Friday, November 13, 2015

Future Leaders (Part 2)

Future Leaders!
(by R.P.Edwards)

Youthful exuberance
Grasping the facts
More than just learners
Learning to act
Wholly committed 
They speak and then do
Hail future leaders!
We've been waiting...for you! 

Yeah, I know, this is quite a turnaround from the last post which, if you recall (or not) had to do with the misplaced discontent of collegiate youngsters. 

I must admit, I was rather miffed at their behavior; nearly rioting over perceptions and hurt feelings (boo boos). And, my sentiment for THESE hasn't really changed (I'm probably dredging up some regrets from my own "punk" stage), but, as I stood in front of the local abortion clinic this morning the thought occurred to me, "What if the tide of barely-adults actually had a tangible "cause" to sink their teeth into?"

Well, I'm sure some (most, perhaps) of their "professors" might take issue with my trivializing of their "issue" of PC feeling management. But, it begs for ridicule. This infinitely expanded definition of racism has little semblance to causes past: Vietnam War, Apartheid, Civil Rights (the real kind). But...but! what if they heard from their pony-tailed profs the facts about infanticide: i.e. abortion? How refreshing it would be to see our local slaughterhouse surrounded by exuberant youthful masses, enraged at the taking of innocent life. I dare say it wouldn't take much for the doors to permanently close.

But...that's a dream. No doubt the modern inspirers only add to the delusion. And, by doing so, they reap the wages of their apostasy; as do we all.



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