Monday, May 17, 2010

Kagan vs Thomas

The Pick
(by R.P.Edwards)

The means to an end
A pawn…to a queen
A nation to own
Fulfilling “the dream”
Though scepter’s suspended
Feigning a pause
Yet giving’s…a given
For she feeds…the cause

I needed to send ‘Pop’ a present and , once again, Amazon came to the rescue.  A book, a book, but which one?  Then it caught my eye… “My Grandfather’s Son,” a memoir by Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas.  Although I hadn‘t read it, I figured, since my World War II generation “dad” is conservative of view; I thought he might like it.  He did.  Then he sent it to me…and now I write.

You know, my taste in literature is both shallow…and deep.  Not one for fiction (although I put my hand to it) or most non-fiction (with notable exceptions), I prefer a smattering of periodicals (shallow) or that which deals with my relationship with God.  So…although my yearnings would not have led me naturally to the judge’s words, while reading it I discovered a depth of spirituality…I did not expect.

In this volume the jurist lays out his life from the carefree days of Pinpoint, Georgia, to his seating on the highest court.  From barefoot to barrister, from student to solicitor, from simplicity to skeptic…to salvation; he bares all; and “all” ever returns to his upbringing by his grandparents.  And, of the day of his “daddy’s “ funeral, he writes, “Myers tried to console me, and Jamal patted me on the back, but the only thing that could have eased my pain was the touch of the man we were laying to rest.  I wept beyond tears, slipping into the barren, rhythmic heaves of a body seeking something more.

And then…there is the account of the “High-tech lynching” (his words) that he experienced at the hands of  our venerable senators; many of whom could not bear the thought of a non-activist judge being added to the mix.  Vilified, slandered, humiliated; here were the depths that were willingly plumbed by those who would dare sculpt our constitution…in their own image.  Following is an excerpt by the nominee, shortly before the final vote:  “This is a circus.  It is a national disgrace.  And from my standpoint, as a black American, as far as I am concerned, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that, unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you, you will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the U.S. Senate rather than hung from a tree.

And so, Ms. Kagan has been nominated and will go before the committee.  But, since her leanings are left I sincerely doubt her  “grilling” will be go much beyond a “simmer.” Yes, since she will likely continue in the ways of redefining “right,” I’m sure only gentle murmurs and mumblings will be lofted her way.  Pity.  For through the fire…comes the gold.  And, as far as I’m concerned, Judge Thomas…is gold.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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