Monday, November 4, 2013

Down on Brown (University)

Higher Education 
(by R.P.Edwards)

Higher Education
Higher, in what way?
Higher in academics?
Higher tenured pay?
Higher intellectuals?
Noted PhDs?
Higher in tuition?
Higher in their fees?
Higher in their trophies?
From sports and other teams?
Higher in their Rhetoric?
Higher in their dreams?
Methinks the list
Goes on and on
The Higher traits of "these"
How sad they miss
The highest place
Found only on
Their knees

But to this one I will look, To him who is humble and contrite of spirit, 
and who trembles at My word. 
 (Isaiah 66:2)

In God we Hope
(motto of Brown University)

You know the story: New York's top cop, Ray Kelly, was invited to speak at the prestigious (in the eyes of some) Ivy League school...Brown University.  Yes, yes, instead of a rousing, thoughtful, energetic debate; the gentleman was treated rather rudely and heckled off the campus.

Now, I've begun this post several times and have decided--after multiple starts and restarts-- that, rather than trace (as I began to laboriously do) the tether that ends with much that is wrong with our society, back to what is, so often, the enabling source(s)... our Universities (consider: abortion, marriage confusion, earth worship, media bias, etc); instead of that tedious pursuit I've decided simply to ask the question--especially to those of a genuine faith: "Why do we esteem these institutions so highly?" Why do we (and I find even in myself the leaning) think that having one of our precious children attend and graduate from one of these puff a good thing? Oh, how many a young believer, upon exposure to the pressures and persuasions of godless professors have had their tender faith damaged; sometimes irreparably? And yet we, their parents, convince ourselves that this warped and worldly inundation is a good thing. A maturing thing. A necessary thing. Balderdash! 

The sad truth is that, despite islands of expertise in certain needful areas, the Universities in general are an ill to our body politic; polluted pumps filling the places of power with poison that is literally killing our once great nation. And so we have some students at Brown acting badly; if that's the most that they ever do...let us be truly thankful.