Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Slow down, already!

Slow down, already!
(by R.P.Edwards)

Tired of snippets and sound bites
Tired of headlines and blurbs
Sit down and loosen your tie, sir
Let's share some coffee...and words 

Not really familiar with Steve Crowder (sorry). But, via twitter I was linked to a recent interview in which this funny fellow exchanged words with my candidate of choice...Mike Huckabee.

You know, debates are fine; but the participants are usually all "studied up" and adrenaline juiced. It's a fencing match of sorts; either between candidates or (as is evidenced of late) with the moderators and, tallying the amount of "touches"...WE HAVE A WINNER! But, there's something to be said for the "let your hair down and loosen your tie" exchange that is offered here. Gives you a personal sense of the guy (or gal). Also, it helps if the "interviewee" has been long in the saddle; secure in their beliefs, and comfortable with their footing. And that, dear reader, is Mike Huckabee. Following is the clip. Not too long; but a cup of coffee's worth....


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