Saturday, May 8, 2010

VE Day remembered

Home Coming
(by R.P.Edwards)

Another number
A passing still
No emotion
No grief, or thrill
Just nods and sighs
As elders say
And rob their children
A minutes…play
How sad that we
So oft ignore
The builders touch
On roof…and door
And walls, secure
Foundation laid
This freedoms home
By others…paid
Common is
The child’s view
That truth is now
And freedom…due
Till over time
With troubles tome
We “hear” the words
And heroes…own

I was reminded that this is the sixty-fifth anniversary of VE Day.  Victory in Europe.  Victory over Nazi Germany and the almost incomprehensibly murderous ways of Adolph Hitler and his kind.  That conflict cost America much.  And, I dare say, without the United States; there wouldn‘t have been a victory.  And, if no victory…

Now, I plead ignorance, and, to a degree, indifference.  I have, without question, and with zero effort on my part, been handed a free society that, though imperfect, has allowed me to pursue my every selfish whim, and speak, with near impunity, my pea-brained mind.  Yet, as said, I didn’t work for it.  I didn’t fight for it.  I certainly didn’t bleed for it.  But, dear reader, someone else…did.

And so, it is yet another, ho-hum, day of memorial.  But, before we pass through it without a second sober thought; before we so readily disdain and dismantle the very foundation that, in our parent’s and grandparents time, launched millions into a malevolent maelstrom of hate, let us, for a moment…stop.  Yes, let us stop and take a new fresh breath of freedom; let us pause and focus on the faces of our children; children born and cradled and nurtured where liberty still lingers.  And, before we step back onto the tired treadmill of our “responsibilities,” let us endeavor to add one more.  That being…to never forget and, to be ever ready…to follow their example.  Might be a good time to view The Stone video located in the side bar. It is dedicated to the "Greatest Generation."

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.


justaddmidget said...

Ok, time to step up my fine man.

Photo shoot if you dare. Have I ever? No, I've not needed to share.
Will you have the steel? - Yes I believe. You can keep the flannel It's you, I percieve--

Unbuttoned to the button!! Chest hair thrusting out. Look out its sharp, it cuts me about.

No wait, another thought Sharp dress- -bowler and tie, sunglasses on hat with reflections of sky.

No, not cool, and you are of such. Spandex, oiled skin wait wait too much.

The more I think the worse it gets. The picture of you on the porch as you sits. I like it. Its you, dont change your cander!
Cause you are the man, the legend --"My Bander"

R.P. Edwards said...

Wow, Mr. J., you continue to amaze. Someday I'll say, "Brian! Brian! remember me?!" And you'll say, "Security!!"

justaddmidget said...

Oh come on. My verses read as "one fish two fish, red fish blue fish". Simple yet fun, no explaination needed. I still need a dictionary to make it through one poesy.

R.P. Edwards said...

Humility...I like that.