Friday, August 21, 2015

Professor Bob and Future Shock

Future Shock
(by R.P.Edwards)

The future will say
When they learn of the children
Destroyed in our day
With tears and with shame
When they realize their Fathers
Were the villains to blame 

"Savages," whispered winsome Polly Porter, third row from the windows, third desk back from the front. 

Professor Bob, using a rather large stick of yellow chalk (usually found in industry but finding its way into the elders' "ditty bag" because, as he put it, "My fat fingers cannot tolerate the tiny white toothpicks") had been listing on the black-slate chalkboard, in chronological order, times and events of man's man. The gray maned octogenarian paused, turned and, peering over his half-framed horn-rimmed glasses he looked directly at the now-a-bit rosy cheeked freshman and responded, "What's that, Miss Porter? What did you say?"

"Savages, sir" was her fragile reply.



"Louder, dear. You, all of you (giving a sweeping gaze to the entire class) have chosen to attend Veritas University. Veritas is Latin for...for..."

"Truth!" was the exuberant response (orientation by upperclassmen had prepared them for the inevitable question).

"Yes, truth. And, as we shall all be reminded in this class and throughout your tenure here at "True U," truth must be vigorously proclaimed and protected or error, as has been so often the case, will take hold once again and lead to yet another chapter of shameful doings." (The instructor, pausing a moment to gaze at the lazily turning overhead fan, leaned back against the Blackboards' ledge and then, pointing the yellow instrument towards the young lady, he continued) "Miss Porter, you were saying?"

"Savages, sir;" she said with manufactured vigor. "To consider the murder of pre-born children...a right. What...monsters." This last utterance was accompanied by a quivering lip and a watering eye and, seeing this the kindly professor offered a tissue before returning to the board to continue the listing.

--The time: the distant future. The effects of the Iranian-born nuclear war a distant memory. Many American cities had been incinerated in the conflict due to the piling on that took place. Ironically, it was Israel that ultimately saved the fallen eagle and now, also ironically, Higher Education has returned to its honorable roots.--

Thank you for tolerating the above fantasy. It is somewhat birthed by the ongoing revelations of the despicable Planned Parenthood organization. However, and again, their liberty to let their (our) lower-nature do terrible things comes from the Supreme Court; and their wayward reasonings come from the once hallowed halls of higher education, and ultimately from hell itself.

Yes, BARBARIANS and SAVAGES are words that are making their way into the political discourse of this election cycle; and rightly so. However, one more word needs to be added...COWARDS. For that's what we have become to allow evil to take residence for so long when we have the civilized remove it.

P.S.  I thought about putting one of those grisly, truthful pictures of an aborted (murdered) child atop the blog. But I am weary of them. So very weary.