Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We need them out!

We need them out!
(by R.P.Edwards)

We need them out!
We need them gone!
We need release
From right…gone wrong
We need some new, that knows the old
We need some truth
We need it told!
We don’t need them
We don’t need these
We don’t need their unending sleaze
Their PC puke
Their twisted view
Their constant drain
On me, on you
So, out the door!
Now, move your feet!
Now, take your garbage
To the street!
You had your chance
But we chose wrong
But now we choose
And you…are gone!

“It only takes a second.  A millisecond. And your dead.  And when you’re dead; when your distracted dead butt is scraped off the field and placed in that body bag and stacked with the others; the others that are there…because of you.  I’ll be the one writing that letter to your mom, your dad, your little brother and sister.  I’ll be the one writing the letters to the other moms and dads.  I’ll be the one trying to explain to HQ why this elite, top-notch outfit…failed to react properly.  Failed to react…because “you” were distracted.
NOW, FOCUS &%$#!!!”

Distraction.  On the road…it can kill you.  For a surgeon, it can kill the patient.  For the military…it can kill…a nation. 

I read how a particular PC congressman is going to offer an amendment to the current defense spending legislation to hurriedly end the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy that has been in place since the Clinton days.  Understand, this “issue” is already under study; under consideration.  But, doggone it!, he just can’t wait!

Listen, PC is wonderful when it is quarantined to Universities or Hollywood.  They can play their little make-believe game…and I’m fine with it.  But, when they inject their warped ways into our military…that bugs me.  Bad enough these men and women have to lay their lives on the line (remember, this is a voluntary force), but now they may have to adapt to yet another variable in an already complex equation. And, the more variables, the greater the chance…for distraction.  And, when the military is distracted….people die.

So, let’s man up, America!  If you fell for the Hope and Change Bilge; if you swooned when President O said he was a Christian and purred the other buzz words we love to hear…and voted for him and his followers, well, the beauty of this republic…is that you can change your mind.  What say we do that?  Let’s simply do…that.  Change our minds.  These “representatives” need to go.  For all our sakes.  They need to be…gone!

That’s what I think. How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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