Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Abortion is...

Abortion is…
(by R.P.Edwards)

‘Abortion’ is an abstract
A distant, sterile place
 Until you hold a baby
And look into his face
And realize ‘abortion’
Murders such as these
And then the word…has meaning
And drives you…to your knees

It was an unintended crossing of paths.  A veering, a detour, and, if you will…a destiny.  You see, in my humdrum existence I was required by my job “superiors” to attend, this day, a certain function; a function that took me away from my regular work area.  Anyway, having satisfied the requirement I prepared my ancient 10-speed for flight and, alas…I had a flat.  Well, since the cavalry was only a short drive away, I called, requested a lift, and added… “Meet me in front of the abortion clinic.”

Imagine this:  Imagine a facility that has killed more Americans than died in World War I, Korea,Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan…combined.  Imagine a place; a place nestled in a State (the Land of Lincoln, no less) that, by its loose and uncaring legislation says “Come; come and kill,” and, as a result…they do.  From hundreds of miles away they come; by the tens of thousands, they come.  And this, this facility, falsely named “Hope” welcomes them; welcomes their money to relieve these “parents” of their children that have so inconvenienced them…by living.

Anyway, I walked the short distance to the slaughterhouse and there, as they have been for so many years, were the intercessors, the go-betweens, the “last chance,” the compassionate, the vilified, the demonized…the “Jesus” on the sidewalk:  Angela and Daniel Michael.  Consider, this couple and their family (with the sporadic aid of others) have, year after year after year, stood and pleaded for the lives of the innocent, and offered aid to the troubled women who have been driven to the point of infanticide.  Consider, often suffering vile attacks by word and deed; assaulted, assailed, maligned, slandered, sued, and yet they continue to stand…and plead…and give.  Consider, although blessed with eleven children of their own, they opened their home, yet again, for one more; for a baby unwanted by her mother.  And, what was the message I received in the brief time we had to share a word or two?  Simply this, that a mother of “twins,” this day, would not have them killed. Yes, because “Jesus” was on the sidewalk, this day, she would let them…live.

And so, my little flat tire, my little “inconvenience” caused me to veer into a meeting that would have not happened otherwise.  And, though my passion on the subject had somewhat cooled, it has been nudged, dusted off, brought back into view.  Yes, “abortion” is not just a word…just as “slavery” was not just a word.  It is an act, a vile abomination that has gained the full attention of heaven.  And, dear reader, if we wish to do our nation well, we dare not ignore it.  We dare not…ignore “them.”

Please go the Michael’s website:  Small Victories   There you can see in the light of day, what is too often in shadows.  And, having seen…allow yourself…to be moved.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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