Friday, April 20, 2012

We Pigs?

Pretty Please
(by R.P.Edwards)

Would it be possible
Pretty please
To lean towards good
And not towards...sleaze?
To practice truth
In the inward part
Where outward polish
Reflects the heart
When words like "honor"
Include your skin
To love the light
And shun the sin
To tame the flesh
With its wayward ways
To pause the paws
To kneel...and pray
Oh, is it possible?!
In this tawdry time
To remember virtue
And make it mine
To choose the better
Though 'gainst the flow
To walk the walk
And build anew
With common stones
A republic worthy
Of own
And give the children
At our knees
Who reach and whisper
"Pretty please."

6 Many a man proclaims his own loyalty, But who can find a trustworthy man?
7 A righteous man who walks in his integrity— How blessed are his sons after him. 
(Proverbs 20:6,7 NAS)

In response to those of the Secret Service who were doing a, er, Disservice to us all.  

I'll not belabor the point.  Some of our "protect the President" professionals were caught doing unprofessional things with prostitutes.  Yes, shameful. Yes, disturbing.  But, to this weary one who tires of "our" tendencies towards the's just plain sad.

Yes, I know we universally have the "flesh" to deal with.  And yes, I know the human heart naturally leans towards the unclean; thus we need a Savior (and yes I'm a big fan of the second chance.) But can't we, at least today, can't we at least TRY to be moral; try to be virtuous; try to be someone our heritage might possibly be proud of? And maybe, once we get our own house in order, perhaps we can remind those over us that it would be nice if they...set the example.