Monday, October 12, 2015

Cubs vs Cardinals

Cubs vs Cardinals 2015
(by R.P.Edwards)

The bear and the bird
A battle absurd
Except in the realm of play
With bats and with balls
And with those who give all
The finest are on display
For the Cards it's old hat
The playoffs, all that
But the Cubbies are hungry and lean
So let the aces throw heat
As the champions meet
And the kids wear their jerseys...and dream

I grew up a Yankee fan. 

Born and raised in New England my allegiance was SUPPOSED to be to Bean Town's BoSox but, perhaps since we were closer to the Big Apple or, more likely, because I saw the ancient movies concerning the legends (Gehrig and Ruth) and we got a clearer signal from New York and I was therefore privy to the musings of long-time broadcaster and baseball Hall of Famer, Phil Rizzuto, well, anyway...I was a Yankee fan.

Four decades later I find myself in a similar situation. Living in lower Illinois (some say "southern" but I'm sure others from a certain CITY up north may think otherwise), Ahem, anyway, as a citizen of the Land of Lincoln I'm supposed to root for the Chicago Cubs but, like many in this region our natural inclination is to peer through the Arch to look favorably on the St Louis Cardinals. And, the Red Birds have not disappointed. Time after time they make the playoffs and, on occasion, they bring home the Flag-festooned World Series trophy.

However...HOWEVER, for this time only I'm going to wish the Windy City's Cubbies a tentative "I hope you make it" as they face the Cardinals on their way to hopefully end the "over a hundred year" World Series drought. Why? Well, sympathy of course, but its more for the local Cub fans that are in my circle. Oh, they are ever passionate and faithful! Year, after year, after disappointing year. And now, with a team that actually has the potential...they are ecstatic but, I perceive, also a little fearful of being hurt yet again.

So, Cardinals and Cubbies! play your hearts out! And, for the reasons mentioned above, I hope THIS time the boys in blue prevail. However, I'd like it to come down to the last inning of the last game in a tied series where winner takes all. And then, with the last out and with the exuberant realization that the dream is still alive let us all, friend and foe alike, stand to our feet and exclaim, using one of the catchphrases of BOTH Phil Rizzuto AND former long-time Cubs broadcaster, Harry Caray, ""HOLY COW!!!" 


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