Monday, May 31, 2010


From “The Stone”
(by R.P.Edwards)

Then I speak of God
And I speak of faith
And the truth that will not bend
Of how compromise destroys this land
That they died…to defend
Of how manhood starts
On bended knees
With a humble heart
With but one to please
Then to stand and fight
And act as men
And by this we will…remember them

You look on the calendar.  There are two mentions of “Memorial Day.”  The actual “day,” and “observed.”  Today is “observed.”  This whole “move it to Monday” thing came about from a little Washington magic called the “Uniform Monday Holiday Act,” which took effect January 1, 1971.  I suppose there are many  these days (especially among the under fifty crowd) who think it has always been so, but, like so many things…it has not always been…so.

The “poem” lead-in is a lyric portion from the song, “The Stone,” which, if you haven’t heard it, is listed in the video bar (to your left).  Dedicated to all our fallen heroes, but especially those of World War II, this verse is my personal lament over a nation that has, in many ways, drifted away from the values, beliefs, groundings…of those who fell at Iwo Jima, Normandy, Okinawa, and a thousand other named and unnamed places.  And I wonder; if they could be reborn among us; if these, the hundreds of thousands, could step into our society as they were; before the bullet or the bomb or the bayonet; I wonder; knowing what they knew, and believing what they believed; I wonder what they would think of what we have done with the “freedom” they afforded us?  I wonder if they would question our stewardship of the “Liberty” they passed on?  Would they smile as they walked past the abortion clinics, and strip clubs, and casinos?  Would they nod approvingly at the revelation that “God” has been banished from the classroom and the courthouse?  Would they applaud the redefining of marriage and morality? 

Here’s my point:  I am extremely grateful for every American who has sacrificed all…for us.  I mourn, and appreciate them.  It is only right to honor them; it is only fitting to take special notice of and offer tender care to their loved ones.  But our greatest responsibility; our greatest act of devotion by far…is to preserve these United States.  To preserve this nation…for which they so willingly died.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oklahoma is more than Okay

Oklahoma, you’re Okay!
(by R.P.Edwards)

You’re okay!
That’s what all the babies say
You try your best
To give them life
While Illinois
Gives death, and strife
I find it hard
 To understand
Why Illinois
Is “Lincoln Land”
If I were he
I would disown
And make “your” state
My very own

To the spiritually minded; it’s a given.  That is, if a baby or young child dies before the age of “knowing,” they are ushered unhindered through the pearly gates and into the arms of the waiting Savior.  What isn’t so well known, however, is that instead of a rapid maturing, they actually grow up in normal time in the heavenly environment.  Well, as you can imagine, some nurturing is needed and, along with the myriad of angels and compassionate volunteers, a rather tall and lanky gentleman (wearing a white stovepipe hat) is often seen among the babes.  “Dad, are you here again?” “Oh, hello Willie.  Yes, I can’t stay away.”  “I don’t get it, Pop.  There’s plenty of help around here.  Wouldn’t you rather hang out with Mr. Adams or George Washington?” “Oh, we’ve got plenty of time for that, son.  It’s just that….” “Don’t tell me.  The whole “Land of Lincoln” thing?” “Yes, Illinois, our home for a while.  Well, they kill a lot of babies there.  And frankly, I’m embarrassed.  I’m embarrassed that they associate my name with such an evil practice as…abortion.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some work to do.  Come here little fella!  That’s it.  You’re okay now.  Shhhh.  Don’t worry, I’ll love you.  Yes…I’ll love you.  Now, how about a little song.  Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord…

Thank God for legislators in Oklahoma.  They get it.  They understand that abortion…kills a baby.  And, they’re trying their darndest to keep that from happening.  In the latest case they overrode a veto by Governor Brad Henry who wanted to stop a law that requires detailed information from abortion minded physicians.  This, coupled with ultrasounds, warnings, restrictions on the RU-486, well, it seems that there’s at least one state in the union…that is on the side of the innocent.

Now, Illinois, on the other hand; we’re just the opposite.  Indeed, the “Land of Lincoln” goes out of its way to accommodate abortionists and their grisly industry.  In fact, if your state gives you a hard time…come to Illinois!  We’ll happily oblige you.  Yes, we’ll gladly help you dispose of your “chattel.” And, please, don’t be put off by our state slogan (mentioned above); we may talk about honest Abe, but we certainly don’t emulate him.  Yes, saying and doing are two separate things entirely in this state.  But maybe you already know that from some of our other famous sons.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We need them out!

We need them out!
(by R.P.Edwards)

We need them out!
We need them gone!
We need release
From right…gone wrong
We need some new, that knows the old
We need some truth
We need it told!
We don’t need them
We don’t need these
We don’t need their unending sleaze
Their PC puke
Their twisted view
Their constant drain
On me, on you
So, out the door!
Now, move your feet!
Now, take your garbage
To the street!
You had your chance
But we chose wrong
But now we choose
And you…are gone!

“It only takes a second.  A millisecond. And your dead.  And when you’re dead; when your distracted dead butt is scraped off the field and placed in that body bag and stacked with the others; the others that are there…because of you.  I’ll be the one writing that letter to your mom, your dad, your little brother and sister.  I’ll be the one writing the letters to the other moms and dads.  I’ll be the one trying to explain to HQ why this elite, top-notch outfit…failed to react properly.  Failed to react…because “you” were distracted.
NOW, FOCUS &%$#!!!”

Distraction.  On the road…it can kill you.  For a surgeon, it can kill the patient.  For the military…it can kill…a nation. 

I read how a particular PC congressman is going to offer an amendment to the current defense spending legislation to hurriedly end the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy that has been in place since the Clinton days.  Understand, this “issue” is already under study; under consideration.  But, doggone it!, he just can’t wait!

Listen, PC is wonderful when it is quarantined to Universities or Hollywood.  They can play their little make-believe game…and I’m fine with it.  But, when they inject their warped ways into our military…that bugs me.  Bad enough these men and women have to lay their lives on the line (remember, this is a voluntary force), but now they may have to adapt to yet another variable in an already complex equation. And, the more variables, the greater the chance…for distraction.  And, when the military is distracted….people die.

So, let’s man up, America!  If you fell for the Hope and Change Bilge; if you swooned when President O said he was a Christian and purred the other buzz words we love to hear…and voted for him and his followers, well, the beauty of this republic…is that you can change your mind.  What say we do that?  Let’s simply do…that.  Change our minds.  These “representatives” need to go.  For all our sakes.  They need to be…gone!

That’s what I think. How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Monday, May 24, 2010


To the Bullies
(by R.P.Edwards)

Here’s to the bullies
And all of their ways
Using their “powers”
To hurt and dismay
Reciting and roaring
Their mantra…of ME!
While killing and eating
Their fodder…of thee
Yes, here’s to the bullies
How fleeting their reign
Of pointed persuasion
By fear
And by pain
For time will dethrone them
They’ll vanish as air
With none to remember
For “none” …was their care

It was a strange, and ironic turn of events.  CEO, F.P. Jones, of the Sun Gathering Corporation (a fairly new alternative energy company, located in the Mojave desert) had, just two hours prior, left the rank and file at the main plant and now, just ten miles from, he was walking in 110 degree heat because his classic Mercedes convertible (’71 280SL) died from a pesky “short” he hadn’t bothered to fix.  And this “forget” was compounded by the “at home” phone.   Anyway, stripped of his dark Brioni suit jacket and bold Kiton tie, he, his Forzier shirt unbuttoned to the buckle, barely shuffled along the right side of the blazing ribbon, confident that one of the “union guys” who got off at four would stop and give “the big cheese” a ride to safety.  Although repulsed by the thought, he knew that the salaried, who he had thoroughly  “laid into” at their lunch time gathering, wouldn’t be by for at least two more hours and, surely, surely!, one of the “ union scum” would stop and help the ’Big Boss’ before he keeled over; dead.  Well, they got “off” alright.  One after another they came and went and, although the first slowed enough to recognize the afflicted, when he did so…he merrily sped away.  Then, it was great sport.  One after another they roared by.  Some honking.  Other’s gesturing.  Some doing the ol’ stop and go trick until, finally--as the not-so-mighty Mr. Jones was on one knee, head down--an ancient, blue, Ford Fiesta rattled to a stop and a lowly laborer put a hand under the sweaty pit of  the executive and helped him into the torn vinyl passenger seat.  As “bump” turned the rig around, Mr. Jones (a half drunk bottled water on his lap); he looked at his rescuer and asked, “Why…why’d you pick me up.”  “Because, sir,” the unshaven replied, “I serve a higher master.  And "He" commands that I must not give way…to hate.  And that (his eyes leaving the road for just a second) includes hating someone…as deserving…as you.”

Breakfast: Toast, and stale Cheetos.  The toast was planned. The cheesy snack; a victim of opportunity. 

Concerning, again, the Arizona law; it has been revealed within the last week that this legislation that supposedly “mirrors” the federal standard, actually falls well short of it.  While the state decree requires a lawful stop before inquiry can be made; the federal “do” requires…nothing.  Yes, just a “hankerin’” on the part of the G-man, and he can get in your face…and demand to see your “papers.”

I gotta tell you; I don’t like it.  Not because we don’t need the illegals out; we do.  But because this kind of power; this kind of anywhere, for any reason, power; leads to abuse.  We’ve all seen it; on the playground, in the neighborhood, or on the job.  When those who are bigger and stronger (some, not all, thankfully) lose their “fear” of judgment, they enter into the realm of oppressor and, with each penalty-free transgression; with each “I got away with it!,” they acquire the undeserved mantle of deity.  And, like all such usurpers before them…they must, and will fall.  Yes, whether it’s bully bob who finally gets a bloody nose, or the sinful, suited CEO who’s justly booted to the curb; bullies all have a day of comeuppance.  But, it would be far better if we did not allow “bullies” to arise in the first place.

So, concerning the Arizona debacle; here’s the solution.  To our Washington politicians:  “Do your stinkin’ job!”  It’s that simple.  Seal the border.  Seal the border. SEAL THE BORDER!  Then, after that, we can decide how to best deal with those already inside.  And, once that’s taken care of, we won’t need Gestapo wannabes slinking along side United States citizens and saying, “Show me your papers!”

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Lonely Professor

The Lonely Professor
(by R.P.Edwards)

Pity the professor
Alone at liberal U
Daring to depend on facts
Instead of PC’s spew
Rowing hard against the flow
Disparaged for his words
Yet "his" will stand the test of time
When truth…is finally…heard

It was a bit of a fluke, a misstep, a “since you’re here” kind of thing.  Working the evening shift I had some time available in the a.m. and, since “honey do’s” weren’t on the radar (not even close), I plopped down on the couch and, there it was, the second half of the classic movie, “Mr. Smith goes to Washington.”  Well, my wife caught some of it and, since she couldn‘t or wouldn‘t shirk her chores, she asked that I record the rest.  “Okay, darling.”  As it turns out, I recorded more than asked.  Yes, somehow the movie, “The Mortal Storm,” which came on after Mr. Smith, tagged along for the ride.

The Mortal Storm (1940) was another Jimmy Stewart movie (guess it was “his” day on TCM), anyway, this tale told of a German family in the Bavarian alps around the time of Adolph Hilter’s ascension to power.  The patriarch, Viktor Roth (played by Frank Morgan, the Wiz from the famous “over the rainbow” movie) was a non-Aryan and, although a learned and respected professor at the local university, his “fact” finding that “all” human blood is the same (i.e. Aryan’s aren’t special) eventually gets him locked up…and then killed.  Seems the good professor wouldn’t bow to the Nazi PC.  It cost him his life.

Now, back to me.  Later in the day I spent a few minutes perusing the prominent paper from across the river.  In the St. Louis Post Dispatch I read of how a gifted Physics Prof, Jonathan Katz, was booted from an elite team of “experts” who had been compiled by the Obama folk to help solve the Gulf oil conundrum.  Why was he axed?  Because--wait for it--he speaks his mind on a variety of subjects.  And some of his “thoughts” are not politically correct.  In particular, his essays on homosexuality and climate change are quite irksome to those who have the president’s ear (and heart, no doubt). 

So, here’s to you, Professor Katz.  Keep writing and speaking your mind.  Sometime in the future, when objective truth again has value; your words will stand.

Update:  When this blog was first posted I provided links to the Post-Dispatch article, the Washington University web page for Prof Katz, and a link to his article, "In defense of Homophobia."  Now, all three are unavailable.  Hmmm.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blumenthal's Handlers

The Handlers
(by R.P.Edwards)

Here’s to the handlers
The masters of words
Crafting a craft
To float the absurd
Taking for granted
The hearers…are dull
Slow of discerning
Too shallow…to mull
Yes, here’s to the handlers!
Their jobs are secure
For they’ll always have truths
To bend…and to blur

I kind of feel sorry for the guy.  Richard Blumenthal; the democratic pick to replace Senator Dodd from Connecticut.  Apparently the attorney general claimed something he oughtn’t, and, since absolutely everything these days is on the record…he got caught.  So, what was his faux pas?  What was, and is “the scandal?”  Simply this; he said he served in Vietnam, when he never left the U.S. of A. 

Now, I don’t know exactly why Mr. Blumenthal did it.  Perhaps he just wanted to “pad” his resume.  Perhaps, in the four decades since; perhaps there’s been a blurring of the lines; an identifying with his brothers in arms who were often treated as “war criminals” instead of wounded warriors.  Maybe it was as simple as…it makes a better story.  But to me, the interesting aside is his response, and the why of it.

Here‘s an excerpt.  The setting: a VFW hall, midday, “Now, on a few occasions I have misspoken about my service, and I regret that, and I take full responsibility.”  Then, curiously, there was a quick deflection supporting the “Reserves” as if the ire aimed at him somehow included that Marine Corp body.  Then, when asked if he should apologize (his supporters shouting, “NO!”), he returned to the word of the day… “misspoke.” 

Here’s my take:  I think Richard B. has been mishandled.  No doubt his ‘counselors’ advised him to use the aforementioned silky synonym (along with ‘misspeak’ and ‘misplaced words’) to soften the offense, plus, there was probably encouragement to employ the standard “bob and weave” technique and, let’s not forget; “deflect, deflect, deflect.” But, for a change, why not be… brutally honest.  Why not bare your heart; expose your soul? Here’s what I would have preferred to hear, “My advisers have told me that in order to stay in this race…I have to somehow diminish what I’ve done.  They told me to use phrases like, “I misspoke,” or “I misplaced some words,” and to deflect the rightful criticism of me…to the military.  Now, I appreciate those who are looking out for me, but, upon reflection, in all honesty, I have to tell you…I lied.  Believe me, it was not my intention to lie.  And I’m not exactly sure why I did it, other than, as I stood before heroes; those who have put themselves in harms way; and, as my appreciation for these has grown over the years, well, I guess I wanted to be a part of them.  I wanted to have a more intimate sharing in their struggle, their perspective…their history.  And so, on a few occasions, I got wrapped up in the moment and…I lied.  And for these errors, sins, if you will, I deeply apologize.  But, having said this, I hope; I HOPE you have room in your hearts for an imperfect man.  I hope you have a place for a public servant who, although made of flesh, will work tirelessly…for you.  And I promise, I PROMISE, I shall strive, daily, DAILY, to never again betray your trust….

Now…couldn’t you vote for a man like that?

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kagan vs Thomas

The Pick
(by R.P.Edwards)

The means to an end
A pawn…to a queen
A nation to own
Fulfilling “the dream”
Though scepter’s suspended
Feigning a pause
Yet giving’s…a given
For she feeds…the cause

I needed to send ‘Pop’ a present and , once again, Amazon came to the rescue.  A book, a book, but which one?  Then it caught my eye… “My Grandfather’s Son,” a memoir by Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas.  Although I hadn‘t read it, I figured, since my World War II generation “dad” is conservative of view; I thought he might like it.  He did.  Then he sent it to me…and now I write.

You know, my taste in literature is both shallow…and deep.  Not one for fiction (although I put my hand to it) or most non-fiction (with notable exceptions), I prefer a smattering of periodicals (shallow) or that which deals with my relationship with God.  So…although my yearnings would not have led me naturally to the judge’s words, while reading it I discovered a depth of spirituality…I did not expect.

In this volume the jurist lays out his life from the carefree days of Pinpoint, Georgia, to his seating on the highest court.  From barefoot to barrister, from student to solicitor, from simplicity to skeptic…to salvation; he bares all; and “all” ever returns to his upbringing by his grandparents.  And, of the day of his “daddy’s “ funeral, he writes, “Myers tried to console me, and Jamal patted me on the back, but the only thing that could have eased my pain was the touch of the man we were laying to rest.  I wept beyond tears, slipping into the barren, rhythmic heaves of a body seeking something more.

And then…there is the account of the “High-tech lynching” (his words) that he experienced at the hands of  our venerable senators; many of whom could not bear the thought of a non-activist judge being added to the mix.  Vilified, slandered, humiliated; here were the depths that were willingly plumbed by those who would dare sculpt our constitution…in their own image.  Following is an excerpt by the nominee, shortly before the final vote:  “This is a circus.  It is a national disgrace.  And from my standpoint, as a black American, as far as I am concerned, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that, unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you, you will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the U.S. Senate rather than hung from a tree.

And so, Ms. Kagan has been nominated and will go before the committee.  But, since her leanings are left I sincerely doubt her  “grilling” will be go much beyond a “simmer.” Yes, since she will likely continue in the ways of redefining “right,” I’m sure only gentle murmurs and mumblings will be lofted her way.  Pity.  For through the fire…comes the gold.  And, as far as I’m concerned, Judge Thomas…is gold.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Was it really worth it?

Corner Cutters
(by R.P.Edwards)

They cut corners
What a surprise
Dirty doings from shielded eyes
Feigning compliance
When in the light
But bending the rules
When out of sight
But do not fret
Or be dismayed
Corporate beings
Are all this way
Yes, lifeless ledgers
Own their soul
So cutting corners
Is the way…to go.

The West Virginia mine, where twenty-nine lives were needlessly lost, and twenty-nine families were needlessly wounded, and  twenty-nine precious human tendrils that reached out, and back, but now--because of their brutal severing--never forward: the West Virginia mine, or rather, the corporation that owns said hole in the ground, over a four year span prior to the blast this soulless entity had received approximately four hundred citations as to the failure of this coal producer to meet certain safety standards.  And now, with the miners forever underground, the government is investigating to see if there was criminal intent.  Pleeease.

And so, whether it be the rule-bending in the coal mine, the oil rig, in the housing market, on Wall Street, or in all levels of government, we have an abundance of evidence that what the Scripture declares is most certainly true:  “The heart is desperately wicked.”  Thus: laws and rules.  Yes, in order to curb the dark side of man--that which seeks maximum profit with blatant disregard for consequence (human or otherwise)--we place upon ourselves…limits.  But, through my half century of life I’ve seen that the determined profiteer can--like those nighttime scenes of prisoners at a WW II POW camp--they can evade the spotlight as they desperately seek their ends.  And, conversely, I’ve seen internal “rules” bent and nuanced to the point where their monetary “desires”…are also met (and the human cost be damned!)

So, the conclusion:  It starts with the individual.  The self-regulated worker.  The self-regulated supervisor.  The self-regulated manager; one after another up the corporate ladder until the pinnacle is reached.  Yes, an atmosphere, from the bottom up and from the top down where character counts, and conscience is not a thing on the page…but in the heart.  But as for me, I think large Corporations--since they are soulless--ever tend towards evil, therefore we, their stewards, must be all the more vigilant.

 (My apologies to Joni Mitchell)

I’ve looked at rules from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It’s rule illusions I recall
I really don’t know rules…at all

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Eric needs CliffsNotes

CliffsNotes, please
(by R.P.Edwards)

Eric didn’t read it
Didn’t have time
Just caught the headlines
Another’s opine
And yet, he makes comments
Judgments to come
But Eric didn’t read it
That sounds kind of…dumb

You gotta love it.  As I was mulling over Eric Holder’s admission that he hasn’t actually read the ten page (whew!) Arizona immigration law, and that he is seriously considering a lawsuit to stop it’s implementation; it brought me back to that ancient aid for lazy students…CliffsNotes.  If you recall, these handy summaries give you the “what the teacher wants” gist of whatever boring novel or literary work Mrs. Crabtree assigns.  I must admit, I used them a time or two.  But CliffsNotes for a ten page document?  You won’t find it (yet).

Well, trying to be one up on the Attorney General of the United States, I pulled up said document and…looked it over.  Confession:  I skimmed.  Too darn dry.  But, what came across was not some naziesque “Final Solution” Latino hunt, but rather a trying to deal with a problem that…thanks to an inept federal government, shouldn’t even be there.  And so, the police, while in the natural course of their duties, may ask about immigration status (Illinois used to treat seat-belt violations this way), but, it’s always going to seem like racial profiling.  So, Jan, Eric, here’s an idea:  How about “every time” police pull someone over for a non-immigration mess up; they have to prove citizenship.  This removes the race factor. Everybody.  Every time.   But first…there has to be a non-immigration violation.

Back to CliffsNotes; as I was checking the website I saw, at the bottom, a (no kidding) CliffsNotes App for the i-phone.  If Mr. Holder had that he could have, after the pesky question, taken a quick potty break and prepared for the test.  Yes, a whole new opportunity for the CliffsNotes folk.  And, as I said in the beginning…you gotta love it.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rethinking Arizona

The “Immigration” Game

The fed did nada
So Jan takes the ball
She runs for the end zone
While bystanders call
Her thought is of winning
“Their” words meant to blame
But she’s on a team
And they’re not…in the game

Enlightening.  Did a little research before the keyboard calisthenics.  Watched a video interview taken from Greta’s show a few days back and, before Jan Brewer--the controversial governor (“controversial,” as in ‘she takes her job seriously‘)--said her piece, Ms. Van Susteren played a brief montage whereby some familiar political faces (Hillary, Mitt, Rudy, Arnold and Barak) spoke, in years past, about the importance of securing the southern border.  As I said…enlightening.

Well, at first I was a little leery, cautious, questioning about this “law” that the good governor had signed whereby Arizona police, in the process of their duties, can address the growing problem of “people who shouldn’t be here”…being here.  Well, you’d think she’d outlawed Christmas, or April Fool’s day (for my Atheist friends), but, she says, and I believe her, that this “law” merely mirrors (as in ’the same’) the federal law.  The difference being, of course, the Federal “words” mean nothing, and the “state” words…do.

Listen, it all comes down to “this is my house,” and since the local police won’t do their job…I will.  Here’s an interesting tidbit; Ms Brewer went on to say that one thousand illegals cross the border every day (every day!) and that eighty-seven percent of these have a criminal record!  And…we’re supposed to chastise her because she wants it stopped and the federal government (which is supposed to secure the border ) won‘t?  Pleeease. 

So, to the chief executive of Arizona I say…you go girl!  Hang tough!  Ignore the nay sayers…and keep doing the right thing.  Let the others make their political points while they invest nothing but…air.  You, Ma’am, are in a fight for your life. And they…frankly…don’t live 'here'.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not so Jolly Rancher

Candy Criminals 
(by R.P.Edwards)

Want a condom?
Here you go
Abortion field trip?
“they’ll never know”
But eating candy?!
Now that’s a crime.
Yes, you’re a villain!
And you’ll do…time

“Have you got it?” Ten year old, Daniel Thorton, paused at the whisper that was so well aimed (like a gnat in the ear) that only he could hear it.  He stopped (as if pausing to adjust his cumbersome, crimson back-pack) and listened for an addendum.  “Meet me in the boys room, second floor, stall three, five minutes.”  
At the appointed time and place--minus the backpack--the class “brain” adjusted his horn-rimmed glasses and slowly walked to the potty portal, number three of five.  He paused at the crack and, making eye contact, an arm thrust quickly out and, in a moment, two fourth graders stood toe to toe; one with a hand out, open; the other, hand over, and clenched.  “I got what you wanted, Butch,” said DD (Dan the Dealer), “but it’ll cost you.  The screws are tightening security like you wouldn’t believe.”  A second later, “it” was released and, for a full half minute both looked with awe and admiration at the ruby red cellophaned treasure that glistened in the sterile fluorescent light which gushed from the overhead tubes.  “I didn’t tell you what flavor,” said the slightly larger and obviously in need of a “fix” customer as he hurriedly shucked the cubish confection and held it for a moment, mere millimeters from his open mouth.  “You told me ‘red,’” said Daniel, slowly counting the ten acquired ‘clams’ which were then folded quickly and placed into his bulging pocket protector.  “But, from our past association, I thought you’d appreciate…” At this, as the candy alighted on the tongue, both uttered the word (one with ecstatic exuberance), “Cinnamon!”

Leighann, a ten-year-old lass in a Texas elementary school received a 23 calorie treat from her friend and, along with it, detention.  It seems the state frowns upon such excess and, apparently this particular school knows how to set an example.  The troublemakers were kept from lunch and recess and ordered to write an ‘essay’ explaining why their ‘act’ was a rule-breaker.  Her parents were not amused.

(Sigh) Are you as weary as I at the twisted mores and meddlings thrust upon our children in, what used to be, the carefree classroom?  Candy is bad.  Abortion is good (heck, we’ll help you get one!), and condoms?  Come and get ‘em!  Gone are the days of the Ten Commandments on the wall, a simple prayer, an uncontroversial pledge, and an honor and respect for founding principles…and founders.  Now, thanks to--you guessed it--the all knowing Supremes (and the impotent doings of our Representatives) our precious children are tethered to the tawdry tenets of the elite: tenets that neither brought us here, or can possibly bring us forward.  And, since no end is in immediate sight, and “our” children are only with us a short time, I think the spoken sentiment of young Leighann’s mother is one we all should consider: “I will put her in a private school if I have to.”

That's what I think. How about you?  Click comments below...and say.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

VE Day remembered

Home Coming
(by R.P.Edwards)

Another number
A passing still
No emotion
No grief, or thrill
Just nods and sighs
As elders say
And rob their children
A minutes…play
How sad that we
So oft ignore
The builders touch
On roof…and door
And walls, secure
Foundation laid
This freedoms home
By others…paid
Common is
The child’s view
That truth is now
And freedom…due
Till over time
With troubles tome
We “hear” the words
And heroes…own

I was reminded that this is the sixty-fifth anniversary of VE Day.  Victory in Europe.  Victory over Nazi Germany and the almost incomprehensibly murderous ways of Adolph Hitler and his kind.  That conflict cost America much.  And, I dare say, without the United States; there wouldn‘t have been a victory.  And, if no victory…

Now, I plead ignorance, and, to a degree, indifference.  I have, without question, and with zero effort on my part, been handed a free society that, though imperfect, has allowed me to pursue my every selfish whim, and speak, with near impunity, my pea-brained mind.  Yet, as said, I didn’t work for it.  I didn’t fight for it.  I certainly didn’t bleed for it.  But, dear reader, someone else…did.

And so, it is yet another, ho-hum, day of memorial.  But, before we pass through it without a second sober thought; before we so readily disdain and dismantle the very foundation that, in our parent’s and grandparents time, launched millions into a malevolent maelstrom of hate, let us, for a moment…stop.  Yes, let us stop and take a new fresh breath of freedom; let us pause and focus on the faces of our children; children born and cradled and nurtured where liberty still lingers.  And, before we step back onto the tired treadmill of our “responsibilities,” let us endeavor to add one more.  That being…to never forget and, to be ever ready…to follow their example.  Might be a good time to view The Stone video located in the side bar. It is dedicated to the "Greatest Generation."

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Friday, May 7, 2010

No to vouchers. kids

Why Vouchers
(by R.P.Edwards)

It’s not about the children
We need to make that clear
For in a few short years
The “children” won’t be here
Oh, sure, you speak in abstracts
About their future care
“My” children need attention now!
By then, they won’t be…there

The Illinois House had the opportunity to pass a bill that would have allowed kids in Chicago’s failing schools to receive a voucher whereby their parents could choose a viable alternative (be it public or private) to help these children--wait for it--learn.  Opponents said it would take funds from the needful public institutions (not true) and that “vouchers” have been shown to be ineffective (open to debate.)  So, what appeared as a win for the kids…was turned into a “do your time” sentence.  In other words; the minds and lives of “today’s” youth are willingly sacrificed to entertain the lofty notion that “someday” these public schools will be better.  But real children…don’t live in “someday.”

You know, “my” child’s education is a personal thing, a “right now” thing, a life altering thing, and a “window of opportunity” thing.  While bosses and bureaucrats carefully nurture their alliances and guard their paychecks, “my” child falls through the cracks into the sewer of their self-centeredness.  You see, it really is about the kids.  And “my” kids are only with me a short time.  And all this talk about how competition will somehow “not” encourage excellence; and the implication that “parents” aren’t smart enough to find an institution that will actually “teach” their child?  Well, it’s outrageous, beyond contempt, and certainly another reason to give many of our legislators…the boot.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Abortion is...

Abortion is…
(by R.P.Edwards)

‘Abortion’ is an abstract
A distant, sterile place
 Until you hold a baby
And look into his face
And realize ‘abortion’
Murders such as these
And then the word…has meaning
And drives you…to your knees

It was an unintended crossing of paths.  A veering, a detour, and, if you will…a destiny.  You see, in my humdrum existence I was required by my job “superiors” to attend, this day, a certain function; a function that took me away from my regular work area.  Anyway, having satisfied the requirement I prepared my ancient 10-speed for flight and, alas…I had a flat.  Well, since the cavalry was only a short drive away, I called, requested a lift, and added… “Meet me in front of the abortion clinic.”

Imagine this:  Imagine a facility that has killed more Americans than died in World War I, Korea,Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan…combined.  Imagine a place; a place nestled in a State (the Land of Lincoln, no less) that, by its loose and uncaring legislation says “Come; come and kill,” and, as a result…they do.  From hundreds of miles away they come; by the tens of thousands, they come.  And this, this facility, falsely named “Hope” welcomes them; welcomes their money to relieve these “parents” of their children that have so inconvenienced them…by living.

Anyway, I walked the short distance to the slaughterhouse and there, as they have been for so many years, were the intercessors, the go-betweens, the “last chance,” the compassionate, the vilified, the demonized…the “Jesus” on the sidewalk:  Angela and Daniel Michael.  Consider, this couple and their family (with the sporadic aid of others) have, year after year after year, stood and pleaded for the lives of the innocent, and offered aid to the troubled women who have been driven to the point of infanticide.  Consider, often suffering vile attacks by word and deed; assaulted, assailed, maligned, slandered, sued, and yet they continue to stand…and plead…and give.  Consider, although blessed with eleven children of their own, they opened their home, yet again, for one more; for a baby unwanted by her mother.  And, what was the message I received in the brief time we had to share a word or two?  Simply this, that a mother of “twins,” this day, would not have them killed. Yes, because “Jesus” was on the sidewalk, this day, she would let them…live.

And so, my little flat tire, my little “inconvenience” caused me to veer into a meeting that would have not happened otherwise.  And, though my passion on the subject had somewhat cooled, it has been nudged, dusted off, brought back into view.  Yes, “abortion” is not just a word…just as “slavery” was not just a word.  It is an act, a vile abomination that has gained the full attention of heaven.  And, dear reader, if we wish to do our nation well, we dare not ignore it.  We dare not…ignore “them.”

Please go the Michael’s website:  Small Victories   There you can see in the light of day, what is too often in shadows.  And, having seen…allow yourself…to be moved.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Arrogance? That's it?

Arrogance anyone?
(by R.P.Edwards)

Arrogance?  Is that your play?
Is that your trump card for the day?
Bluff and bluster, backed by “all”?
“Truth” in numbers, is that your call?
Well, pardon me if I protest
If I’m not “wise,“ like all the rest
Seeing problems with your chart
The one where “wishes,” have a part
Questioning your, connect the dots
The one with all, the empty spots
And wondering why, you “guess” the facts
And treat me badly, when I ask
Yes, perhaps I’m stupid
Born that way
Or perhaps
Is your only play

It was an invasion.  It was an air armada. One, many, hundreds! the helicopters, launched from who knows where, invaded our territory and, if they weren’t stopped; if these tiny little infiltrators weren’t destroyed, well, they’d take over.

I’m talking about whirlybirds.  You know, those finned offspring of the “neighbor‘s” tree (maple, I suppose).  Curious little inventions, they auto-rotate their way down wind to the yard next door, or the neighbor in the next block (or town, in some cases).  Anyway, they’re amazing little curiosities, and they got me to thinkin’ about…evolution.

Years ago, in my G.I. Bill days, I was shooting for this degree at a certain University.  As was, and is, the case; in order to get the sheepskin, you have to jump through preordained hoops; hoops that the wise elders say will make you a well-rounded, truly educated soul.  Anyway, I had this “science” slot to fill and I searched for an easy out.  “Hmmm, this one doesn’t have a lab,” says I while perusing the catalog (made of paper in those days)  “That’s for me!”  And so, evolution was on the plate, and I endured, like a good soldier, the oft repeated “facts” of how “all that is” sprang from nothing more than “natural selection and chance mutation.”  No God, no designer, no forethought, no plan; just stupid, mindless, blind, chance mutation, and natural selection.

Well, I was looking at this whirlybird thing that recently trespassed on my property, and I really had a problem with the evolutionary model.  “You mean, that, over time, by sheer cosmic pinball, without forethought, the DNA of this thing slowly changed to form a perfect aerodynamic fin so that the “offspring” of said tree could be properly dispersed in order to perpetuate the species (which it didn’t know, care, or think about)?”  A couple days later as I two-wheeled to work I looked up and saw a small formation (six) of Canadian geese in the classic V formation…heading somewhere.  Curious thing about this flight arrangement; it’s been shown to reduce drag and makes long uninterrupted trips, possible.  Again, no thought, no design, just a cosmic crapshoot on a winning streak.  Pleeeease.

Okay, it’s obvious by now; I think Macroevolution is a fantasy, a fairytale, a “there is no God, so here’s what is” kind of thing.  But, the point of this little diatribe has to do with, not the arguments for or against, but, rather, the poetic lead in.  In other words, the blatant arrogance that stifles thoughtful debate.  The “we know better and you’re a bumpkin” kind of thing.  We see it in the secular classroom and, on the political stage.  It’s an oft repeated elitish oozing that belittles those on the right, especially if they haven’t been through the “upper realms” of accepted academia and hang out with the “who’s who” of liberalism. We see it used against the likes of Sarah Palin, and Tea Partiers, and indeed any who dare disagree.  And, sadly, these whose theories have had nothing to do with our “getting here,” well, they have determined that their ways are the “next step” to evolutionary, societal perfection.  And, my fellow Americans, since their foundation is faulty…their carefully crafted construct…cannot stand.  I recommend, therefore, in order to thrive and survive, we push away from these “guessers” and turn  back to the manufacturer, the designer, the--in the words of the Declaration of Independence--Creator.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stupider and Stupider

(by R.P.Edwards)

Cyber-crime is so much fun
Punishment, so seldom done
The work of smart and savvy folk
And when they’re caught…
It’s all a joke!
So what! they steal, defame, defraud!
We think they’re cool
Their efforts, laud
That is, until, they jack “our” car
And then
We see them, as they are

It used to be hard to be stupid.  For instance, if you wanted to tell somebody off in writing, you’d have to actually get paper, pen, and place; you’d have to write, address, stamp and then you’d have to get up off your keister and drop the “hate mail” in the…mail.  A lot of effort.  And, of course, if you “really” wanted to mess with this individual--as in accessing their personal files and post office box--that would require  “breaking and entering” and, even the most mindless malevolents among us would realize that this kind of behavior … is criminal.

Enter modern times:  David Kernell, the then twenty year old son of a Tennessee State lawmaker, an economics major at the University of Tennessee, and definitely “not” a Sarah Palin fan, well, this lad, in prankish fashion, “hacked” her e-mail account (from the comfort of his room) and then bragged of his “accomplishment” as he shared the formerly private “information” with the world.  It wasn’t so funny when the FBI came to the door.

You know, it’s kind of weird.  Even though we perceive that our (I’m talking about the universal “us”) actions are wrong, we seem to downplay the gravity of our computer capers due to the ease of execution.  Just a few button pushes…and presto!  And, to make matters worse, once it’s out there; it’s out there (reminds me of an old Flintstone's episode where Fred tried to retrieve a scathing letter he had mistakenly written to his boss).  Sadly, however, when teens commit suicide due to internet hi jinx, it’s then we take the medium a little more seriously.  Thankfully, in this case, nothing like that happened. 

So, what to do with the lad.  Although the book could be thrown, I recommend (as if my recommendation means anything) a light sentence; about one year behind bars.  Then, to drive home the point, another year of community service in, say,…Wasilla.  Hopefully that would be sufficient to rehabilitate the outlaw.  For, I’d hate to see the young man’s life thrown away for a few minutes of stupidity.  After all, it’s so much easier…to be stupid these days.

That’s what I think?  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Get ready, it's coming

It’s Coming!
(by R.P.Edwards)

It’s coming is sure
It’s coming…is true
It’s coming…is personal
It’s coming…for you
The wise see it coming
The wise one…prepares
And in his preparing
Tells others…beware!

The other day I turned on the tube and resurrected some shows we had recorded.  Among these was “Huckabee,” and, this night, one of the former governor’s  guests was…Franklin Graham.  I offhandedly mentioned to my wife, “It won’t be long…he’ll share the gospel.  He always does.  If the segment is long, or short, the “good news” will be out there.”  And so it was.  Maybe four or five times.

I remember as a kid how watching Franklin’s famous dad, Billy, had an effect on me.  Back in those days his crusades would show up from time to time as a “special.”  He’d be in a stadium somewhere, and he’d share the simple message…God loves us, but our sin keeps us apart and destines us for hell.  But, because of His great love, He sent his son, Jesus, who paid, on the cross, the penalty “we” deserve.  And, since he paid our debt, all we need do is accept this gift; accept “Him” as Savior and Lord, and surrender ourselves to Him.  In other words: believe.  An even simpler version is summed up in perhaps the most famous scripture of all; John 3:16.

Anyway, sure enough, within a sentence or two…the gospel was given.  And yes, there was discussion of the pentagon “snub,” and media bias against Christians, and how “believing” something, by it’s very nature, means you “don’t” believe something else; but, through it all, his focus always returned…to the gospel. 

Maybe it’s because, dear reader, he sees it coming.  The “it” being the personal, inevitable, passing of each of us from this life…to the next.  Think about it; death is coming.  Whether the road is long, or short, it is coming.  Your personal demise…is homed in on you (and me, naturally) and coming.  Sure, we’ll busy ourselves with projects, and programs, and even politics.  But all these will be as nothing…when it comes.  And…the only solution for “it”…is the one provided by the one who conquered “it” on a rugged cross.
So Franklin…keep it up.  Your message, ultimately, is the only one that matters.

That’s what I think.  How about you? Click comments below…and say.