Saturday, March 13, 2010

No! Mr. Newdow

(by R.P.Edwards)

Michael Newdow
Don’t despair
Though the court says
They don’t care
If “God” remains upon our pay
And in the pledge?
That’s A-O-K
For they say “He”
Is just a word
When spoken thus
No reverence heard
Empty sounds
No substance due
Like “good”
And “evil”
And “true”

Martha (a sensitive eight year old) couldn’t, for the life of her, figure out why Ms. Beasly (the principle) wanted to “talk” with her in the hall.  The start of the school day seemed normal enough (some chit chat, a call to stand and be silent, then a turning towards the flag…and then the Pledge of Allegiance).  Yes, normal enough; but right after the pledge Mr. Dower (their teacher), made a quick call on his cell phone, and now, a few minutes later…Ms. Beasly…was waiting.  “Martha,” said the rather large middle-aged matron, “do you know why I wanted to talk with you this morning?”  “No ma’am,” was the timid reply as the child’s tiny hands and fingers began to fidget amongst themselves at waist level.  “Martha,” said the elder reassuringly (squatting down to be at eye level and, at the same time, reaching over to take the young girl’s hands in her own).  “You were doing it again,” she continued (giving an over-the-glasses peek and a wink) and, with the words, a knowing expression came over the child’s face.  “Ohhh,” said the waif, pulling her right hand gently away and retrieving a small silver cross that dangled at the end of a nearly invisible chain that hung from the child’s neck and was usually tucked safely away behind the upper right quadrant of her azure blouse.  “I was holding it again, wasn’t I?” the girl continued, stroking the symbol lovingly as she brought it to the light.  “Yes, dear, you were stroking it,” the principle emphasized as she slowly stood and then offered the child her left hand for a soft turning back towards the classroom door.  “You simply can’t show any emotional attachment to such a religious symbol during the pledge of allegiance, or at any time during the school day.”  “But…but…why not?” whimpered the teary eyed lovely as she stopped just short of the doorway.  “I love Him so.”  “Yes, yes, dear.  We know you do.  But the Court has determined that the word “God,” in the pledge and on our money…is merely ceremonial.  It really doesn’t mean a Supreme Being that you pray to.  Do you understand?”  After a weak nod and agreement by the youngster, the child was gently pushed through the opening as all eyes within…turned upon her.  And, as the door slowly closed behind the wee one, the principle, as her hard soled shoes clacked against the tile as she made her way to the teachers lounge for a latte, could be heard to say… “Poor delusional child.  Poor delusional child.”

And so, famed atheist, Michael Newdow’s efforts to remove “God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, and from our currency has, for the moment, failed.  Unfortunately, instead of citing our Judeo Christian roots and beginnings, the courts says, in essence, the word “God” has no religious meaning.  Well then, it’s in good company.  Apparently  the word, “Truth” has little meaning…either.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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