Monday, May 31, 2010


From “The Stone”
(by R.P.Edwards)

Then I speak of God
And I speak of faith
And the truth that will not bend
Of how compromise destroys this land
That they died…to defend
Of how manhood starts
On bended knees
With a humble heart
With but one to please
Then to stand and fight
And act as men
And by this we will…remember them

You look on the calendar.  There are two mentions of “Memorial Day.”  The actual “day,” and “observed.”  Today is “observed.”  This whole “move it to Monday” thing came about from a little Washington magic called the “Uniform Monday Holiday Act,” which took effect January 1, 1971.  I suppose there are many  these days (especially among the under fifty crowd) who think it has always been so, but, like so many things…it has not always been…so.

The “poem” lead-in is a lyric portion from the song, “The Stone,” which, if you haven’t heard it, is listed in the video bar (to your left).  Dedicated to all our fallen heroes, but especially those of World War II, this verse is my personal lament over a nation that has, in many ways, drifted away from the values, beliefs, groundings…of those who fell at Iwo Jima, Normandy, Okinawa, and a thousand other named and unnamed places.  And I wonder; if they could be reborn among us; if these, the hundreds of thousands, could step into our society as they were; before the bullet or the bomb or the bayonet; I wonder; knowing what they knew, and believing what they believed; I wonder what they would think of what we have done with the “freedom” they afforded us?  I wonder if they would question our stewardship of the “Liberty” they passed on?  Would they smile as they walked past the abortion clinics, and strip clubs, and casinos?  Would they nod approvingly at the revelation that “God” has been banished from the classroom and the courthouse?  Would they applaud the redefining of marriage and morality? 

Here’s my point:  I am extremely grateful for every American who has sacrificed all…for us.  I mourn, and appreciate them.  It is only right to honor them; it is only fitting to take special notice of and offer tender care to their loved ones.  But our greatest responsibility; our greatest act of devotion by far…is to preserve these United States.  To preserve this nation…for which they so willingly died.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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