Thursday, September 21, 2017

Judge Moore for Senate

Not Strange
(by R.P.Edwards)

Think it NOT Strange
For backing Moore
It's more than a spot
On the Senate floor
It's more than values
Tilting Right
It's more than a vote
To win a fight
It's a platform mighty
A podium BOLD
Where words can challenge
Rot and Mold
Where light can pierce
The fog of fear
With timeless truths
For all to hear
That stagnant servants
Might rise ablaze
To challenge kings 
Petitions raise
And turn this ship
From jagged shores
So, think it NOT Strange
For backing MOORE

In the news, Judge Roy Moore and stand-in Senator, Luther Strange, vie for the vacated Alabama seat of Jeff Sessions (Now AG). The criteria not being previously met for a clear winner (as in being the Republican nominee for the general election) the two will be voted on...yet again.

Now, being a YUUUGE President Donald Trump fan (which I am) one might think I would be swayed by his hearty endorsement of Senator Strange. Alas, (and although I certainly think Senator Strange' full time placement in the position would be far better than the Democrat alternative) in this case I must follow my heart. You see, Judge Moore has been in the news over the last couple decades because of his relentless belief and practice that his Christian faith (and by extension, multiplied millions more) cannot and should not be neutered and neutralized by an overreaching and unaccountable Supreme Court. 

Yes, by taking stands that would no doubt be lauded by the founders and the many generations of God-fearers that followed, he has tirelessly resisted the Washington Oligarchy that has so willingly bypassed the Constitution to work their will. Whether it be the removal of "God" from the public square, the dehumanization and slaughter of pre-born children, or the more recent debasing of the sacred institution of traditional marriage, Judge Moore has been willing to take a stand and has, naturally, suffered for it.

Let's cut to the chase: I have no doubt that both nominees would follow closely the President's agenda and add their "ayes" when needed in the legislative process. But, contrary to the get along or "get things done" requirement that so many ascribe to Mr. Strange (again, no animosity in his direction) I actually WANT someone to speak up and stand up and fearlessly point out the nakedness of the Emperor. I, and so many others (I'd wager) are oh so tired of the endless "tsk, tsk" hand wringing of the majority. And, although the nuts and bolts of budgets, and bullets, and doctors, and DACA, should and must occupy their time, I would dearly like to see an abolitionist arise in their midst who would, from time to time, remind the elected elite (AND the unelected) that their mortal measure (alone) will NEVER be enough. A Senator Roy Moore, would do just that.