Friday, May 7, 2010

No to vouchers. kids

Why Vouchers
(by R.P.Edwards)

It’s not about the children
We need to make that clear
For in a few short years
The “children” won’t be here
Oh, sure, you speak in abstracts
About their future care
“My” children need attention now!
By then, they won’t be…there

The Illinois House had the opportunity to pass a bill that would have allowed kids in Chicago’s failing schools to receive a voucher whereby their parents could choose a viable alternative (be it public or private) to help these children--wait for it--learn.  Opponents said it would take funds from the needful public institutions (not true) and that “vouchers” have been shown to be ineffective (open to debate.)  So, what appeared as a win for the kids…was turned into a “do your time” sentence.  In other words; the minds and lives of “today’s” youth are willingly sacrificed to entertain the lofty notion that “someday” these public schools will be better.  But real children…don’t live in “someday.”

You know, “my” child’s education is a personal thing, a “right now” thing, a life altering thing, and a “window of opportunity” thing.  While bosses and bureaucrats carefully nurture their alliances and guard their paychecks, “my” child falls through the cracks into the sewer of their self-centeredness.  You see, it really is about the kids.  And “my” kids are only with me a short time.  And all this talk about how competition will somehow “not” encourage excellence; and the implication that “parents” aren’t smart enough to find an institution that will actually “teach” their child?  Well, it’s outrageous, beyond contempt, and certainly another reason to give many of our legislators…the boot.

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