Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween; how appropriate

Scary Time
(by R.P.Edwards)

Scary costumes
Scary night
Scary jack-o’-lantern’s light
Scary stories
Send a chill
With scary words of pain…and ill
How fitting then
All hallows eve
Where darkness aids
The devil’s weave
And shadows shout
And whispers…scream
And nightmares are…the only dream
Fitting here
The pundits purr
Their lying, twisting, smearing slur
A last attempt
Deceiving say
But all dissolves
With light…of day

I woke up to the phrase, “Too extreme.”  A term used liberally (pun intended) by Charlie Crist concerning the views of his senatorial opponent, Marco Rubio.  Yes, the Florida race for “one of two” is not pretty and, as the date of decision nears (Nov 2), the attacks from both sides imitate a machine gun’s rapid staccato.

“Okay,” says I, “let’s check out Mr. Rubio’s positions and what Mr. Crist says of them.”  So, I went to the younger’s website and discovered a fellow dishing out standard conservative fare: cut taxes, extend tax breaks, help job creators, reduce the size of government, support veterans, deal with entitlements, oppose Obamacare, oppose cap-and-trade, reduce crippling regulation (EPA take notice), strengthen education (yawn) and, concerning judges, “Judges were never designed to create law.” Amen.

“Well, Mr. Crist, what’s extreme about that?”  So…I go to the governor’s website and, as might be expected, he points out that Marco’s view of judges and abortion…are considered out of the mainstream and (gasp) Mr. Rubio’s desire to actually “fix” Social Security; well, that evokes thoughts of an amputating doc (never mind the solvency thing.)


Today was pick the pumpkin day in preparation for Halloween.  The “holiday” is a couple days off and we have one young’un who’s still interested.  We went to the farm; walked the maze; looked at the animals; and bought the gourd.  Soon it will be gutted and placed on display and then the scary--not so scary--creatures will come out.   It’s all so predictable.  Even so, the attempts of the “moderate” in Florida to scare people to the polls…is also ho hum.  I only hope that before some buy a ticket to the “haunted house” he’s peddling,  that they remember that the ride we’ve been on for the last two years…well…this “screamer” is no joke.  And, if this roller coaster is allowed to continue; we’ll go off the rails for sure.  And…if it takes an "extremist" to slow this runaway train down.  Then I say, “Welcome aboard, Mr Rubio. Welcome aboard.”


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Newt...and me

(by R.P.Edwards)

But with the rising
And melting wings
Give believers…pause
But time brings healing
Redemption comes
We welcome back
The cherished son
And hear afresh
The founders… “We”
Of God, and truth…and liberty

I signed my name and got a round blue sticker for my shirt.  It read, “NOW.”  No, not the National Organization for Women, but an urgent call for jobs.  In smaller print above, it read, “JOBS HERE, JOBS” and then below…“NOW.”  And sure, I was interested in all that; but the main “draw” for this--when I’m not working--sedentary soul was the GOP rock star, the speaker…Mr. Newt Gingrich, himself.

It was all part of a whirlwind tour by the “American Solutions” founder; emphasizing the importance of the coming election... a time for “the people” to actively add their yea or nay to the President’s agenda; a time to hand out pink slips to the unrepresentative, and a hearty handshake to the up-and-comers.  And, on that note, we had a few preliminary talkers to warm us up (including the candidate for Gov and lieutenant). But I came…for Newt.

It was a Friday afternoon.  There were three of us. Accompanying me...son number one and, as a home-school type thing…I gently insisted that the sixteen-year-old also make a showing.  The location was ideal; a convention center merely fifteen minutes from the house.  We parked, made our way in, and stood amongst the hundreds. Yes, a conservative looking group, but hardly homogeneous.  There was some rousing music to keep interest up and, at the appropriate time, the playing of Lee Greenwood’s, “God Bless the USA.”  And, when the song cut-off midway, I was impressed when the crowd continued to sing the lyrics a cappella.  There was the leading of the Pledge of Allegiance by a local boy scout and, a member of the clergy besought “divine providence” for His blessing.

Well, if you’ve seen Newt, you know he can talk and, for a few minutes he calmly, rationally, gave us some reminders as to our heritage and our destiny.   One phrase stood out: “Freedom is based on faith and no government can come between you…and God.” And then…it was over.  And, ringing in our ears as we exited the building was the exhortation to get out the vote.  The change won’t come…without the vote.

Some final thoughts:  I’ve been a Newt fan for a long time.  True, his marital missteps have taken their toll, but I’m also a fan of redemption and second chances.  And, since I’ve been aware of the man for decades, it moved me enough to actually…move.  Another thing:  I pointed out to my young student that the give and take of politics is normal; even welcomed.  And, in fact, there were protesters standing at the parking lot entrance (why? I have no idea).  Also, I told him we might be treated to a heckler or two (nope).  But, overall, a worthwhile jaunt.  And, a week from now, we’ll have something else to talk about. 


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Juan Williams

Juan Williams
(by R.P.Edwards)

Leftward leaning
Britt Hume’s foil
Faithful soldier
Decades toil
The liberal view
A steady say
They shouldn’t have treated Juan…that way
Panama born
To Brooklyn’s shore
Learning, leading, writing…more
Honest, upward
Into the fray
They shouldn’t have treated Juan…that way
To speak his mind
To think that worth’s
Returned…in kind
Believing words can bear the light
That truth will banish hateful night
But now…an outcast
He’s welcomed fresh
By you…and me
To air his heart
A secure…display
For we’ll never, never
Treat Juan…that way

Concerning Juan Williams and his mistreatment by NPR and other liberal entities; allow me to quote an excerpt from Justice Thomas’ eye opening autobiography titled, “My Grandfather’s son.”  The context: During the excruciating confirmation process; when Bush the elder’s nominee, Clarence Thomas, was subject to all manner of verbal, and written abuse and accusation; he recounts the following:

“The only bright moment came when Senator hatch mentioned an op-ed column by Juan Williams that had appeared in that morning’s Washington Post.  As the senator read it into the record, my heart spilled over with gratitude.  I knew that Juan had put his career on the line in order to say what he thought:

“Here is indiscriminate, mean-spirited mudslinging supported by the so-called champions of fairness: liberal politicians, unions, civil rights groups and women’s organizations…He has been conveniently transformed into a monster about whom it is fair to say anything, to whom it is fair to do anything…In pursuit of abuses by a conservative president the liberals have become the abusive monsters.””

Listen: In years past I tolerated Juan.  I found him somewhat pleasant, less abrasive than some, seemingly civil, but…but, I would still “lessen” him by grouping him into that segment of individuals that I refer to as “liberals;”  Especially those whose “social” views (i.e. abortion, gay-marriage, etc.) are not in line with my more conservative take.

However, when I read that excerpt from Judge Thomas’ autobiography, it put me on the Juan Williams bandwagon.  Indeed, I began to look at him with new eyes and, although I’ll, most likely, never bend to his political line, I find myself defining him as much more than just the guy who crosses swords with Britt Hume on Fox News Sunday.   In fact, an honest, honorable, courageous man like Juan Williams, has probably done more for the liberal cause than many who wrongfully claim the mantle.  And, as far as the NPR folk and their ilk; how sad they didn’t appreciate the gem…in their midst.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

O'Donnell teaches

The Plague
(by R.P.Edwards)

Tittering, they make their claim
Noses skyward, great disdain
Aloof in mind, the royal nod
Above the rabble, not far…from God
Yes these, with diapers barely shed
With pap and poison plenteous fed
The spawn of towers, sick and tall
They come to rule
Lord help us…all

“Where in the constitution is ‘Separation of Church and State?’” A question by Delaware Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell to her opponent, Chris Coons, during a recent debate at Widener Law School.  The context: The subject on display was “creationism” or “Intelligent Design” being taught in public school when the local populace desires it.  Mr Coons stated his opposition, citing the Constitutional bedrock of… “Separation of Church and State.”  Ms O’Donnell’s subsequent question (above) immediately produced gasps, snickers, and outright laughter from the learned audience of students and professors.  And, in the media--liberal and non--the consensus is that the lady is…oh so ignorant.

Well, a little research was necessary, so I went to Fox, C-Span, and finally got an un-editorialized viewing (except for the caption) of that portion of the debate on…youtube.  Hearing a little more than the headline, my suspicions were confirmed.  You see,  Mr Coons' view is, in my opinion, that the “Constitution” as interpreted by Justices in recent years…is how it is.  Ms O’Donnell’s view--again, my opinion--seems to mirror the thought that the founders may have had something else in mind.  Thus, her question, “Where in the Constitution is ‘Separation of Church and State?’” is valid, because, frankly…the phrase is NOT IN THERE! 

Here’s some thoughts:
On the subject of government and religion, consider: The following is taken from the Northwest Ordinance, a document drafted by the Second Continental Congress to establish government and steps leading to statehood for the recently acquired Western territories.

Art. 3. Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.

Question:  Would the congress that drafted this document, and signed the U.S. Constitution two months later, and then added the Bill of Rights (including the first amendment) in 1789 (ratified by the states in 1791), would these have changed their minds concerning Art 3 of the Northwest Ordinance?  That is:  “Religion…morality…knowledge…schools” ?

Consider: The following is taken from the Massachusetts constitution, 1780:

And all moneys paid by the subject to the support of public worship and of public teachers aforesaid shall, if he require it, be uniformly applied to the support of the public teacher or teachers of his own religious sect or denomination, provided there be any on whose instructions he attends; otherwise it may be paid toward the support of the teacher or teachers of the parish or precinct in which the said moneys are raised.

Question: Would the representatives of Massachusetts, who endorsed not only “religion” in school, but the funding thereof; would these agree to a first amendment that would eventually be used to expel God and religion from said institutions?

Here’s an excerpt from “The New England Primer,” used widely at the time of the Ratification of the U.S. Constitution to teach the young their letters.

A In ADAM's Fall   We sinned all. B Thy Life to mend   This Book attend. C The Cat doth play,   And after stay. D The Deluge Drown'd   The Earth around. E ELIJAH hid   By Ravens fed. F The Judgement made  FELIX afraid.

Question: would the drafters of the first amendment imagine, in their wildest dreams, that this amendment, which was included in the founding document to protect us “from” an overreaching central government; could they possibly have imagined that it would be twisted to eliminate such teaching materials as The New England Primer from public school?

The following is a quote from Justice Rehnquist’s dissent in Wallace v Jaffree, a case involving a minute of prayer/meditation in Alabama Public schools, 1985.

It would come as much of a shock to those who drafted the Bill of Rights as it will to a large number of thoughtful Americans today to learn that the Constitution, as construed by the majority, prohibits the Alabama Legislature from "endorsing" prayer. George Washington himself, at the request of the very Congress which passed the Bill of Rights, proclaimed a day of "public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God." History must judge whether it was the Father of his Country in 1789, or a majority of the Court today, which has strayed from the meaning of the Establishment Clause.

Here's my first point: Ms O’Donnell was criticized because she challenged the very bedrock of secular academia. And, since she is, apparently, unschooled in the “obvious,” she must be somehow…less of brain.  However, methinks it displays the opposite.  Yes, rather than following in mindless submission to the redefiners; she is a part of the new-breed that will question the legitimacy of “their” conclusions and not settle for the parental admonition, “Because we said so!”

Second:  My revulsion in regards to the hotbeds of liberalism (Secular Universities) …grows.  They take our children, mold them in their own godless image, and then loose them into positions of prominence. If I had my way I would drastically defund these institutions. Teach what you will...but not on my dime!

Finally: The wisdom of the founders as expressed in the Northwest Ordinance…“Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged,” was the recipe for our early success and rise to a place of prominence.  But, since modern “minds” reject the key ingredients of “religion” and “morality” …are we then surprised that our current conditions tend towards  “bad” government...and “unhappiness?”

Following are some links you might be interested in. Rehnquist's dissent (well worth a look!)

A portion of the O'Donnell, Coon debate


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Go-to Guy

The Quick Fix
(by R.P.Edwards)

A little tape
A little glue
A little patch
“Now, that will do!”
And off you go with merry heart
Till down the road
It falls…apart

“Looks like he bled out.”  The statement (concerning the obvious) caused the senior detective to gaze up from the gooey puddle (where he had temporarily stooped for a sample) and glare at his donut chomping associate.

“Huey,” said captain “Rick” with an air of unbridled disdain  (after all this was as gruesome a scene as the two had seen in quite some time), “don’t you ever stop eating?”

“A man’s got to keep his strength up, ain’t he?” with the speaking the junior officer offered his glaze covered right hand to help the boss to his feet. 

Reluctantly, the older grabbed the shiny paw (his knees weren’t what they used to be) and, standing and retrieving a handkerchief to wipe off the sticky, he grumbled in passing,  “You disgust me.”

“Wha? (urp)”

Brought the old Buick to Rick, the expert mechanic who has a side job at a local Auto part store.  He’s the go-to guy when you want the straight scoop on what’s wrong, and the best (and cheapest) way to fix it.  He looked at the weeping organ for about two seconds and said, “You need a new radiator.” 

“Well, couldn’t I, you know, patch it with some J-B weld?”

“You could, but then it will give out all at once.  Here’s a number to a place that will give you a much better deal than we will.”

The next day, after I took a short (I mean just a couple miles) trip--looking for some, er, J-B weld--the radiator “bled out” in the grocery store parking lot.  “Ol’ Rick knows what he’s talking about," says I.

Good thing I had some mighty putty to stuff in the hole.  Now the old girl's in the driveway...waiting for a transplant (and perhaps praying for a new owner).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Advice for the President

Please, just go…
(by R.P.Edwards)

Back to the classroom
Back to the halls
Back to the towers…of ivory, and gall
Back to the land
Of fantasy’s tread
Where learning, and liberalism, and lunacy…bed
Away from the podium!
Away from the stand!
Away with the megaphone that cleaves to your hand!
Away with the speaking
The words without end
While the nation…in spiral
To Hell does descend
Yes, go back!
They’re all waiting
With arms open wide
They’ll receive you with joy!
They’ll embrace you with pride!
And your visage and vision
Will grace every hall
Please go back to the towers
Of ivory…and gall

I admit it…I’m a bit drained; a bit wearied and worried and just plain…worn out.  Like most I have a myriad of obligations and “must do’s” and the swing shift doesn’t really add to my “chipperness”  (“You seem kind of grouchy,” said one).  Then I read the snippet of how my president, once again, spoke for God.

It was a town hall meeting--a forum the great communicator seems to enjoy--and the question put to him was whether he thought gayness was a “choice” or not.  Mr. Obama, self-proclaimed Christian, said,  “I think that people are born with a certain makeup, and that we're all children of God.” Sigh.

I recall, further, the great compromise where a few pro-life Democrats sold their vote because they bought into the president’s executive order promise (concerning abortion and federal funds) and, with their added weight; Obamacare passed.  Then, a short time later the “order signer,”  Mr. Obama, tried to sidestep barriers preventing federally funded mini-abortions (embryos destroyed). Sigh.

And then I recall how coolly our commander-in-chief has treated our staunchest middle east ally, Israel.  And how hints of little or no aid (or incredibly, actual physical opposition to) will come concerning Israel's efforts to blunt the threat of a nation that openly declares their hatred and desire for the Jewish state's destruction.  Sigh…again.

Listen.  I have no animosity towards Mr. Obama.  I didn’t vote for him, but he is my President.  We pray for the man.  But, I truly believe the nation, under his leadership, is spiraling ever downward.  I believe, if his business-strangling plans come to fruition, our economy will tank.  I believe, if his international indifference (especially concerning Iran) continues, my two older sons may very well be drafted (I’m not overtly opposed to the draft); why?  Because, I don’t care how polished our front line troops are, a nuclear blast sweeps the floor…completely.  And, I won’t go into his efforts to bend morality.

So, here’s my advice.  Mr. President, I’ve heard you’re contemplating reelection. Why not consider the following instead?  Understanding, (I know you know this) that with the coming influx of conservatives your agenda will advance at a snails place (if at all).  Why not, then, politely and honorably…bow out?  Why not say, after the midterms--and a brief period of fighting the good fight--that since you cannot do what you want to do; what “we” need (wink) to do, you’re only going to be a one term president.  Then, proudly, honorably--after the swearing in of Mike Huckabee--go back to the Ivory tower where you will be hailed as a hero and can spend much of your time hopping from one University to the next, giving speeches, teaching short single-credit classes (“An evening with the President. One credit hour!”) and schmoozing with the elite; agreeing with each other over hors d'oeuvres and cocktails; lamenting how the nation “is not quite ready.  Yes, a pity, they--the masses--are not quite ready.”

So please, Mr. President, please…just go.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Miners Gold

(by R.P.Edwards)

Mortar and pestle
Fire…and time
All bring reduction
To purge…and refine
And life is no different
The wear…and the years
The grinding…and growing
From cloudy…to clear

And so, the thirty-three, no, thirty-four…come up from the mine.  Thirty three ordinary men; ordinary no more. And a silent…all important…essential…other.

In recent days the Chilean--world captivating--drama concluded.  The story of thirty-three miners trapped nearly a half mile below the surface of the earth. As you recall; there was a gold and copper mine; a terrible cave-in; and a leader who stepped up to guide the others…to survival.

Sure, there are a lot of angles to this story and, no doubt, in the coming weeks and months we’ll see the movie, and there will be books, and many, many interviews.  Yes, we’ll learn of the exact why’s of the collapse; the history of the company and the mine and every intimate detail of every person involved:  the miners, their wives (one mistress), the children and each and every contributor to the rescue.  I suppose even God will be given his due.

And, it is here I want to pause for just a moment.  For, you see, the miners--diggers of gold, mind you--in one horrible moment the monetary value of the lusted after metal fell to…nothing (contrary to the media salespeople who say it never reaches that point.)  Yes, in a loud, frightening, stopping of the clock moment, their lives began to take on the worth they always had, but the perception of which was blocked, clouded, cluttered by the endless non-essentials that consume our time.  And, I imagine, as the thought of a quick rescue faded (remember, it took seventeen full days to confirm their survival), I imagine, with each successive hour, that their thoughts began to be grounded even more; perhaps even to the point of pondering life’s passing, and their ultimate relationship with the thirty-fourth man.

Well, I’m sure other, more able writers will lend their talents to this momentous event and, when we eventually read or see their work we‘ll be touched anew.  But, let me just conclude with this simple thought:  These thirty-three "ordinary" men were given the rare gift of undiluted time; time to discover, or reacquaint themselves with what’s really important in this brief span we call…life.  And, if you will, after the roof fell, and their hands were constrained from their vocation; they continued to be miners (albeit reluctant); miners...digging the depths of their own individual souls. discover the most precious element…of all.

 “I've been a miner for a heart of gold” 
 Neil Young


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Perils of Paladino

To Wash a Brain
(by R.P.Edwards)

When we teach them…over and over
That such and such…is true
Don’t be surprised if eventually
The children learn…and do
Then boys will grow…and blow up
While babies…are thrown away
And anything goes in the bedroom
For “marriage” is straight…AND gay

Carl Paladino, contender for the head job in New York State, said the following to a gathering of orthodox Jews: “I don’t want them (children) to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid or successful option (as opposed to traditional marriage). It’s not.”

Well, hell ensued; and in the few days since the utterance--in various venues--he has felt the need to explain his obvious declaration.  Following is a quote made on Fox and Friends:  “We wanted to make a clear statement: Schools have no business teaching children about moral questions.  That’s reserved to the parents. And young children, and their minds, should be handled very delicately.”  On the Imus radio show he said his stance mirrored that of the Catholic Church.

My take: for this little offering let me focus on the one word: brainwashed.  Now, usually we associate this term with POW’s who, after cruel and extended mistreatment, have had their thinking altered to come into line with their captors.  Taking a phrase from the classic movie, Cool Hand Luke, they get their “mind right.”
Well, that kind of brain washing may be effective upon a set-in-their-ways adult, but for children it’s much simpler.  Simply tell them, over and over and over, what the “truth” is and, it just might stick.  Is it surprising then that in some cultures strapping a bomb to your body is considered a good thing?  After all, they’ve been taught that from itty-bitty.  And, there are some sub-cultures (even in the U.S) where polygamy is considered…godly.  So, they grow up, gather a harem, and create a reality show. 

Now, Mr. Paladino’s point is obvious:  The public schools should stay out of the “religion” business.  For, although God and his requirements (the Ten Commandments) have been officially expelled, there is, never-the-less, a new secular belief system of right and wrong.  And “it” is sliding ever away from our Judeo/Christian roots.  So, Mr. P thinks schools should return to teaching the basics, and leave the moral right and wrong stuff…to mom and dad. 

Conclusion:  The other “me” works in a Steel Mill.  We make Steel.  My co-workers come in various shapes and sizes and, no doubt, some have sexual mores that differ from my own.  These “differences” however, don’t come into play because…we make steel.  That is our priority.  Is it too difficult to understand, then, that public schools should at least have as much sense as the steel industry? That they should focus on the final product--an educated and able citizen--and not waste time wading into the waters of moral ambiguity?  How about this: let’s let the parents teach by word and deed the moral essentials of life and, if, upon reaching the conclusion of their twelfth public-school year the young man or woman then wants to explore the fantasy land known as the University; then, so be it.  But, before that time…Hands off!

The Perils of Paladino
(by R.P.Edwards)

Poor, poor, Paladino
Troubled by his views
Vexed by his invectives
Neglecting schmaltz and schmooze
Though some find him…abrasive
Preferring that he lie
I say hooray for honesty
Let’s give this guy…a try!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Pondering the AP Poll

Don’t lecture us
(by R.P.Edwards)

Incestuous Academics
Perpetuate the tale
Definers of our destiny
The Ivy League… “All Hail!”
The truth?
They didn’t bring us here
We owe them simply…squat!
So when they teach
Their tortured truth
Respectfully say…NOT!

“Working Class Whites Shun Democrats,” so said the headline after the results of September’s AP-GfK poll came out.  Seems the “unschooled” (i.e. no college sheepskin) have moved a whopping 22% in the direction of the elephant since the last election.  The “more learned ones?” Not so much.

I must admit, when I first heard the results a couple days back--and the implied derogation, by some, of the regular folk--I was livid.  As you might surmise, the beginning “poem” was birthed then.  And, if I had written this piece at the same time I probably would have used--in reference to our modern Universities and their progeny--phrases like, “Subsidized secular sewers, campuses of conceit, godless academics,” but, since I’ve had time to cool…and reflect…and realize that I, myself, do not care to be included in a broad-brush generalization (i.e. Union Thug.  I’m a union guy, but I’m an anti-thug) I’ll pause a moment and ask the all-important question instead… “What does ‘AP-GfK’ stand for?”  Sure, AP means “Associated Press,” but GfK?

Simply, there was this German fellow, Lidwig Erhard, who, in 1934 (no, he wasn’t a Nazi) started this research company called Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung, which translates to, “Society for Consumer Research.” Apparently these fellows are pretty good (Vince, the ShamWow hawker says, “You know the Germans always make good stuff.”)  And they “asked the questions.” 

Well, I looked the poll over (took a while) and there’s another statistic that you might be interested in.  Here’s the question, and result:

Overall, please tell me whether you approve, disapprove, or neither approve nor disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president.    Results: (then) Total Approve December 08--73%  Total Disapprove--14%, (Now) September 2010 Total approve--49%, Total Disapprove--50%

Alright, a moment on my beginning ire.  I’ve said it before and it rings ever true…the greatness of this Republic…is inherited.  I, and those who currently teach “us” from the Ivory towers have and had no part--none!--in how we got here.  Yet, these and their offspring (many of the prominent among us) proceed to tell us what is, and isn’t correct; what is, and isn’t proper; what is, and isn’t…true.  And, since their foundation is faulty…their conclusions often follow suit.

Conclusion: You want to know why the unschooled have changed their views?  Because, frankly, obviously, the many promises that were made before the last election…have been proven FALSE!  It’s something we regular folk refer to as “common sense” or “street smarts” and, sadly, you won’t find it in the curriculum of many, if not most, Secular Universities. 

The AP-GfK Poll




Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Mess on the Mall

The Mess on the Mall
(by R.P.Edwards)

A tale of two gatherings
A tale of two views
Two visions to strive for
Two versions of true
And two groups of speakers
Two clarion calls
But the proof in the pudding
Was the mess…on the mall
The spinners did spin
And the talkers did talk
But the evidence, clear
Was the trash…on the walk
For one crowd, respectful
Let no refuse fall
But the others
Left a mess…on the mall

I read the scripture…and had to laugh.

The back story:  Saturday, last, was the “if Glenn Beck can do it, we can do it better” rally, also known as “The One Nation Working Together Rally,” also known as the 10-2-10 rally (as opposed to Mr Beck’s invitation, designated as 8-28, Restoring Honor Rally.”  I wasn’t particularly interested in the “message” of October's child, as I, though a union fellow, am decidedly conservative in my leanings.

Anyway, from here and there I’ve gleaned some information that’s worth a shallow rehash.  The size: the ten twoers said theirs was bigger.  Photos prove…it was much, much smaller.  Glenn told the comers to leave their signs at home and the rally was non-political.  The other?  Signs and political opines.  I’ve learned the “lefters” also had a huge teleprompter to streamline their message.  Glenn’s group? Not. And, at the end of the day, the Restore Honor folk…cleaned up after themselves.  And the others? Slobbish.

Now, I suppose I could expand on the who came and why; the orchestrated “pushing” as opposed to the universal “drawing,” but, the two scriptures involved…speak volumes.  First, Romans 8:28

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Was this scripture reference part of the dating process?  Don’t know.  Don’t want to dig to find out. But I did hear a minister read it at the rally.  It fits.  I like it.

Now, the other scripture: Just for the fun of it I looked up a Biblical reference from the same book, with corresponding numbers, Romans 10:2. It made me laugh. 

For I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge.

The context: the apostle speaks of a people who are zealous for God, but their enthusiasm is misplaced, misaligned, misdirected.  I found it strangely…funny…and strangely…appropriate.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's all gonna burn

It’s all gonna burn
(by R.P.Edwards)

“It’s all gonna burn”
The fatalist phrase
Reflecting reflections
On ending…of days
That time in the future
The certain
The stop
When all fleshly fancies
Will sizzle…and pop
Yes, palaces, proud 
To the box on the street
The pompous and poor
Their atoms will meet
With keepsakes
And curtains
And four oh one K’s
All gone in an instant
In sulfurous waves
It’s all gonna burn
What you value…on earth
So cling to the thing
That gives heaven…it’s worth

“It’s all gonna burn.” A simple, almost thoughtless (though oceans deep) response.  “It’s all gonna burn.” Little more than a quip when spoken, yet laden large with tethers and tendrils that reach…into eternity.

I was sharing some small talk with my second oldest.  He, who has long had dreams of world travel and wanderings; as the end of his “anchored to home” education is finally approaching we delved a bit into his particular and peculiar…past.  You see, he was the child who would take things apart and, on many occasions…break them.  He, in the discourse, brought up the word “heirlooms” --as in being destroyed--and then I, as we continued to walk and talk, said the phrase.

Of late I’ve been quite occupied with the doings of my daily existence; the job; the things we use and rely on; the acquiring, and fixing, and finding; the much “stuff” that we stuff our lives with.  But, if I’ll pause for just a moment; pause and reflect upon that which lives within; upon that which is born from above because of the gift--the received gift of a Father’s love, and a Son’s substitution--well, then I remember that so many of the tangibles that we put so much value in here, are, in the light of forever…worthless.

You see, we really are more than just an evolutionary chance-baby.  We, each one of us, are so much more than the many gatherings of years.  And indeed, each one of us has a reserved invitation and place in the open arms of the eternal God. And, frankly, in the coming maelstrom…that’s the only safe place to be.  For, in the eventual “today,” everything we see with our natural eyes…will be no more.  Yes, “it’s all gonna burn,” but you, the real you; you don’t have to.  So, before your next project, or purchase, or all consuming pursuit, you just might want to take inventory…of your soul.  And, if it is found lacking in the eternal, fireproof stuff, you might want to check out the “link” on the side.  The one titled, “Of first importance.”