Thursday, March 14, 2019

How Unions saved the Democratic Party

How Loyalty Dies
(by R.P.Edwards)

 Is a matchless place
A sacred bond
With face to face
A binding
Ever true
An always me
With always you
But even stone
With rain decays
And "Loyalty"
Must go both ways
And as adultery kills
The marriage bond
Some twisted ties
Must not go on

It was the babies dying; that was the final straw, the violent push past the tipping point, the grisly crack that caused the dam to burst and the concrete bond to shatter. Yes, it was this ultimate betrayal that divorced Unions (many) from the party of Jefferson; which led, eventually, to the rebirth of the Democratic party, and perhaps the saving of America. 

It all started long ago. Yes, way back in grandpa's youth there were sure differences between the blue collar and the white. Back then it was Workers rights versus Corporate greed; the little guys defiantly locking arms to defend against the well-moneyed fat cats. The Democrats, the union backers, wore blue. The Republicans, red. Long ago.

Well, in the not so distant past, say a half century, the "Left" began to chisel away at more than just tight-fisted dollar holders. Their (as in "not" necessarily unions) vision was so much broader and far reaching than just paychecks and benefits. It seemed a "new" culture was their desire and, with the constant gushing from tainted Universities along with believers in high places...they got it. 

Oh, to be sure, the deflection was slow at first and, as elections came and went many in the Labor ranks comforted themselves in the voting booth with the thoughts and words: "They're really for me; they'll do what's best," as they loyally, faithfully pulled the blue lever; albeit some holding their nose.

BUT, shortly after the end of the Obama administration the gentle leaning and sliding of the left suddenly became a sprint. From out of nowhere policies that would invariably and obviously kill the economy and make millions destitute (The Green New Deal, Socialism) these were heartily proposed by freshman lawmakers and quickly adopted by the Party elite. And, as egregious as this was, the final offense was when the party of Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy pushed abortion, the destruction of innocent human life, to its very limits; even to the point of infanticide.

Well, that did it. This was the bracing slap in the face that demanded a rebuke. And, not surprisingly, it was the local unions involved in heavy industry that were the first to stand up. Before long they were joined by many others and even some public sector unions recognized the dire direction of the nation and that desperate action was needed. 

So, in the year prior to the 2020 election many in Union leadership, loudly, emphatically refused, REFUSED to endorse the Democrat nominee(s) and, although they made it clear that this abstention was for the good of the country and not necessarily a nod to the other party; the results were predictable: There was a landslide for the republican party but...this was just the beginning.

For, you see, post election there was actually very little time spent in wound licking and sour grape eating. Instead, the massive middle of the democratic party demanded an expulsion of the extreme invaders and a return to sanity. And, even when the Far Left's shock troops, Antifa, went to the streets with masks and mallets, these were more than matched by Union hard hats and hammers. AND, as a result, in the next general election the "Blue" party had not only returned to sanity, but they had office.

And that, dear reader, is how the Unions saved the Democratic party...and the nation.

But, alas, it is only a fanciful dream.


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The New Inquisition

 The New Inquisition
(by R.P.Edwards)

Doctrine Now!
Your answer, please
And by the way
Down on your knees!
Now look this way!
Into our eyes!
And answer sir
Are these your lies?!
(Apply the lash!)
How now your tongue?
Will you recant
Oh, wayward son?
There, there
Here's mercy
For the old
But next time, sir

A short time ago former Vice President, Joe Biden, had the nerve to call the current VP, Mike Pence, a "decent guy." Some elements on the left went ballistic. Why? Because Mr Pence is a traditional Christian with traditional "I believe the Bible" views on a variety of subjects. Which of course means his views don't align with the new masters of the Democrat Party and he, therefore, cannot be decent.

Poor Joe; thinking that civility still has a place in politics. Thinking that disagreement doesn't necessarily mean your opponent is "evil" or Hitleresque. Believing that maybe you two could go out for a cold one or a sandwich after the debate. But, it has been made abundantly clear to Mr Biden (and any other potential apostates) that such "tolerance" in the modern DNC is a throwback that simply will not be allowed. 

What a curious time we live in. How quickly the ancient mores and morality have been violently replaced by the new (thank you academia and Supreme Court). Let's see, however, if this "progressive" foundation has the strength and staying power of the old. In the meantime I suspect the castigating of "decent" Joe just the beginning.