Wednesday, September 7, 2016

One people, One God, One American flag

WE Choose
(by R.P.Edwards)

With godless views
Cultured barbarians
Bring the news
With pagan speech
ALL above
They love to teach
School the dullards
Me and You
Rework the founding
Reshape the true
But THESE are phantoms
Of vapor's length
Choose God
And strength

"We will be one people, under one God, saluting one American flag"
(Donald J. Trump, Sept 7, 2016)

I forget the "title" of the address: Foreign policy, military musings...not sure. But Mr. Trump laid out, yet again, a comprehensive plan as to his leanings in the event of his presidency being confirmed. 

I liked it.

You know, it's so darn refreshing to have someone who doesn't acquiescence to the godless elite in our land: The PCers; the arrogant academics and their spawn. And, Mr Trump is that someone. Not used to fawning and faking; he tells it like it is. And, how "it is" is dire. 

Concerning the quote: It was an "in your face" utterance that I appreciate much. YES, we ARE one people. YES, we recognize one God (check out Washington's Bible for a clue), AND YES, when we become Americans we leave our old flag behind. 

Good job, Mr Trump. Keep it coming.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

America, Great again

What we can
(by R.P.Edwards)

Some do this
Some do that
Some give thin
Some give fat
Some are cool
Others hot
Some will run
Others trot
Some consumed
Others taste
Some choose steady
Others haste
But ALL believers
We ALL contribute
What we can

Made a pro-Trump video (above, click link below photo). It's something I can do. No, not Hollywood, but not bad for a steelworker. 

I've written about the Donald before; my transition. No, he hasn't passed the "perfect" test, but I believe he'll do more to the good than the alternative.  

So, I support him. Without apology. And, of course, I'll be praying for the election and Mr Trump in particular (although offerings on behalf of HC are also in order [a Christian thing]). 

And, I hope my little song encourages.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Naysayers

The Naysayers
(by R.P.Edwards)

Just like clockwork
They raise their voice
Disrupting drones
Attacking choice
They invade the rally
And yell their "few"
But ignoring "them"
Is what we do
And I wonder why
They act that way
No doubt, for many
They're there for pay
But their annoying push
Their master "plan"
Just builds resolve
To elect "the man."

I caught the tail end of Donald Trump's economic speech in Detroit. Flipped through the channels, and there it was. "Man, I wanted to see that," says I. "Oh well, I can always catch it on YouTube after a while."

"It's probably there now," says my savvy 15 year old who was computer occupied. 

And so it was.

Now, as a laid off Union Steelworker this pro-America communication was indeed welcome. But, it was not all "Ahh" and "Amen" in the audience. No, there was a smattering of discontent interspersed among the faithful and I suspect these were not passionate singles; but rather compensated drones. "Go there. Do this. Say that."

And I wonder; what do they wish to accomplish? For, dear reader, instead of driving me away from the Donald; their anarchist antics...push me towards.

BTW, please notice the new novel on the right sidebar (SIR JOHN & THE QUEST OF PROVING). A Christian/fantasy/Allegory: Check it out!


Monday, August 1, 2016

The Art of the Spiel

Lies Perfected
(by R.P.Edwards)

Practice makes perfect
It's true here as well
To speak like an angel
Though the lie is from hell

I DIDN'T want to watch it--I usually fast forward, or mute, or pause and then scoot past--but I thought it might be helpful, informative. So, after a little internal debate, I went to "start over" and did so. Truthfully, my gut was a bit perturbed at the initial intake but, over time, I grew to admire the skillful manipulation of the language. Truly a professional. 

I write, of course, of a recent interview involving a certain Presidential nominee who is NOT Donald Trump. 

But, I'll not pile on the former Secretary of State, other than to say that Mr Trump could learn a thing or two from the pearl merchant. So careful. So crafty. So cool under fire. Yes, the Billionaire who is used to speaking his mind (and we love him for it!) he would be wise to observe the opposition and incorporate just a hint of her expertise. Except, of course, we need truth. 


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Not so Smart

Not so smart
(by R.P.Edwards)

"College Educated"
What a joke!
Mentally smart
But morally broke
The many "know betters"
Proclaiming what ought
But the future will reap
What their "ignorance" wrought

Sorry, but it gets in my craw. 

For some reason I tune in to a political discussion (I know the reason: I like this kind of stuff) and inevitably, somewhere along line, some talking head will mention the "college educated;" implying that those who "aren't"...ain't too smart.

And then I think of the courts, and the media, and of politicians; so many of whom openly display their America-destroying apostasy...but they're just too "ignorant" to understand their condition. 

And so...the nation is in the dire state that it is.

And, dear reader, since so many of the "college educated" have had their hand on the tiller for so long; how about we let the not so brilliant steer the boat for a while? They may not be polished, or refined, or "oh, so full of themselves;" but they may very well turn this ship of state away from the dangerous reefs that are dead ahead.

"Excuse me, sir."

"Yes, Sailor, John Q. Public?"

"Allow me to take the helm, sir."

"On whose authority?"

"On the authority of the people of the United States."


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Empty Words

DNC 2016
(by R.P.Edwards

After 7 years
Of deeds and do's
We don't need words
To know what's true
We've SEEN the actions
We KNOW the ways
And empty words
Will never sway 
But there are those
Who deal in air
They LOVE the verses
With nothing there
They cheer for empty!
They weep for fluff!
But America, sir
We've had enough

Haven't listened to the DNC speeches. Don't care.

Oh, I've heard from second sources how WONDERFUL the speeches have been: VP Biden, President Obama, ect. and et al. this point; I don't honestly care.

You see, back in the beginning; back in 2008, WORDS were possibilities. They didn't necessarily have substance; but they did contain...hope. But NOW...we know what has been done. And the DONE...far outweighs the words.

So, whether the President speaks, or others in the same camp speak; at this point--since there is a history--they mean nothing.'re in the media. Oh, they love words! It is their reality; their food and drink; their very life! But some words, ma'am and sir, are none of these. AND, after over seven years of deeds; the new words...mean nothing.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Judgment Coming
(by R.P.Edwards)

We should be careful
How we ascribe
To deity 
OUR way
Words are recorded
Records kept
And then comes 
Judgment Day

There's a large abortion clinic nearby (I mention it often). From time to time there is a fellow I know who will stand on the sidewalk (usually when the clinic is NOT open) and sing. He's usually not there very long, but for a few minutes he'll sing a few Christian songs and almost always include in the mix, The Battle Hymn of the Republic (you know, MINE EYES HAVE SEEN THE GLORY...).

If queried about Lincoln's favorite song he'll say something like, "The evil that was behind slavery, is the same evil that is behind abortion."

"How so?"

"Because American Slave holders said that those of African descent were to be considered as less than human; things. AND, in the same way babies in the womb are considered as less than human; things to be disposed of. So, the song is appropriate; for the same evil is in play."


Enter the beginning of the Democratic National Convention. Before the first gavel a talented choir from an AME church (African Methodist Episcopal) sang three verses from said hymn. They did a fine job but, I must admit, I was taken aback. For, you see, the democratic party is the party of abortion. Hillary Clinton, in fact, champions it. 

So, I am now in "guess land." Did the fine Christian folk (for I assume they all love the Savior) not realize God's view of the affront (abortion)? Are they among those who think the deity is indifferent to the plight of the innocent?

I must admit, I sometimes puzzle at how so many of those who love the Redeemer can be so terribly mistaken in this one judgment-worthy area. But, I'll not question their sincerity or motivation. But I will add my opinion as to the placement of the song: I think it is nothing less than a prophetic proclamation aimed at the party of infanticide and, by extension, to the universal WE who do so little on behalf of the "least of these."