Friday, October 2, 2015

The Glare of Truth

The Glare
(by R.P.Edwards)

Forty-five seconds
A silent glare
At shameful nations
Who just don't care
They speak of peace
While inviting war
Just like their fathers
Did before

Forty-five seconds of silence. A long time for we who are so used to occupying every waking moment with some kind of outside stimuli; especially from our damnable devices. It was tough. But needed.

The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, was in the process of explaining how the Iranian deal (which many celebrate) is nothing more than a replay of the cowardly ignorance that led to the horrendous Nazi doings of 70 years past. A false peace. A baseless hope.'s worse than that. At least the Hitlerites pretended to cooperate. The Iranian leadership, on the other hand, continues to openly state as one of their goals...the annihilation of Israel. And the rest of the world (including WE, their supposed ally) do next to nothing. 

Honestly, this is disturbing beyond words. To see the coming events and to know that America could, AND SHOULD, lead the world in the dismantling of the threat that is Iran. But, our leadership seems oblivious and, shockingly, an EQUALLY oblivious populace may elect another of the same type, just a short time from now.

Let me conclude by saying, as before, I'm not worried about Israel. Ultimately the God of Abraham will see to their preservation. He is not obligated, however, to save the eagle. 

Following is the snippet from the Prime Minister's speech: 


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dr Ben Carson and Fried Bologna

Fried Bologna
(by R.P.Edwards)

Fried bologna
In the pan
Forget your bacon!
Forget your spam!
Forget your sausage!
Patties! links!
Ignore their comments
And what they thinks!
It's comfort food!
A round delight!
The craving hit you
in the night
So grab the package!
Pull the slice!
It's fried bologna!
Really nice

And so, Presidential candidate, Dr Ben Carson, said, in essence, that he didn't want a devout Muslim in the White House. Why? Because their allegiance to the Koran, the Hadith and Sharia law would supersede their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. 

Not really that controversial (although some try and make it so). Look around. "See" for yourself the fruit born of those who closely adhere to the "prophet's" teaching. Observe the societal conditions of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, etc. And we want that here? Obviously not.

But, let's pause a moment for a minor study in perspective. Concerning Dr Carson; it is my understanding that he is a "devout" Christian. As one myself I take that to mean that his "faith" is hardly superficial. He, no doubt, is keenly aware of scripture's admonition to--love your enemies; pray for your persecutors, do good,  respect authority; defend the helpless; recognize the life in the womb and God's definition of marriage--and on and on. You see, the good doctor's "belief" molds HIS behavior, and he might naturally expect others who proclaim another faith to be as serious as he.

On the other hand: there are many (including quite a number in the media) who often view Christianity as a garnish; an add on; a placating name-drop. Thus, many who claim to follow the Savior, prove, by their actions, that they haven't a clue. And some, by their actions, prove that their hand placement on the Bible meant virtually nothing.

And as far as the "fried bologna" goes; my youngest wanted it for breakfast. Simple fare. And, might I add, Dr Carson's unpolished tendency to tell the truth; this too is another kind of comfort food.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Hug

The Hug
(by R.P.Edwards)

A gentle holding
Brief and sweet
When words and eyes
Are incomplete
To show the love
When loved ones meet
When paths are crossed
And paused to greet 

It was unsolicited, but oh so welcome. The beautiful child--an angelic face with long blond hair flowing behind--darted to my arms from a jumble of strangers and then...she was gone.

It was Saturday morning and, as I sometimes do, I went to our local abortion clinic to add my presence to the others already battling from the sidewalk for the lives of the children being carried to the government sanctioned slaughter. There was much going on this day: singing, praying, speaking, and some shouting; all in the hopes of opening a mother's eyes (father's too) to see the preciousness of the life they carried. Nevertheless, most marched in and surrendered their offspring to the cruelest destruction. 

But, midst the huddling on the edges (there were visitors from out of town this day) there was a young lady who, just a few years prior, was a passenger in the womb of a woman whose initial thought...was to remove this inconvenience. Long story short: the ministry present that day (and this) not only persuaded the birth-mother to NOT kill the child; but they also adopted the baby as their own. It was this child, years later, that gave this writer a hug. 

Oh, abortion is a monstrous act! Murder on its face, but so shrouded by the tempter's lies as to convince many that small humans...are not human at all. And, like the evil of slavery before it, there is an inevitable reaping that must attend a nation laden with the blood of the innocent millions. But, for now, at least one has survived the abortionist's claws. And, who knows, perhaps with her hopeful maturing this nation may yet come to the place of repentance and delay the justice that is so richly deserved.


Monday, September 7, 2015

It's Personal this time

 It's Personal
(by R.P.Edwards)

It's personal
When our food is less
Because you fill your treasure chest
It's personal
When our health declines
Because your will is "more be mine"
It's personal
When my children cry
Because only YOURS can touch the sky
So when you say
"It's business, sir"
Please look behind
The calloused words
For the hurting blows
You proudly place
They hit MY family
Each child's face
And remind ME, sir
As you wage your war
That's it's business, yes
But it's so much more

Normally I would just watch the Labor Day parade (usually accompanied for the last two decades or so by a candy-hoping child) but this time I was actually in it.

You see, I am, among other things, a Steel Worker. And THIS year there's a genuine battle going on concerning the new "contract." In years past there would be some nominal give and take (mostly give on our part) but THIS year it seems like there is a concerted belief and effort to hurt the Union; bad.

Oh, in one sense I see the logic. The steel industry is suffering due to a variety of variables (currency devaluing, foreign steel, lower gas prices) and that would give the "owners" an advantage at the table. After all, if the company isn't making much money, neither should the employees expect to.

But, there's something different here. It's not just a body blow we're getting (using a boxing analogy); it actually feels like a knife has been smuggled into the ring and has been thrust into our side. Some of the demands are so outrageous, so over the top, so "I can't believe it;" as a result they have pushed us not simply into the ropes--into a defensive posture--but they've pushed us into a survival mode.

Listen, I won't drag this out. I'm a Union supporter, but I haven't surrendered my heart and mind to the USW. I'm actually quite conservative in many ways and there are times when I am genuinely grieved at the ever leftward leanings of the leadership. But, concerning the contract, we are in solidarity. And, it comes down to this: for whatever reason the high-priced strategists are giving for their actions; the result is that I feel my family is being directly...threatened. And that shared belief (by my Union brothers and sisters) means sacrifice--even great sacrifice--is the order of the day. I'm sure the "owners" would do the same if their families were threatened. But of course...that will never happen.

Following is a clip from the movie, "You've got mail," that seems appropriate.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Professor Bob and Future Shock

Future Shock
(by R.P.Edwards)

The future will say
When they learn of the children
Destroyed in our day
With tears and with shame
When they realize their Fathers
Were the villains to blame 

"Savages," whispered winsome Polly Porter, third row from the windows, third desk back from the front. 

Professor Bob, using a rather large stick of yellow chalk (usually found in industry but finding its way into the elders' "ditty bag" because, as he put it, "My fat fingers cannot tolerate the tiny white toothpicks") had been listing on the black-slate chalkboard, in chronological order, times and events of man's man. The gray maned octogenarian paused, turned and, peering over his half-framed horn-rimmed glasses he looked directly at the now-a-bit rosy cheeked freshman and responded, "What's that, Miss Porter? What did you say?"

"Savages, sir" was her fragile reply.



"Louder, dear. You, all of you (giving a sweeping gaze to the entire class) have chosen to attend Veritas University. Veritas is Latin for...for..."

"Truth!" was the exuberant response (orientation by upperclassmen had prepared them for the inevitable question).

"Yes, truth. And, as we shall all be reminded in this class and throughout your tenure here at "True U," truth must be vigorously proclaimed and protected or error, as has been so often the case, will take hold once again and lead to yet another chapter of shameful doings." (The instructor, pausing a moment to gaze at the lazily turning overhead fan, leaned back against the Blackboards' ledge and then, pointing the yellow instrument towards the young lady, he continued) "Miss Porter, you were saying?"

"Savages, sir;" she said with manufactured vigor. "To consider the murder of pre-born children...a right. What...monsters." This last utterance was accompanied by a quivering lip and a watering eye and, seeing this the kindly professor offered a tissue before returning to the board to continue the listing.

--The time: the distant future. The effects of the Iranian-born nuclear war a distant memory. Many American cities had been incinerated in the conflict due to the piling on that took place. Ironically, it was Israel that ultimately saved the fallen eagle and now, also ironically, Higher Education has returned to its honorable roots.--

Thank you for tolerating the above fantasy. It is somewhat birthed by the ongoing revelations of the despicable Planned Parenthood organization. However, and again, their liberty to let their (our) lower-nature do terrible things comes from the Supreme Court; and their wayward reasonings come from the once hallowed halls of higher education, and ultimately from hell itself.

Yes, BARBARIANS and SAVAGES are words that are making their way into the political discourse of this election cycle; and rightly so. However, one more word needs to be added...COWARDS. For that's what we have become to allow evil to take residence for so long when we have the civilized remove it.

P.S.  I thought about putting one of those grisly, truthful pictures of an aborted (murdered) child atop the blog. But I am weary of them. So very weary.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Elijah and Mike Huckabee

The Future?
(by R.P.Edwards)

A flash of light
And all is peace
The pundits' pain
By death released
No more offense
By truthful words
Just melting masses
By no one...heard

"...and the man of God wept. And Hazael said, "Why does my lord weep?" Then he answered, "Because I know the evil that you will do to the sons of Israel..."
(2 Kings 8:11,12)

Elisha was an Old Testament Prophet. He had been mentored by Elijah (of chariot of fire fame) a chosen vessel of the most high...he was sometimes privy to inside information. On this occasion the Lord had given him a glimpse of the evil that would come from this particular man (Hazael). And, of course, it came to pass.

Well, I don't think of Mike Huckabee as a prophet, but he at least has enough sense to see the horrible future that awaits (especially for Israel) if the Iranians get the bomb. He has spoken his mind quite clearly on the subject; complete with a holocaust reference. And my! how the offendable are offended! "How dare he?!" they say, "That subject, sir, is off limits!"

Well, Mike is not backing down; nor should he. And, though the party of infanticide rails against him (along with their Hollywood followers) the coming blast(s), if not prevented, will soon wipe their Politically Correct expression and expressions from their collective incinerated lips.

By-the-way, at this late prophetic date I truly believe the God of Abraham will not allow Israel to suffer extensive harm; no matter WHAT Iran may be packing. It behooves US, however, to stand with the Apple of God's eye. They may not need us; but we surely need...them.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Josef Mengele, Planned Parenthood, and the Court

 Tools and Fools
(by R.P.Edwards)

We're so dainty
We're so nice
Crafting words
With sugar and spice
But the court's been evil
Satan's tool
Oh, what FOOLS!

I go down to the local abortion clinic. I stand. I walk around it. I pray. On occasion I say something benign like, "Can we help you?" or "Jesus loves you, and he loves your baby." Usually I say nothing. There are others who are better at it. 

Women go in. Some are abrasive, cold, arrogant. Others are unsure, conflicted, at the point of tears. They are always accompanied by someone (no solos allowed). Sometimes its a lady pal, or a "kill it" boy friend or husband or pimp. They go in; they come out. They go in; they come out. Week after week after week after week. A few babies survive. Most don't. Tens; hundreds; thousands; hundreds of thousands; all at this one clinic over forty years.

And so, now our attention is drawn to Planned Parenthood. Although they've been killing babies for years and years, they are now thought less of because they actually "sell" the body parts of the deceased. It is to laugh. We tolerate the murder, but are disturbed by the disposal. What fools we are.

Anyway, with the "revelation" I was, at first, going to go the route of Josef Mengele. For those less versed, he was a creepo Nazi physician who dispassionately worked his twisted, torturous will on captive Jews during World War II. He liked to experiment on them; horrible inhumane treatment that often led to a painful death. Yeah, I thought, I could parallel his actions with those of the modern Planned Parenthood docs.

But then, I was thinking...since we of the Christian mindset know that humankind comes with a fallen nature; a nature that must either be constrained from within (a redeemed heart) or without (laws), it only stands to reason that when "laws" are lessened or removed; evil will increase. The Nazis dehumanized the Jews and this led to their wholesale slaughter. In the same way, and with the same inspiration, our Supreme Court has dehumanized the pre-born and their subsequent mass-murder was/is a natural progression.

I can almost feel the uneasiness; the cringing and shoulder slumps as I paint the respected jurists (not all) with the label of "evil doers." But...that's what they are. Yes, in the same way as when the Taney Court sided with Satan (more cringing here) our modern, Ivy League educated elite are also willing tools. However, one thing the Dred Scott deciders had on their side is that the abomination of slavery had been grandfathered into the Republic. Infanticide (abortion), on the other hand, was NEVER widely accepted. It is the court's omnipotent, unconstitutional usurpation.

The conclusion: I believe future generations (if there are any) will look at our modern court with the same disdain that we now view the Taney bunch of Lincoln's day. However, our unaborted offspring (again, if there are any) will little understand why we, the people, did so little to restrain the madness of the black robed kings. They, from their vantage, will recall the "God is not mocked" judgment that came. We, however, are on the verge of its horrible revelation.

It's Coming
(by R.P.Edwards)

One says murder
Another says choice
But the victims here
They have no voice
But God takes note
And hears their cry
And when grace is spent
Then WE...will die