Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Huckabee, a tribute

(by R.P.Edwards)

Time for rest
Time for ease
Time for YOU
Alone to please
Time for sitting
In one place
Time for Song
Amazing Grace
Time for family
Close and dear
No more travel
Far and near
Time for grandkids
Time for play
Time to plan
But not today
Time for schedules 
Open all
Time to NOT
Receive that call
Time for smiles
Cameras none
Time for time
It has

I knew better, but that one life-sucking spot on the love seat lured me in. I was asleep in no time. AND, as a result I missed a lot of the play by play concerning the Iowa Caucus results. Alas, my man Huckabee did not do as well as hoped and he, wisely, has suspended his campaign.

O, I have great admiration for the former Governor and I have followed with interest his campaigns and career since the 2008 Presidential run. Godly, courageous, kindly, conservative, compassionate, seasoned, tested, tried and true; all of these describe the man from Hope Arkansas. And I, and not a few others, were dearly hoping that his run for the White House would have ended at Pennsylvania Avenue. 

And so, he is out of the race. No doubt there is disappointment in the camp, but there must also be the satisfaction that comes with knowing ALL was done in the effort. Now it's time to decompress, regroup, and rekindle. Take a break, Governor. You, ALL of you, deserve it. 

PS, if one cares to look, this blog is adorned with not a few Huckabee items. Many of these will remain, at least for now. One reason: It may very well be that the eventual nominee may want their running mate to be a man, wise in counsel, and well able to step into the highest post if needed. Mike Huckabee is such a man.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Iowa's BIG night!

Iowa Caucus 2016
(by R.P.Edwards)

Iowa Caucus
Hopeful I
A decent showing
For my guy
 Polls upended
Pundits wrong
Then singers sing
A different song

Hours away from the long-anticipated IOWA CAUCUS' (ta dah!)

Yes, those hardy Iowans will brave the weather and gather in their many and diverse gathering places and then try and convince their equally hardy neighbors why THEIR particular guy (or gal) is the best fit for their Midwestern selves.  In the last two election cycles (presidential) two very devout types won the day (on the Republican side). First, former Governor, Mike Huckabee (2008), and then former Senator, Rick Santorum (2012).  Neither went on to win, but they were first out of the gate.

Well, NOW the field is FULL of devout types (again, the Republican side). Even Donald Trump has been seen with his Bible. Yes, these are trying hard for the holy nod and, although MY choice, Huckabee, is given little chance, I'm hoping he at least wins the "show" spot in this horse-race. 

Not much to add. I'll be paying attention to the results. Over the last few months efforts have been made to promote a fine, and gifted, and WELL QUALIFIED candidate. Some say it will take a miracle, well, I believe in those.

Following is a link to a playlist of pro-Huckabee songs; all of which were sung by a currently laid-off, union steel-worker (moi). Many were birthed through the lyrical talents of a gifted fellow we shall call "Huckabee George," matched to some familiar tunes. If you've got a few minutes and a liking for Mike, pour a cup of coffee and give a listen. And then, if you're an Iowan; go, GO fight for the most battle-tested and qualified candidate; former Governor, Mike Huckabee!



Thursday, January 28, 2016

Remembering Challenger

(by R.P.Edwards)

Down to earth
My feelings fall
From the heavens
From the "call"
From the promise
Hopeful flight
From the Day
Into the Night
Standing, Cheering!
Now sadness
So much fear
To fly again
But wait! O children
Look up and see
The dream lives on
In you!
In me!
Though mourning folds
Our eagle wings
With thoughts of those
No more to sing
But listen, now
And hear them say
No more restrained 
By mortal sway
"Rise up! Rise up!
Spread wings and fly!
Your dreams for fuel
Your compass, "Why?"
Beyond the limits!
Beyond the know!
And ne'er again
Shed tears for we
O, children, rise!
And boldly BE!
And know that death
Is but a door
So, while you breathe
Do more!

It was thirty years ago, today. I was sitting in some sort of class having something to do with my Broadcasting major at Fresno State (btw, I work in a steelmill, at least for another day). Anyway, Dr Monson, who was pretty white to begin with, poked his head in the door with a facial skin tone that was whiter still. He told us the Space shuttle, Challenger, had exploded.

Christa McAuliffe was the civilian "teacher" among the crew. It was a promo type thing; having an educator on board would help support the space program and give young minds a nudge in the direction of the hard sciences. How tragic when the thousands of television screens turned on for the big event, showed instead that disaster is always in the wings.

I'll not go on other than to briefly mention the other crew members, ALL of which I honor today. Using the above photo, we'll go from the top left on (including Christa). A link will give you some more info.

Found another blog I wrote on the subject five years ago. A slightly different take: 
To touch the face of God


Friday, January 22, 2016

For Noah

(by R.P.Edwards)

Noah sleeps
In Jesus' arms
Safe from danger
Safe from harm
Free from terror's 
Bitter take
No more pleading 
Tears to make
And with a kiss
And warm embrace
He wakes to see
The Savior's face
Then gentle words
And all is joy
As love surrounds
This little boy
And to those who mourn
And rightly should
Tormented by 
The "Why?" and "Could?"
As waves of grief
Relentless roll
And sadness smothers
Heart and soul
Remember, dear ones
In your pain
Though Noah died
He lives again
And by the Savior's side
He waits
To take your hand
When you awake  

Noah Chamberlin, a precious little two year old, went on an outing with his grandmother and four year old sister. The grandmother turned away for a moment...and he was gone. A week later, after extensively searching the area, his lifeless body was found. No foul play is suspected. It was a "tragic accident."

Death and mourning are all around us. The coworker, the neighbor down the street, the long-distant friend; acquaintances all; and, when they pass, or one of their loved ones moves on, we "all," to some degree or another join in the sadness.  But, with Noah's plight, and eventual resolution; well, this one caused a heart-wrenching grieving in this writer's breast (though momentary). And why? Because in my life I have an intimate relationship with a two-year old boy; my grandson. And, the thought of him lost, alone, frightened, crying, pleading in the darkness until he succumbs to the elements is almost maddening. I can only imagine what his close relatives are, and have been going through.

Having said that; it is my understanding that his family members are people of "faith," as am I. And, although I do not ascribe to the theology that "everything" that happens is God's will; I DO believe the Lord can make good of bad things that occur.  And, if I may, I know: I KNOW! that Noah lives. I KNOW that he is well, and joyful, and delighting each moment in the presence of the Savior. And, as the grieving runs its course, let us not forget that Jesus, when walking among us, was quick to take the small children in His arms. And that He hasn't changed. And, to get to my point: Noah has made the journey to heaven quicker than most, but the journey beyond this "flesh" is an eventuality for all. And, as those who loved him most dwell on the TRUTH that their little boy awaits them, I pray their comfort may be shared with others and that their determination to see him again, is made even more sure.

One more thing: "knowing" is what makes the death of a loved one so difficult. Imagine then the Creator's grieving when those He loves (for He intimately knows ALL) are given no worth. Let us pray then, as many as love Him, that we begin to see ALL others...with HIS eyes. 

"For God so loved the world..."
(from John 3:16)


Monday, January 18, 2016

36 weeks; the barbarism of the Left

36 weeks
(by R.P,Edwards)

36 weeks
Almost there
That is, if mother
Cares to care
For one child, her arms
Await your fill
The other pays more
To have you killed

Just a short blurb on the subject (since I yoyo back to it so often).

Went to my local abortion clinic a few days ago. A lot of business. One, a "not so sure" woman, was gently intercepted by a ministry that has been in the baby-saving business for a couple decades now.

The "abortion-bound" agreed to a free ultrasound and, upon a little sound-wave producing light, a baby in the neighborhood of 36 weeks gestation was revealed! The child will live.

Just another case of the barbarism that masquerades as enlightenment. How utterly debased are those who tout their sophistication and supposed benevolence and yet support and enable the slaughter. Like the polished and perfumed southern aristocracy who drank their mint-juleps as their "property" wallowed in the shadows, so is the left. Sadly, as in the South before the blood-letting known as the Civil War, many Bible believers (and there were many) chose to block out the scriptures that spoke of the possibility of natural freedom to go along with the "equality" that comes with belief in the redeemer.

It is my hope that at least in the coming election the "Christians" will rise above their fleshly predispositions and vote for liberation. And, if one is a Christian and married to the Democratic party; then get some godly candidates to fill that glaring void of conscience. 

PS 36 weeks, or 3 weeks: The magnitude of the crime is no less. It is only more visible.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Iowa stand

(by R.P.Edwards)

"From where does inspiration come?"
Asked the apprentice, midst his chores
As he watched the artist shape the stone
A masterpiece...and more
The kindly elder paused, and turned
To meet the child's gaze
 "For the greatest inspiration, lad,
Begin with prayer and praise."

Iowa stand
Iowa do
The nation needs a heartland
And the nation looks to you 
Iowa speak
Iowa say
"I stand for God and country
And I know no other way.
I stand for God and country
And I know no other way."

(From "Iowa stand")

A man can only give what he has been given. My simple offering, contribution, for this troubled time is a simple song called, "Iowa stand." It's an encouragement for the caucus goers of the Hawkeye State to coalesce around a strong, qualified candidate who shares their values; former governor, Mike Huckabee.

However, having said that, this "song" is apolitical in that no "candidate" is mentioned in it (although the video gives a gentle nod). It is, rather, an appeal to a significant portion of this Heartland state to use their influence to help America remember, and return.

There is much more that can be said, but let me conclude by saying; I began this piece with a poem about inspiration. Dear reader, I believe it applies here. I take no credit for any good that comes from the melody and verse; for I think the Lord is in it (I'm sure others will strongly disagree; such is America). It's quick construct and execution seemed to be "more than me." And, if that is indeed the case...I hope the blessing continues.    




Monday, December 21, 2015

Pomp and Circumstance circumspection

(by R.P.Edwards)

For work and way
A needful notice
Of you this day
But remember, madam
Remember, gent
Your talents, gifts
From God
Are lent
Your toil was long
And hard
And dear
Your perseverance
Brought you here
And we salute you
Madam, gent
But your strength and breath
From God were lent
So celebrate!
On this, your day!
As cap and gown
Are stored away
Then turn your steps
Yes, turn and do
Bring forth the harvest
Sown in you 
But remember often
 As decades go
And OTHERS reap
From what YOU know
Remember, finally
Your precious life
From God
Was lent


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge 
(Proverbs 1:7)

Attended a graduation ceremony recently. An undergraduate degree was awarded to a loved one and it was celebratory and yet somber at the same time. Celebratory; for great effort and tireless pursuit were needed to lift this weight along with the others already placed securely upon the shoulders. Somber; because of my mourning over the rudderless state of the vessel that welcomes the innocents and schools them, for years, in the bastard art (pardon me) of navigating with a broken compass.

Yes, it's a God thing again. Absolutely fundamental. The recognition of the greater SOMEONE. Of Nature's God, the Creator, the Supreme Judge of the World, Divine Providence (Jefferson's words). A Higher Learning that bows the knee and does not aspire to godhood. That's what it USED to be, and still is in lessening numbers (I speak from imperfect knowledge). And so, these PC Petri Dishes continue to introduce and grow infectious cultures that are then injected into society and, since elites bond with elites, places of power--in particular--and we all--by extension--are sickened. And oh, how we reek of rebellion and recklessness and rot.

However, trying to be less of a faultfinder (I know, too late), I did feel a swelling with the playing of the traditional graduation march, Pomp and Circumstance and, although God was not officially recognized in the celebration, I could tell from some of the words spoken that His influence was apparent. AND, since this is the Midwest, the ROTC had an honored place as well.

Conclusion: I DO have hope for academia. But it will begin with a spiritual revival. I shall pray towards that end.