Saturday, August 5, 2017

Modern Confederates

(by R.P.Edwards)

Ancient evil
Ever new
Problem is
It's ALWAYS you
MY hands are clean
MY motives pure
But of YOUR sin
I'm ever sure

In the news; the removal of confederate statuary around the country due to the undeniable linkage to the horrendous past practice of American slavery. I get it. Indeed, I can see how the vile institution that reduced a whole race of people to less than human status should not be celebrated, even indirectly. And, I can even understand how some, in their zeal to expunge, go so far as to applying this righteous measure to any who held slaves at anytime; founders included. Again, I get it.

However, before we topple another monument or rename another school may I simply point out that the evil we rail against so passionately is with us still. You see, the notion that some human life is more worthy than others is not a mindset limited to the ancient slaveholder, or the KKK, or the Ottoman Turks, or the Nazis, or present day Isis; no this hell-inspired belief is now cloaked in the bloody mantle of choice and its mantra is the same as always: "I choose that you die." So here’s my question: when we again regain the knowledge of good and evil, where will we send the wrecking ball? Universities? Union Halls? The Supreme Court building? DNC headquarters? Apostate churches? All these have had their hands in the abortionist’s glove and their continuance will be a painful reminder. But rather than that, how about we recognize that evil begins in the human heart.

On the day of this posting this writer spent a little time on the sidewalk at one of the Midwest's most notorious Abortion Mills, the Hope Clinic for Women, in Granite City, Illinois (photo above). There were many in Saturday attendance: Mothers, fathers and friends, babies in Utero, paid accomplices to the "doing" doctor, AND unpaid (as far as I know) escorts who assisted in the march to the death chamber. 

While there a fellow among the intercessors took the time to belt out a rendition of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and then tried, apparently in vain, to educated the abortion facilitators as to the connection between those who used to deem non-whites as subhuman, to the present day "confederates" who say human life is only of worth when "we say so." Evil, then; evil now. Oh! that the Lord would raise up firebrands in the pulpits and on the streets to fan revival's fire before fire of another kind...must surely fall.