Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Arrogance? That's it?

Arrogance anyone?
(by R.P.Edwards)

Arrogance?  Is that your play?
Is that your trump card for the day?
Bluff and bluster, backed by “all”?
“Truth” in numbers, is that your call?
Well, pardon me if I protest
If I’m not “wise,“ like all the rest
Seeing problems with your chart
The one where “wishes,” have a part
Questioning your, connect the dots
The one with all, the empty spots
And wondering why, you “guess” the facts
And treat me badly, when I ask
Yes, perhaps I’m stupid
Born that way
Or perhaps
Is your only play

It was an invasion.  It was an air armada. One, many, hundreds! the helicopters, launched from who knows where, invaded our territory and, if they weren’t stopped; if these tiny little infiltrators weren’t destroyed, well, they’d take over.

I’m talking about whirlybirds.  You know, those finned offspring of the “neighbor‘s” tree (maple, I suppose).  Curious little inventions, they auto-rotate their way down wind to the yard next door, or the neighbor in the next block (or town, in some cases).  Anyway, they’re amazing little curiosities, and they got me to thinkin’ about…evolution.

Years ago, in my G.I. Bill days, I was shooting for this degree at a certain University.  As was, and is, the case; in order to get the sheepskin, you have to jump through preordained hoops; hoops that the wise elders say will make you a well-rounded, truly educated soul.  Anyway, I had this “science” slot to fill and I searched for an easy out.  “Hmmm, this one doesn’t have a lab,” says I while perusing the catalog (made of paper in those days)  “That’s for me!”  And so, evolution was on the plate, and I endured, like a good soldier, the oft repeated “facts” of how “all that is” sprang from nothing more than “natural selection and chance mutation.”  No God, no designer, no forethought, no plan; just stupid, mindless, blind, chance mutation, and natural selection.

Well, I was looking at this whirlybird thing that recently trespassed on my property, and I really had a problem with the evolutionary model.  “You mean, that, over time, by sheer cosmic pinball, without forethought, the DNA of this thing slowly changed to form a perfect aerodynamic fin so that the “offspring” of said tree could be properly dispersed in order to perpetuate the species (which it didn’t know, care, or think about)?”  A couple days later as I two-wheeled to work I looked up and saw a small formation (six) of Canadian geese in the classic V formation…heading somewhere.  Curious thing about this flight arrangement; it’s been shown to reduce drag and makes long uninterrupted trips, possible.  Again, no thought, no design, just a cosmic crapshoot on a winning streak.  Pleeeease.

Okay, it’s obvious by now; I think Macroevolution is a fantasy, a fairytale, a “there is no God, so here’s what is” kind of thing.  But, the point of this little diatribe has to do with, not the arguments for or against, but, rather, the poetic lead in.  In other words, the blatant arrogance that stifles thoughtful debate.  The “we know better and you’re a bumpkin” kind of thing.  We see it in the secular classroom and, on the political stage.  It’s an oft repeated elitish oozing that belittles those on the right, especially if they haven’t been through the “upper realms” of accepted academia and hang out with the “who’s who” of liberalism. We see it used against the likes of Sarah Palin, and Tea Partiers, and indeed any who dare disagree.  And, sadly, these whose theories have had nothing to do with our “getting here,” well, they have determined that their ways are the “next step” to evolutionary, societal perfection.  And, my fellow Americans, since their foundation is faulty…their carefully crafted construct…cannot stand.  I recommend, therefore, in order to thrive and survive, we push away from these “guessers” and turn  back to the manufacturer, the designer, the--in the words of the Declaration of Independence--Creator.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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