Saturday, October 27, 2018

Christians and Secular Universities

Higher Education 
(by R.P.Edwards)

Higher Education
Higher, in what way?
Higher in academics?
Higher tenured pay?
Higher intellectuals?
Noted PhDs?
Higher in tuition?
Higher in their fees?
Higher in their trophies?
From sports and other teams?
Higher in their Rhetoric?
Higher in their dreams?
Methinks the list
Goes on and on
The Higher traits of "these"
How sad they miss
The highest place
Found only on
Their knees

I've wavered back and forth as to if I should act out (write) yet again concerning the much thought of, but mentioned not so much, fact that "Higher Education"--those institutions (some Ivy encrusted) that are supposed to be the "authority" on what should be the obvious morality of the masses--is (are) nothing more than barbarians with a brain. 

Yes, yes, an oversimplification; perhaps an unfair analysis and generalization of a broad host of "schools," some (a small number) of which are probably the exact opposite of my supposition. BUT, without debate, colleges and Universities have changed much over the years and my question to people (parents in particular) of faith is; "Why do you support these Godless campuses?" Yes, with society's University-inspired decay obvious to the born again eye (and "yes," we ARE to be missionaries) the question should perhaps be phrased; "Why, unless positively God-directed, would you send your child to be tutored by those who not only hate the Savior; but who actually delight in causing the tender believer to doubt and stumble?"

AND, along these same lines and for goodness sake!; certainly don't support and subsidize the damnable with your dollars!

The above poem was borrowed from an earlier blog, thus: Down on Brown.


Monday, October 8, 2018

The Caning of Brett Kavanaugh

 The Root
(by R.P.Edwards)

A different outfit
A different face
A different time
A different place
Different players
But the plot the same
"Destroy His children!
Defile His name!"

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness
(Isaiah 5:20)

It was May of 1856 and a Senator from New England, a staunch abolitionist by the name of Charles Sumner, had greatly perturbed the slavery-loving South by delivering a speech that not only denounced the Kansas-Nebraska Act, but it also disparaged its authors. A relative of one of the creators, a Representative from South Carolina by the name of Preston Brooks, took offense and thought satisfaction could be achieved by ambushing, and beating nearly to death in the Senate Chamber, Charles Sumner. The incident came to mind upon seeing the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh by Senators opposed to his placement on the Highest Court.

First; the above poem does NOT refer to the treatment of Judge (Now Supreme Court Justice) Kavanaugh. No, it is a reminder that there IS evil, and that there is an author of it AND, if not careful, human minds, and hands, and mouths can be used in his bidding.

Simply put: it's all about abortion; it's all about the murder of innocent human life; it's all about the lusting ancient desire that ever resists, and chafes, and violently rebels against the divine Being that loves even the least of these. It was slavery then; it is infanticide now.

And yes, although there is, no doubt, sincerity and justification by those who unwittingly do his work; and though they may find solace and support from the cluckings of academia or the utterings of  some ecumenical apostates, or the accolades of the many like-minded, they, dear reader, have, on this most important issue--make no mistake--called evil good, and good evil.

The conclusion: Sometimes, amidst the many concerns that plague us all; the many areas that ever draw our attention and energies--even causing us to temporarily focus our desire towards those who promise something new--sometimes, for the sake of the nation's very existence, there is a single issue that MUST take precedence. Slavery, long years ago, was such an issue. Abortion, now, has taken its place. So, let those of us who know the difference; let us continue to pray for the offenders (for they are NOT our enemy) AND, by all means, let us be sure to NEVER vote them into a place of greater influence. 

Please watch...



Monday, September 3, 2018


(By R.P.Edwards)

I was beaten down, mute, and weak
Then a brother came to help me speak
A sister gave a lifting hand
Then others joined, to help me stand
At last the oppressor made his run
To finish the job he had begun
He thought only "I" would field his blows
But instead, he found a Union...
Standing toe to toe

  King Rehoboam talked it over with the elders who had advised his father when he was alive: “What’s your counsel? How do you suggest that I answer the people?”
They said, “If you will be a servant to this people, be considerate of their needs and respond with compassion, work things out with them, they’ll end up doing anything for you.”
8-9 But he rejected the counsel of the elders...
(1 Kings 12:6-9)

The context of the above scripture: King Solomon had died. Before his exit, however, he had loaded the people down with oppressive taxes and burdens. They wanted some relief. His heir, Rehoboam, asked his father's counselors what to do. They advised compassion. He, instead, listened to his arrogant friends, and the kingdom was subsequently divided.

Of course, there's more to the story, but it came to mind upon hearing of the offer from the "rulers" in Pittsburgh who have answered the USW's (United Steelworkers) request for a fair contract with something that is ridiculous, insulting, and unthinkable. I have no doubt that if the offer is unchanged the "people" (workers) will strike and the kingdom of U.S.Steel will be divided (for a time, anyway).

I'll not over-expound, but I would like to express my amazement and curiosity at these recent events.

Amazement: it was but a short time ago when we had a presidential visit where said chief executive highlighted how the steel industry has come back to life. Indeed, the facility where I work was, not long before, on life-support and now (then) grateful returning steelworkers were once again bringing home a living wage. The community rejoiced. Workers rejoiced. And it appeared that the leaders of the industry also rejoiced, and oh, it would have been such a simple thing to add to the "feel good" future of labor and management by the acceptance of a contract that mirrored the last one, with just a slight sweetening of a long overdue pay raise. But, instead of the no-brainer decision (especially given the profit margin of the players) there now seems to be an attempt by the company(s) to punish, break, and irreparably wound and weaken current workers, new-hires, and even retirees. Perhaps such rhetoric is (was) supposed to cause fear, resulting in submission. But, instead it has galvanized the many to stand in opposition. And, sadly, what was an environment that was ripe to birth a new partnership based on mutual respect and a common goal, it is now quickly devolving (at least on labor's part) to an atmosphere of toxic suspicion and even abject hatred.

And now, curiosity: Given that the last contract--when things were bleak and the future uncertain--given that even THAT agreement had elements of compassion (and we were, quite frankly, glad to get it!) I truly wonder what has happened since then to cause such an odious offering to be produced this go round? Is it new upper management? Outside consulting? I don't know. But I DO know that the battle-lines are being drawn, and that the hearts and will of the many are being steeled in order to fight for our families and future. How sad, it all could have been so easily avoided.


Saturday, July 28, 2018

Trump Rally, Granite City

Dental Detour
(by R.P.Edwards)

In-between smiles
Teeth gone awry
Surgeon and suture 
And grown men don't cry
The calendar carve-out
From work I abstain
The plus side of painful
I got on the train

The first one, an ancient remnant of a molar, came out with ease. The next, a beloved canine, took a violent exorcism. "Bite on the gauze for two hours," was the followed instructions. Then, once the grizzly abosorber was removed, I went to see Trump; President Donald J. Trump, that is.

Funny how little unexpected detours get us places. I had no idea of the President's precise visitation to the Steel Mill in Granite City when the dental appointment was made. Aside from the tooth trauma I surely would have worked that day and as a consequence missed much.

The process: first I had to request admittance (RSVP) via e-mail. Once approved I showed up in the nearby parking lot. My name was checked twice before boarding a sizable bus (the Coach variety; very nice) for the 1/4 mile ride to the drop-off point. From there it was the metal detector and then a short walk to the Rally venue.  A converted storage area, it now housed two sets of bleachers, some folding chairs, the slightly raised dais, and opposite this the place for the myriad of professional president watchers. Due to my lateness (the gauze thing) I found an obscure place to stand and lean. It would be four hours. 

The atmosphere: celebratory. Many of my fellow steelworkers had seen two or more years apart from this place. Many had, understandably, lost much materially. But, with the ongoing limbo status of the mostly idled and deteriorating steel mill, many had lost much in the soulish region as well: peace, pride, hope. And then, a non-politician, a savvy business man with big dreams and big promises was elected. His name was Donald Trump, and one of those promises he made was to the nation's steelworkers. 

When the President finally arrived (he was a tad behind schedule) there was no sitting down (and for me, no sight). ALL stood and relished the lengthy remarks. Arguably, much of what he said was familiar, and even though the words were tailored for this particular audience, ours was a devoted ear to an important individual who exuded an actual "caring" for the likes of we. Understand, his caring was not the usual "I feel your pain" political rhetoric. No, his campaign promises had preceded real action, and his actions subsequently touched our individual lives, and now his feet (incredibly! But so like him) had purposely found their way to our humble front porch.

Along with the president's remarks, Ivanka shared some thoughts. Also, US Steel, management and non, sweetened the celebration with their testimonies. And was over. There was a quick egress as the closing music faded and the buses filled. And, although I had a sore reminder of something lost earlier that day, I also had a fullness of heart from something gained.

Here's a perhaps last replay of a pro-Trump song written and sung by a then laid off steelworker. Perhaps a version of "Keep America Great" will be added to the many currently under construction. 




Sunday, July 1, 2018

It's So Obvious

It's So Obvious
(Lyrics by R.P.Edwards)

They eat babies for breakfast
Babies for lunch
On Sunday at noon
They eat babies for brunch
But now for immigrant children
They march and they cry
But for unborn children
They make sure that they die
And it's not too hard
To answer the "why?"
They treat us like we're a chump
They're just trying to hurt Trump
They can't stand Donald Trump
They just hate Donald Trump

"Families belong together," that was the theme of the many marches that were staged throughout the USA on June 30 in response to some law-breaking parents that crossed the border with minors in tow, who were subsequently separated from the darlings for a time.

I get it. It's not a pretty picture. Traumatic for the tots, no doubt. AND,  it doesn't matter that the elders knowingly transported their young'uns into illegality; we, a compassionate folk, need to care for the kids and keep these families together.

However, I don't believe for a minute that the many left-leaners--these who positively love the notion of violently disposing of inconvenient children (Abortion is oh so violent)--I don't believe the vast majority of these street gatherers have the children in mind. No, it's so obvious (poem and song title) that they just hate all things Trump. AND, since everything else they've tried hasn't worked, they may even believe this passion play will sway the masses. Not gonna happen.

However, in closing, if these "No Trump and No border" folk are truly sincere, then let their concern for the "youth" begin in the womb. 

I didn't think so.

Following is a brief (thankfully) musical commentary by the Fake Trio (me X three).



Saturday, June 2, 2018

Northern Ireland, STAND!

Northern Ireland, STAND!
(by R.P.Edwards)

Northern Ireland
Make your stand
Your neighbors, all
Choose sin
They murder children
In the womb
Their own demise
So, be that lighthouse!
Be that Rock!
Defender of the few
And as your neighbors
Slip towards hell
Perhaps they'll turn
To you

When we Americans think "Ireland" (speaking, of course, of only those Americans who think like me), we think of the large jagged Island just to the left of England. If we think a little deeper (which we sometimes do) we skip past the cursory thoughts associated with the place (the color green, the pint of Guinness, leprechauns, the Blarney stone) and realize that there are actually two entities on said island: The Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland. The former, a short time ago, by majority vote, repealed an amendment that protected children in the womb. In other words: the door is now open for abortion, or, as God calls it...murder.  The latter, Northern Ireland, now stands alone in that region in the defense of the innocent unborn. But, predictably, this island within an island is now in the cross-hairs of the ever ravenous God-haters; otherwise known as progressives. 

So, as we in the United States slowly come to the realization that human life in the womb is worth protecting and are incrementally working to neutralize the poison unleashed by an overreaching judiciary; it seems on the other side of the pond there are whole majorities gleefully rushing into error and the unpleasant (though presently unseen) consequences that must result. It is my hope, and prayer, therefore, that the people of Northern Ireland stand firm against the unholy tide that is rising against them.

Again, MY position is merely an extension of my sincere, Bible believing, Christian faith. AND, it truly grieves me that the land (Great Britain) that produced so many Christian champions--heroes of the Church that risked so much to spread the gospel to this continent--it grieves me that the "defender of the faith" is now slipping ever deeper into apostasy. 

But...there is hope.



Saturday, May 26, 2018

Et tu, Ireland?

Et tu, Ireland?
(by R.P.Edwards)

I grieve for Ireland
The Emerald Isle
Forsaking St Patrick's way
Believing death
Will add to life
They'll find
There's Hell to pay

The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.

In the news, the people of Ireland have spoken and voted to overturn the 8th amendment to their constitution (given above). Yes, the simple and fundamental belief and acknowledgement that the human life in the womb has value...has been abandoned. Indeed, the Christian premise and practice of Ireland's near past has been exchanged for the more paganesque values of the pre-Christian era. Today we call it "progressive" or "liberal"; but the vile fruit is always the same...infanticide.

But, since I live in a land that has allowed more than 60 million of our heritage to be murdered, who am I to point out the speck in my brother's eye? In fact, this very day I have come from an abortuary where our ghoulish practices go on unhindered. Adding to the insult, I had to pass rows of American flags which festoon our main causeway as "Memorial Day" weekend is upon us. The insult comes with the knowledge that most of the honored dead had no idea that their freedom price (their lives) would buy the God-haters greater sway. And, if we have any excuse at all, it is in that our "decision" was due to an overreaching Judiciary, not a popular vote.

So, to Ireland, I applaud your use of the democratic process. However, I mourn for the death (near) of your Christian culture, and of course, for the babies that will soon join ours in the eternal. It seems that we, and thee, have both given God an ultimatum. Let's see how He responds.