Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pelosi says, "Take one for the team"

(by R.P.Edwards)

In different hues
For the cause
Their dying
But causes vary
Dark and light
And time will tell…
The wrong
The right

“Take one for the team!” a joking suggestion made to the boy at the plate who, more often than not, has just deftly (or not so much) avoided a wayward baseball.  Taking one for the team means a trip to first base…and that might lead to a run; which might lead to a win. Unfortunately, the “takee,” for his part, has a sore body-part.  It is martyrdom, on the smallest of scales. A personal sacrifice…for the greater good.

I was thinking along these lines recently as I heard of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi’s, suggestion that certain members (those whose reelection is questionable) suck it up and support the highly unpopular Healthcare legislation.  In other words, “If you’re kicked out of office, at least you know you did the “right” thing; the needful, courageous…thing.”  Another case of personal sacrifice…for the greater good.

Yes, it all comes down to belief, and brother, we are “believers.”  The difficulty comes in “what” you believe…and how it effects others.  But more than an academic exercise where all sides are equal, I am convinced that there really is right and wrong, good and evil, smart…and extremely dumb.  I’d suggest these Congress folk think long and hard before they “take one for the team.”  Because, sometimes, the “team” …is just plain wrong.

Just for the heck of it (since the broad heading is ‘Martyrdom,’) I looked up some final penned thoughts by…Kamikaze pilots.  Here’s what a Captain Kenichi Shibuya wrote before aiming his flying bomb towards U.S. forces off Okinawa.

It is a silly idea of an ordinary man to look for a way he can both survive and win the war. Now I will accept my death and make a suicide attack. However, only gods know how the war would turn out. I believe it is a true national crisis. Although I am going to die, that doesn't mean that I will completely die. I will live in eternal righteousness.


That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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