Thursday, March 31, 2016

Where is the Church?

Where is the Church?
(by R.P.Edwards)

It used to be
Long ago
The CHURCH decided 
Where to go
But now the godless
Throw their weight
And push their sin
To Peter's gate

A while back I wrote a little blurb about the general godlessness associated with cities. What caused my little tirade was the decision of Charlotte NC to pass an ordinance that, in the guise of progressive anti-discrimination, allowed men with identity issues to enter women's bathrooms while my daughter or granddaughter are in there. Madness.  

Well, the state government decided to right this obvious wrong by passing an overriding ordinance, HB2. The thing is, the head law enforcement guy (AG), Ray Cooper, says he won't enforce it. Forget that the people want it (and decency demands it!), and that it's his JOB, he has decided to side with the anti-christian forces (let's be honest here; it's a battle of belief), and push for the normalization of indecent behavior (again, a man...with MY the public restroom!)

And, adding to the madness, there are powerful forces that add their unholy amen to the argument. American Airlines, Google, Facebook founder (what's his name), various city Governments etc; all sincerely (and I'll give them that) pushing for their godless tenets to rule the day.

But, rather than go on (oh, a linking to elements of the Democratic Party is certainly in order), my question is; where is the Church? The Church (the Bible believing one) USED to be a force to be reckoned with in our society. IT was the definer of decency and, ITS tenets held sway when America actually became great. And now that the unappreciative are misusing their unearned inheritance (to the detriment of all); where is that voice that declared, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." My friend, America will never truly be great again without it.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Thoughts

Foundation Waiting
(by R.P.Edwards)

Foundation forgotten
Still to find
For those whose heart
Supplants the mind
For fleshly reasoning
Seeks the flame
But humble hearts
Call out the name
This gentle offering is being written on Easter (Resurrection Day) night, and let me begin with a memory.
Long, long ago; when this writer was a late teenager, I was a lowly swab on a destroyer stationed in Pearl Harbor (no, I'm not THAT old). Among those who were my betters there was a Chief Petty officer (his name escapes me) who had a sour disposition and, the fact that I was a fledgling Christian probably didn't help.
One day, as I was manning the telephone at the Quarterdeck (where navy folk came on or exited the ship), I received an outside call, and the voice I heard belonged to said Chief. However, rather than the snarling superior that I expected, he began to give me fatherly advice as to matters of faith. Honestly...I thought he was drunk.
Well, it turns out that this gentleman had had a hospital experience that caused him to pause and consider seriously his life's path, and final destination. He had already heard of the Savior, Jesus (through his wife, I believe), and the humbling caused by the ailment put things (the important things) in perspective. He reached out for mercy and, simply put, his life was transformed. We, in fact, became quite cordial, to the point that he, on at least one occasion, had me accompany him to a religious gathering. Yes, his transformation was genuine; because his God...was/is genuine.
So, to my point: I KNOW from experience that the resurrected Jesus is real. He in fact lives in my breast even now and our fellowship is ongoing. For, you see, I too had a moment of clarity (as to my spiritual condition) and I too reached out to the Savior whose resurrection we celebrate this day. AND, I've seen it happen over and over and over again. Yes, those deemed irreparable in man's eyes, were/are made new, whole, reborn. And, if the reader is stirred at all at the prospect, then please click on the photo of the cross in the upper right; labeled "Of First Importance." I hope you will.

So, why the photograph above? It is a barren slab; a foundation, which once supported a structure. There's more to say about it, but I'll save that for another time. Happy Resurrection Day!


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Supreme Discord

The Mad king
(by R.P.Edwards)

What do you do
When the king is mad
His decisions, vile
His demeanor, bad
His tenure, forever
His rulings, steel
What do you do
To stop, repeal?
The people must rise
And force their hand
Remind the god
His name is man
Remove the scepter
Remove the throne
Remove the palace
Reveal the stone

I almost cringe when I hear the more "conservative" candidates in this political season remind us that the next president will appoint not only one Supreme Court Justice, but possibly many. And, these deciders will then determine the molding and message of the near-sacred document, the U.S. Constitution.

So, why my dismay? Because, dear reader, I find the notion offensive and appalling that WE the People are subject to the whims of these mere mortals even when they render heretical decisions (as they have recently, and in the past) and that our only remedy and recourse is to cross our fingers and hope the NEW demigod we appoint is benevolent in nature.

It's absurd! It's offensive! It grinds and grates against our Republican bones! And the solution (long overdue) is found in Article Five of the Constitution. In particular, the Convention of States; the method whereby the States themselves (after the appropriate number of legislators respond and coalesce) propose Amendments. One of these, no doubt, would put restrictions on the Supreme Court. 

To drive this point home: Recently, in neighboring Missouri, a filibuster by Senate Democrats was procedurally ended and Senate Joint Resolution No. 39, which puts before the voters a provision that will offer people of Religious conscience some protection from Government oppression, was passed. Why was such a provision created? Because the "answers to no one" Supreme Court decreed and demanded that the definition of marriage be expanded. AND, since they make law now; EVERY Christian institution (which cares to be devout) is at risk. 

  Although this subject is far from funny; following is a song on the subject of Judicial overreach.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Christie for Trump

(by R.P.Edwards)

Guide our paths
From cars
To pets
To hair
Someone we know
Says, so and so
And we think
"I'll go there!"

"Politics is about choosing"
(Governor Chris Christie)

Endorsements; someone you know, admire, identify with (for whatever reason), gives their nod towards a person or service, or product; and you decide to follow "their" lead.  

Happens all the time. Not counting "celebrity" endorsements on the tube, acquaintances often fill our ears with their solicited or unsolicited "two bits."  Mechanics, dentists, pet shops, grocery stores; all can be the result of hearing, "You should go their."

And so, Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey and, until recently, presidential candidate, has publicly endorsed Businessman, Donald Trump, for the highest public office. To me, this endorsement has weight.  

I've written before that "my" choice for Commander in Chief was former Governor, Mike Huckabee (who has not, at this point, endorsed anyone). I am now left with the top three and Chris Christie's words help persuade me towards the one, early on, I could not have imagined supporting. Why? Because my observation of the man (Christie) over the years has led to an admiration of his style...and substance. He strikes me as a no-nonsense problem solver with values very similar to my own. So, his rethink has contributed to mine.

For, as "capable" as the other contenders may be; when it comes right down to it I'm looking for someone with CEO qualities and experience. A Big Picture man. An individual able to delegate and detach. Not a micromanager, but a...leader. And, since I join my fellow Americans in my disdain for the political class and, by extension, their handlers; I think Mr. Trump might be exactly what we need at this pivotal point in our history. So, thank you, Governor Christie, you have caused my "lean" towards The Donald to become more acute. 

Here's a link to an interview concerning Governor Christie's decision:  Interview