Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rethinking Arizona

The “Immigration” Game

The fed did nada
So Jan takes the ball
She runs for the end zone
While bystanders call
Her thought is of winning
“Their” words meant to blame
But she’s on a team
And they’re not…in the game

Enlightening.  Did a little research before the keyboard calisthenics.  Watched a video interview taken from Greta’s show a few days back and, before Jan Brewer--the controversial governor (“controversial,” as in ‘she takes her job seriously‘)--said her piece, Ms. Van Susteren played a brief montage whereby some familiar political faces (Hillary, Mitt, Rudy, Arnold and Barak) spoke, in years past, about the importance of securing the southern border.  As I said…enlightening.

Well, at first I was a little leery, cautious, questioning about this “law” that the good governor had signed whereby Arizona police, in the process of their duties, can address the growing problem of “people who shouldn’t be here”…being here.  Well, you’d think she’d outlawed Christmas, or April Fool’s day (for my Atheist friends), but, she says, and I believe her, that this “law” merely mirrors (as in ’the same’) the federal law.  The difference being, of course, the Federal “words” mean nothing, and the “state” words…do.

Listen, it all comes down to “this is my house,” and since the local police won’t do their job…I will.  Here’s an interesting tidbit; Ms Brewer went on to say that one thousand illegals cross the border every day (every day!) and that eighty-seven percent of these have a criminal record!  And…we’re supposed to chastise her because she wants it stopped and the federal government (which is supposed to secure the border ) won‘t?  Pleeease. 

So, to the chief executive of Arizona I say…you go girl!  Hang tough!  Ignore the nay sayers…and keep doing the right thing.  Let the others make their political points while they invest nothing but…air.  You, Ma’am, are in a fight for your life. And they…frankly…don’t live 'here'.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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