Thursday, November 12, 2015

Future Leaders?

Future Leaders?
(by R.P.Edwards)

Oh, our future leaders
Coddled in the class
Offering their wisdom
Fascist-like and brash
Wounded in their feelings
While parents pay the bill
I wonder when the grownups 
Will finally have their fill

In the news: students are upset at Missouri State University (Mizzou) over a perceived inadequacy of those in charge over racial issues of some sort (I guess). AND, at prestigious Yale, other young adults are really ticked that the overlords aren't as protective as they should be of "feeling hurting" activities. They, and the missourites, march, and scream, and shout down the opposition. Punks.

I'm not a big fan of Higher Education (see a  previous blog, Down on Brown ). Oh sure, I've got a degree from one of the lesser tiered institutions (whoopie!) but if my education there was any indication (and apparently it is/was) these "secular" sites add precious little to the stuff that "leaders" should be made of.

Consider these malcontents: Spoiled and roiled by the leftist swill that predominate in the professorships, they now turn on their masters and, having chewed them to pieces, they think their little armies of discontent can march into society and have their wet-nosed way. Delusional.

Oh, my, apparently a "hot button" has been pushed. Anyway, I think little of this children's crusade and, no doubt my ire towards these contains the baggage acquired by watching my precious America molded into the twisted mores of academia. 

On a lighter, but certainly a serious note; another "Huckabee endorsing" video has been produced. Enjoy...


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