needs to be addressed.

For the lighter side of Global Warming/Cap n Trade, may I suggest the amateurish videos (below) I made some time back.