Saturday, November 21, 2015

Children beheaded in America

So easy
(by R.P.Edwards)

At will
As burdens
So easy
To kill

Beheaded. Yes, a loaded word; conveying images of middle-eastern fanatics doing the bidding of their god against infidels. 

We've seen it on the news and ad naseum on the cable channels. Evil ISIS, living out their twisted faith.

And, among the victims...little children. That really gets us. Sure, bad enough the adults get offed; but kids?

Well, this very morning I went down to the HUGE abortion facility in Granite City, IL and there, dear reader, beheadings were the order of the day. The difference here, OUR secular religion finds no offense.

It was unusually busy today and I suppose the holiday season is the reason. Pregnancies can be so inconvenient.The abortionist himself (usually in no rush) even he showed up early to attend to the overflow. AND, on the sidewalk, there were a few believers trying to dissuade; including one young lady who had been through the abortion process and warned of the consequences.

I'll not ramble on. But consider: in this one abortion clinic alone more Americans have died a violent death than expired in World War I, Korea, Vietnam and the recent mid-east happenings...COMBINED! In this one clinic.  And yet we're appalled at the barbarity of a few Muslims.  I think we need our "appaller" fixed.

Anyway, if my headline got you here; sorry...but not really. For, you see, it's time for us to rethink who we are as a people. Are we going to go the way of ISIS and continue in our selective barbarity? Or are we going to be truly civilized; recognizing the worth of EVERY individual, even those who are inconvenient. 


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