Friday, November 20, 2015

Of Evil

Of Evil
(by R.P.Edwards)

Evil in others
Recognize We
But perhaps we should start
"Is there me?"

It was one of those ultrasound pictures. You know, the silhouette of a pre-born youngster. Adorable. I know the mother; and she and the father are thrilled at the baby's existence and the soon reveal (as in birth). And, although we are many months from the separation, the child already has a name to go along with it's unique DNA and, in anticipation, preparations are ongoing to provide another protective womb, outside of the body.

And yet, some consider this obvious "human" (and those like her) as devoid of rights--slaves, if you will--and therefore legitimate targets for beheading.

Yeah, gruesome. Sorry.  But it brings me to the crux of this little scribble, namely, that EVIL is subjective and, without a solid basis for belief...anything goes.

You see, in the news of late are the doings of ISIS; the Muslim folk who want, really bad, for the whole world to be under the theocracy of their choosing. They consider killing non-believers as OK with their god. So, they kill. To them, since their holy book backs the barbarity (and it does, Qur'an [8:12]) they see themselves as legit. We westerners think otherwise. But why?

I think the answer is that although we have embraced (and have sometimes been FORCED to embrace) a secular belief system; there is still a remnant of the Judeo/Christian stuff in our culture that prefers "love thy neighbor" to "cut their head off."

So, we consider the antics of evil. However, let us understand that if there is indeed a divine standard with which to measure right and wrong; and if that standard is the same as was prevalent at our nation's founding (yes, I know they punted on the slavery issue [rectified later]), then, what say we strive to be in the "good zone" completely rather than partially? For, dear reader, in some ways even we tolerate, and even endorse...evil. And, if there is indeed a heavenly helper that Washington and Lincoln and our culture at large knew about; perhaps we should follow their lead and bend the knee, and then rise and do the works of repentance. For you see, one of the greatest errors of our time is that the collective "we" somehow think the greatness of the United States had an enabling and establishment by something other than Divine Providence. This is perhaps the greatest evil of all.


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